Lumpus : My old cabin good you’re using an upgrade. Dum-dum, dum-dum, DUUMM. (Lumpus destroys the old cabin model to show the upgrade model). Oh, the official scoutmaster upgrade. Well it is a person I know I deserve it to keep my temper and Roman quote for three years and running. (Slinkman knocks the door and Lumpus hide models) What? (Angrily)

Chip and Skip: (Both Crying)

Lumpus: Slinkman. Why are they dripping??

Slinkman: Skip and Chip’s camp dues haven’t been paid up in months. I have no choice but to send them home to their three nannies (Throws backwards the notebook) it’s about regulations.

Chip: We love camp (crying)

Skip: We don’t want to go home (crying).

Lumpus: Home? (worried). Slinkman. Why can send them home? (Angry) Every do when do run my hide the Roman street. (getting worried). And I want to get my cabin upgrade (Gets mad).

Slinkman: Officially, the only way they can stay is if they have jobs, here in camp to pay off what they owe.

Lumpus: THESE JOBS! Pardon soft. (being happy)

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