Boxing Edward
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Season 3, Episode 25
Production Information
Air DateFebruary 23, 2007
Storyboard byEddie Trigueros
Written byKaz
Eddie Trigueros
Directed bySwinton O. Scott III
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Boxing Edward is the twenty-fifth episode of season three and the episode on the series.


Edward tries to mail himself out of Camp Kidney, but he is repetitively denied due to a lack of stamps. He tries to borrow stamps from the other scouts, but they want to be mailed as well.


  • When Samson first puts the tag on the box, it says "Anywhere but Here". But later in the episode, it says "Fragile".
  • Sampson said Edward still had a rash. He was probably referring to the mystery rash everyone had in Hot Spring Fever.
  • Camp Kidney has their own post office.
  • Edward can drive Pinto cabin.
  • We learn that Samson runs the post office.
  • This is the second time Ms. Mucus beats Edward up.
  • This is the last episode for season 3.
  • Running Gags:
    • Edward keeps telling campers they can come with him out of camp.
    • Edward keeps getting more stamps.
  • Goof: Where Edward asks for Jelly Beans help Clam's black pants go missing for a split second.
  • End credits: Edward in the Post office trying to get Samson to say his number.


  • Edward: I'm so excited to be leaving this place that I don't care that I'm surrounded by all you losers!
  • Edward: It was you! You were the one that messed up the showers. And the flagpole. And, I don't want to mention what you did with Slinkman!
  • (Edward anxiously opens the box he wants to see where he and the Bean Scouts are in)
  • Edward: We're in... We're in... (looking at the sign) Oh no, "ACORN FLATS SUNFLOWER FIELD"!!
  • Edward: I just want to see Camp Kidney in a view mirror, that's all.(drives the cabin into the gate until Slinkman blocks the gate)
  • Slinkman: Hold it! Edward, you know you're not supposed to drive the cabins out of camp.
  • Edward: Fine! (leaves the cabin) You park it.
  • Edward: Fine, I'll get some more stamps.
  • (Samson covers his eyes)
  • Samson: He's still got that rash...
  • Edward: (To Samson) FOR THE LOVE OF LUMPUS! Press the button already!


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Edward mailed out of camp.jpg

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