Burpless Bean
Lazlo not burping.jpg
Season 2, Episode 15
Production Information
Air DateMarch 10, 2006
Storyboard byJohn Infantino
Written byKent Osborne
John Infantino
Directed byRussell Calabrese
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Burpless Bean is the fifteenth episode of season two and the episode on the series.


Since Lazlo can't burp, Edward teaches him how.


In this episode, The hippo was credited as Sheldon. In "Campers All Pull Pants Down", he was credited as Milt.


This is the second time Nina is alone. She is the only female character in this episode.

Credits: Milt The Hippo Bean Scout trying to master juggling.

The song the Bean Scouts sang and burped in was called "Camptown Races". It was similar to the song they sang in "Racing Slicks", but the racing song was called "Go-Kart Racers" instead.

This marks the first time Lazlo burped.

It seems that in this episode, Chef McMuesli dislikes soda.

We learn Chef McMuesly confiscates various soda cans, like Lumpus confiscates candy, TV, and other technology.

Lazlo reveals that he loves all creatures.

This is the first time we get to see what Edward's brothers look like.

We learn that Edward has 4 brothers and he is the youngest of the 5.

"Tales to Stupefy" is Nina's favorite magazine.


Lumpus: (watching a camper try to perform his talent) Why do we have this talent show every year, Slinkman? Slinkman: It helps scouts build self-esteem, sir. Lumpus: Some people don't deserve self-esteem.

Edward: I said imagine it!!! Lazlo: Oh.... Sorry! (closes his eyes) Wow!

Edward: Lazlo, why do you hate me?

Lazlo: Scoutmaster Lumpus! Edward had another one of his episodes. Should I get his anger bag?

Lazlo: Don't worry Edward. A comic book told me why I can't burp. Edward: And why's that?!? Lazlo: I'm a robot.

Chef Mcmuesli: Hey You Kids Stay Out Of My Soda Patch Soda is for losers!

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