Lumpus : My old cabin could sure use an upgrade. Dum-dum, dum-dum, DUUMM. (Lumpus destroys the old cabin model to show the upgrade model). Oh, the official scoutmaster upgrade? Well yes of course I know I deserve it for keeping my temper and Roman quote up for three years and running. (Slinkman knocks the door and Lumpus hide models) What? (Angrily).

Chip and Skip: (Both Crying)

Lumpus: Slinkman. Why are they weeping??

Slinkman: Because Skip and Chip’s camp dues haven’t been paid up in months. I have no choice but to send them home to their three nannies (Throws backwards the notebook) it’s scout regulations.

Chip: We love camp (crying)

Skip: We don’t want to go home (crying).

Lumpus: Home? (worried). Slinkman. We can't send them home (Angry) If we do it will ruin my hill Roman streak. (getting worried). And I won't get my cabin upgrade (Gets mad).

Slinkman: Officially, the only way they can stay is if they have jobs, here in camp to pay off what they owe.

Lumpus: YES JOBS! Problem solved. (being happy)

Slinkman: Chef Mcmuesli I'm assigning Chip and Skip here to work for the mess hall.

Chef Mcmuesli: Oh alrighty then boys let's get to work you'll put these hair nets. So what I'd like for you guys to do is.

Skip: I saw a firetruck.

Lazlo: Greeting sirs. I’d like whatever delights the chefs are recomendding this afternoon.

Skip: What do you recommend?

(Chip fills all the tray from rice)

Skip: It needs something.

(Skip thinks what needs, meanwhile a fly dies by the insects killer and falls into the tray)

Skip: (to Chip) You’re a genius (although the dead fly do this).

Lazlo: Ugh... (walks backwards disgustedly)

Raj: I’m not hungry anymore.

Clam: We might throw up.

(The Jelly beans run away from the mess hall)

Lumpus: (annoyed) OH I'LL TAKE THAT. (Chews the tray and throws up off-screen).

(Chip and Skip go to the nursery looking for job)

Nurse Leslie: (off-screen) Apparently, working with food is too complicated for you two (on-screen) so you’ll be working with medicine.

(Chip puts in the mouth the wood sticks and ear

(Lumpus gets in crying)

Nurse Leslie: Are you hurted Scoutmaster?

Lumpus: (Sadly) Paper cut!

Nurse Leslie: Where? (The phone rings) Huh, there goes the phone. You boys can bandage him up, right? (Lumpus sounds like a hurted puppy dog) You’ll be fine.

Leslie: (Speaking to the phone). Look how many times do I have to tell you mechanics what to do with my car? I'm going to take you through it step by step for the last time so listen up.

Chip: Hey Nurse Leslie we bandaged him. What else should we do?

Nurse Leslie: Step one: open the hood.

Chip: Open the hood.

Nurse Leslie: Then lift the engine.

Chip: Lift the engine.

Nurse Leslie: Now remove and reattach the hose.Get out. Here you go sir a nice sunset to help you relax.

Lumpus: Sunset sunset? I'll give you a sunset Dr. Jerkle.Well I guess it's pretty nice yes. Huh? Darn mountain hey out of the way you big pile of dirt you're ruining my sunset.

Slinkman: Uh sir we ran out of jobs for these two.

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