Cave Chatter is the episode 44b of the semi-finale season.


Lazlo, Raj and Clam thaws out Samson's frozen caveman friend, much to Samson's distress.


the showers in camp kidney are the coldest in the world and you can be frozen from taking them. sampson was frozen when he took it with the cave bean, but he said that he took one this morning, but if he did, he should have been frozen.

Credits: Samson apologizes to Jelly Cabin for his behavior and gives them breath mints. Then, they kick Samson out for a frozen cabin.

The only time we see the mess hall in this episode, There are two Squirrel Scouts eating in there.


Beastly Bumblepuss was the first Bean Scout.


Samson: Ah, Murf! The only reason the CaveBean listens to me. Now, that Lazlo took him I have no one to talk to. Edward: Who are you talking to? Samson: Nobody.

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