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[[File:Acorn flats.jpg|thumb|266px|right|Acorn Flats]]

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Acorn flats

Acorn Flats

Acorn Flats is the camp across Leakey Lake full of girl scouts called the Squirrel Scouts with obviously better facilities. There are Patsy Smiles, Nina Neckerly, Gretchen, Almondine, Amber, Honey, Toodie, Suzie, and an unnamed tapir and gopher scout. They have a watch tower to make sure nothing bad happens, pelting tresspassers with watermelons upon sight, and to make sure that Bean Scouts don't come into camp. Acorn Flats hosts an annual International Cheese Ball, which appears to be an open invitation, as we see Camp Kidney residents as well as people from from Prickly Pines.[2]

It seems that the Squirrel Scouts are free to visit Camp Kidney, as we sometimes see the Squirrels using Camp Kidney's mess hall. The two camps also share resources, such as the boy's bus, driven by Slinkman, for field trips to a ski resort and a geyser. Not only are material assets shared, but sometimes personal, in the form of Samson, who is the postmaster for both camps. Activies:

  • Snail bathing
  • Hornet racing
  • Scummy dipping
  • Scummy snail racing
  • Horse back riding
  • Tug-o-War (with Bean Scouts)
  • Jai Alai
  • Selling cookies (And a related business company for the cookies)
  • Apparently they have a medieval battlefield called Madison Squirrel Garden, a reference to Madison Square
  • Garnding
  • Launching Watermelons
  • A spa
  • Running the Acorn Flats Sunflower Field
  • And in one episode Acorn Flats has its own Italian Restaurant.
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