Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest is the episode 52a of the semi-finale season.


When Jane Doe shows care and concern for Chip and Skip, they decide to go over to her place and let her mommy them. But when some of the other campers discover that they are missing and decide that they want the same treatment as well, will Jane Doe go crazy from ingratefulness? Clown Camp: It's Clown Day at Camp Kidney and everybody is celebrating! Everybody except Lazlo! As it turns out, Lazlo had a bad experinece with clowns when he was four and is now scared of them! He doesn't want to be anywhere near them! Unfortunately, the news is about to get a lot worse as Scoutmaster Lumpus decides to make every day


Anuter time when the gruop Protagonits Lazlo, Raj and Clam dint seen in this episode.


Chip: Ahh!! I can't reach the clicker!!

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