Award to the Wise is the episode 44a of the semi-finale season.


After Lazlo wins an award, all of the other campers start to feel bad about themselves so Lazlo starts giving everybody awards.


When Raj asks Lazlo if he wants to pin the tail on the llama, Raj and Clam are holding Spitty, the llama from the episode, "Loogie Llama."

someone could have thawed him out but no one would care about him. something else could have happened though

Fred told Samson that he used the last roll of toilet paper in camp, but there was some Samson was using for the toilet seat before Fred came out of another stall.

The scouts continuously flush their awards down the toilet.


Samson: Ah, Murf! The only reason the CaveBean listens to me. Now, that Lazlo took him I have no one to talk to. Edward: Who are you talking to? Samson: Nobody.

Lazlo: Here you go, Sheldon (Hand Sheldon an award) Sheldon: Best performance from an incidental character. Wow, thanks Lazlo!

Edward: Hey! Now Chip has two! Skip: I'm Skip.

Raj: (about the wood glue) Peww, Lazlo, that smells terrible. Lazlo: Really? I kinda like the smell of wood glue.

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