Baby Bean is the 56b episode of finale season.


Raj uses labor saving gadgets, causing all his unused parts to go dorment, and transform him back to a baby calf. So Lazlo and Clam hand him to Lumpus to take care of him for the day.


Second time Lumpus mistakes a Jelly Bean for his son

Second time that Raj has appeared naked in an episode.. The first time was in Hot Spring Fever.

It is rumored that when


Lumpus din't knows about babys


Slinkman: Oh, it looks like it's a baby. Lumpus: A what? Slinkman: Well a baby is kind of like a little person. (pause) Who will one day grow up to be a big person. Lumpus: Sweet mother of science, what will they think of next?

Raj Now That Was Weird I Think Im Going Now Lumpus Going To Where Raj Back To Camp And Outdoor Living Iam Through With Gadgets Slinkman Well Sir I Think I Found The Perfect Cure For The Sir Wheres The Baby Lumpus All Grown Up Slinkman He Left For Camp Like A Birds Nest

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