Beany Weenies
Obstacle course
Season 2, Episode 22
Production Information
Air DateJune 22. 2006
Storyboard byCosmo Sergurson
Written byClayton McKenzie Morrow
Cosmo Sergurson
Directed byRussell Calabrese
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Beany Weenies is the twenty-second episode of season two and the episode on the series.


Ms. Mucus volunteers to help the Bean Scouts pass their fitness test, so they can earn their camp back.


  • When Hoo-ha comes over, two Lazlos can be seen, one next to Hoo-ha and one in the crowd of bean scouts.
  • In the pan, while Ms. Mucus calls Hoo-Ha, the construction guys try to rebuild Her tower
  • Hoo-ha doesn't know who Slinkman is. He mostly calls him "Slugman" only for Slinkman to correct his name.
  • It's revealed that Ms. Mucus lives in a trailer.
  • Running gag: Commander Hoo-Ha calling Slinkman "Slugman" even though Slinkman corrects him.



Raj: Lazlo, I do not think this is fun.
Lazlo: Depends what you mean by fun.
Raj: Well, by fun I mean the tickle like sensation one gets near one's stump region.
Slinkman: C'mon Chip. Try to stop throwing up on Skip and cross the moat.
Commander Hoo Ha: Lumpus
Lumpus: Attention Scout Commander On Deck
Commander Hoo Ha: Wheres Those Closing Orders At
Lumpus: Right Here
Commander Hoo Ha: All Right Now Then Where Were We?
Slinkman: Penicl
Commander Hoo Ha:Ah yes.
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