Dave and Ping Pong are twin identical common loon bean scouts from Camp Kidney. They are Samson's cabin mates. They get a bag of pretzels from their homeland each year, as seen in Friendward. Unlike any other bird bean scout, they can fly. The only way to tell the two apart is that Ping Pong is taller. Similar to Chip and Skip, they are twins. They are very sarcastic towards Edward. They got revenge on him for insulting them in Ed's Benedict by sneaking an egg into his bed as a prank and tricking him into thinking he laid it.

Despite them having the same sarcastic wit, Dave is a bit more sensitive and easily impressionable than his brother. He used to write letters to his grandma every day, as seen in Boxing Edward, but Edward tricked him out of it in order to get stamps to mail himself out of camp. So he decides to mail himself to his grandma, causing more problems for Edward. In 7 Deadly Sandwiches, he chose to suspend from a rope around his waist above the stage for "dramatic effect". This backfires when Scoutmaster Lumpus tries to pull on the rope from a corner of the stage to make an outfit for himself, causing poor Dave to go flying back and forth and the set to collapse.



  • Despite being loons, Dave and Ping Pong don't look anything like their species. In real life, loons are black with spots.
  • We see Ping-Pong's crouch when he sits on a pinecone.
  • The loons have a retainer.
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