Camp kidney

Camp Kidney is the camp where most of the show takes place. The campers only attend it in the summer. The sign states "Don't steal anything" as you are leaving. The scouts that take residence there are called the Bean Scouts, and the Squirrel Scouts are welcome to visit. Amongst the campers, Camp Kidney is known as the place which has "the coldest showers on earth".

Supporting details are broken snorkeling masks and a broken dock. Camp Kidney was almost shut down in Beany Weenies when Miss Mucus reported it to Commander Hoo-Ha , but just as Lumpus was signing the dismissal form, the pencil broke. The population of Camp Kidney is said to be 25 bean scouts although Slinkman claimed that there are 14, and in Parasitic Pal, there are 24 Bean Scouts and in Hold It Lazlo, there are at least 52 Bean Scouts waiting for the bathroom.

Camp Kidney's Mascot is currently the Duke of Lice (Edward). It formerly had Disco Octopus and Diplomat Duck (explainable either killed or seriously hurt due to the mascot games and Miss Mucus always beating Camp Kidney). However, according to the Camp Kidney Alma Mater it is a green bean with a bean scout cap and a neckerchief.

it is located in the state of Wisconsin.

Like any normal summer camp, there are a variety of activities in which the scouts can participate. This list is not exhaustive, but rather some of the more interesting activities at Camp Kidney:

  • Collecting firewood
  • Latrine duty
  • Leaf Raking
  • Dredging Leaky Lake
  • Tug of war with Squirrel Scouts
  • Running the Camp Kidney radio station
  • Being mascot
  • Kitchen duty, with Chef McMuseli
  • Running "The Bean!", the weekly camp newspaper, formerly known as "The Weekly Bean"
  • Secret marshmallow roasts
  • Quilting
  • Interpretive Dance

From Where's Lazlo? movie, all the cabins were revealed:

  • Jelly Cabin: Lazlo, Raj and Clam. Raj originally protested the name, since it's not a "real" bean.
  • Pinto Cabin: Edward, Chip and Skip
  • Fava Cabin: Samson, Dave and Ping Pong
  • Soy Cabin: Larry, Louie, Leonard and Liniment
  • Baked Cabin: Norman, Gordon and Ted
  • Honey Cabin: Fred, Larrison, and Sheldon
  • Peanut Cabin: Wilbert, Lemuel, and Ignatious
  • Lima Cabin: Mort, Kirkpatrick, Bill and the maggot scout
  • Green Cabin: Unknown
  • Jumping Cabin: Unknown
  • Garbanzo Cabin: Unknown
  • Cocoa Cabin: Unknown

Known Properties

  • Radio Station


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