Big Bean is the head of all Bean Scouts in the world. Although his name is Big Bean, he is actually a small bean (although he is actually bigger than the average bean). He appears to be a big bean when people look into the glass, which is actually a magnifying glass. He went to Camp Kidney when he was a scout and he previously owned Lazlo's old neckerchief until Lazlo gave it back. If it wasn't for this gesture, the Big Bean could have let Camp Kidney be demolished. At first, in "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp", he seems to have the personality of Scoutmaster Lumpus, but after Lazlo's kind gesture of returning the Big Bean's neckerchief, it is revealed that he isn't that bad. Ironically, he was the founder of the Bean Scouts despite the fact that he'd attended a Bean Scout Camp. This is one of the more obvious and vexing plot holes in the series. Voiced by Tom Kenny.

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