Lazlo age 5 scared

Lazlo at age 4 scared of a clown nose. That's when it began his fear of clowns.

Clown Camp is the 52b episode of the semi-finale season.


It's Clown Day at Camp Kidney and everybody is celebrating! Everybody except Lazlo! As it turns out, Lazlo had a bad experinece with clowns when he was four and is now scared of them! He doesn't want to be anywhere near them! Unfortunately, the news is about to get a lot worse as Scoutmaster Lumpus decides to make every day Clown Day and to make that possible, every camper has to take a turn being a clown. When it comes to Lazlo's turn, he panics and throws confetti on Scoutmaster Lumpus which turns him into a clown! Naturally, Scoutmaster Lumpus gets angry and starts chasing him, all the way to where the clowns live! Lazlo feels guilty because now Scoutmaster Lumpus is trapped by a bunch of clowns. And although the moose is enjoying his time now, the enjoyment might end once the clowns discover Scoutmaster Lumpus isn't a real clown! Can Lazlo, Raj, and Clam save Scoutmaster Lumpus from death by clowning?


It's learned in this episode that Lazlo is afraid of clowns. when he was young the fake clown drop his clown nose.

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