Baby Bean is the 56th episode of fourth season.


Raj uses labor saving gadgets, causing all his unused parts to go dorment, and transform him back to a baby calf. So Lazlo and Clam hand him to Lumpus to take care of him for the day.


  • Second time Lumpus mistakes a Jelly Bean for his son.
  • Second time that Raj has appeared naked in an episode. The first time was in Hot Spring Fever.


Lumpus didn't know about babies.


Slinkman: Oh, it looks like it's a baby.

Lumpus: A what?

Slinkman: Well, a baby is kind of like a little person, who will one day grow up to be a big person.

Lumpus: Sweet mother of science, what will they think of next?

Raj: Now That Was Weird Lumpus Son Raj I Think Im Going Now Lumpus Going But Where Raj

Back To Camp And Outdoor Living Iam Through With Gadgets Raj Hi Mr Slinkman Slinkman Hi Raj Well Sir I Think I Found The Place To Sir Wheres The Baby Lumpus All Grown Up Slinkman He Left For Camp Like A Bird Slinkman Leaving The Nest Oh Finally My Chinese Food

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