Edward's Big Bag is the 53a episode of the finale season.


Edward really wants to be alone, so when Slinkman takes all the Bean Scouts out for a sleep-out in nature, Edward thinks he's going to get his opportunity. Unfortunately, his sleeping bag gets destroyed and he refuses to sleep with the other Bean Scouts. So he steals all of the other Bean Scouts sleeping bags and sleeps in all of them. Unfortunately, when the morning comes, Edward can't find his way out of all the sleeping bags and the other Bean Scouts think that all of the giant sleeping bags stuck together is a giant monster! Can the Bean Scouts remain calm enough until Slinkman comes back to help them out?


The scene in where the sleeping bag 'monster' is shown wearing Milt's underpants when Chip and Skip roll it down the hill has the underwear being shown as being white with red polka dots; but in the rest of the episode, it's yellow with red polka dots.


Lazlo: Hey Edward! You can sleep in my sleeping bag! Edward: I don't have much of a choice, do I? (Gets in Lazlo's sleeping bag) Your pajamas feel nice to! What are they, flannel? Lazlo: I sleep in the nude.

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