Clam the Outlaw is the 55b episode of the finale season.


It's Pancake Tuesday and Clam's excited! Unfortunately, Chef McMusely only has enough pancake batter for one pancake, and Scoutmaster Lumpus cuts in line to get the last pancake all for himself! Unfortunately, this gets Clam really mad and in a fit of anger, he tosses the pancake onto Lumpus' face and two eggs and a slice of bacon to! While all the other campers (except for Lazlo who's still asleep) laugh at Lumpus' expense, Lumpus isn't going to keep his temper for long! Raj warns Clam that he needs to run away as fast as he can! So he does. Clam goes on the lam and hides himself away in the hills where Lumpus won't find him. Scoutmaster Lumpus, still feeling better over being humiliated during breakfast, decides to punish the other campers by making sure they have no marshmellow roast! But Clam has become an outlaw and gives the other campers plenty of marshmellows to get through the night! Undaunted, Scoutmaster Lumpus decides to try again the following morning by refusing to take the campers to see the world's largest ball of twine and insted going all by himself! But Clam throws a rope and stretches it out across the road, and it flings the bus into Leaky Lake. Clam then gives the other campers toy horses, which the other campers can then use to ride to see the world's largest ball of twine! Lumpus tells Slinkman to get a tow the bus out of the lake. Lumpus then decides to cancel Movie Night figuring that Clam has no way he can save it for the other campers! But Clam finds a way by providing a shadow puppet show in lieu of Movie Night! And once again, the campers are having fun at Scoutmaster Lumpus' expense as Clam is making fun of the fact that Lumpus loves Jane Doe! Then it occurs to Lumpus that he might be going on trying to stop Clam all wrong and decides to try a different approach. He thinks you can catch more flys with honey so he decides to fight fire with fire by becoming an outlaw himself! Will his plan succeed?


First original song to be played on Camp Lazlo since Radio Free Edward and the fifth original song overall. The song is called Bad Clam.


Clam not outlaw just ture hero



Raj:(sings) Now listen up fella's and i'll tell you a tale. 'bout an outlaw rhino who belongs in the jaaail. Name's Clam. BAD Clam! He lives in the hills so he wont get caught. Cookin up his beans in an old black pot. Lazlo and Raj: clam! oh bad claaam Raj: I'm no judge but i'll think you'll agree. If you think he's bad now just wait till puberty! names claaaam. All the campers: bad claam bad claaaam

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