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A Chip and Skip Cartoon: Hair and Gone
Episode 12
Production Information
Air DateAugust 20, 2007
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A Chip and Skip Cartoon: Hair and Gone is a Camp Lazlo shorts and the twelfth episode on the short series.


After Samson tells them that they have no hair, Chip and Skip try to look for hair.


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  • Chip: Hey Samson, you want to play with us?!
  • Samson: Sorry fellas, I got a haircut appointment with my Chef McMuesli.
  • Skip: Oooh! I want a hair cut!
  • Chip: Yeah me too.
  • Samson: You guys can't get a hair cut, because you're bald.
  • Skip: Bald!
  • (They hold both hats and hold the head for realize bald)
  • Chip and Skip: WE ARE BALD!
  • Edward: (walking across that tree and he sees the sign) A hundred dollar reward, the hair, Who's the idiot put this sign!
  • (Edward heard his boys)
  • Chip: Hey Hair, where are you, Hair!
  • Skip: Hair, come back Hair!
  • Chip: We love you. We did it, maniac!
  • Edward: I just maybe a easy hundred box.
  • Edward: Hey boys, who's something.
  • Chip: We lost our hair!
  • Skip: Yeah, can you see it!
  • Edward: I soon I under the fat, died have.
  • Skip: Where is it!
  • Edward: You got get me sucker to go get it. Wait here and don't move, I'll be right back and hundred money buddy!
  • (Edward runs away from his boys)
  • Skip: All right, Edward!
  • Chip: Is that our flute!
  • Skip: Hooray!
  • (2 minutes ago Edward arrived to his boys)
  • Edward: I'll back boys.
  • (They scare hold rock too long and throw it down)
  • Chip: You found our hair!
  • Edward: Sure did (give Samson's hair butt two at Chip and Skip) Here they are!
  • (Edward throw two hair to Chip and Skip)
  • Chip and Skip: Ha, Whoo!
  • Chip: So scum there, thanks Edward!
  • Edward: Yeah, yeah, now where's my money?
  • (Chip gave him with $100)
  • Chip: Here's Edward!
  • (Samson walks away and Chip and Skip realize that hair belong to his butt)
  • Chip: Hey, Edward should be hair cut by Samson!
  • Skip: Yeah!
  • Chip: Looks like an beast hair!