Lam Lam is the Daughter of the Disney character Maleficent or as her sister Mal likes to name her Malevolent. She is the youngest girl of the girls side while Joseph is the youngest boy of the Boys Side . Family Maleficent (Mother) Mal (Sister) Aurora (Aunt) Phillip (Uncle) Aura (Cousin) Jafar (Uncle) Jasmine (Aunt) Iago (Uncle) Aladdin (Uncle) Jay (Cousin) Lam is M’s Younger Sister and gets treated nice by her friends but she can sometimes become afraid if they do something that she doesn’t like doing. She is very smart funny beautiful but she is very attracted to Shadrach who is the oldest boy of the Boys Side . Mal will always protect her younger sister from anyone who tries to hurt or scare her in fright.


Lam is a very beautiful powerful kind gentle playful girl who loves her friends and family. She also sleeps in the Hero cabin with her friends and family who are in there with her. She will get very angry only if the Villains try to ruin their fun time As in Night Movie She Joseph Anastasia Abel and Sabrina are to afraid to watch Fantasia with their siblings but God decides to let their older siblings Mal R C C and Emily let them watch with them but despite her fears she is very brave sometimes



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  • Edward is voiced by Mr. Lawrence who also voiced Plankton from the original SpongeBob SquarePants [tel:(1999-2004 (1999-2004]) and Filbert from Rocko's Modern Life which are both shows that the Camp Lazlo staff have made.
  • Joe Murray said that Edward was one of his favorite characters to write for.
  • Real-life platypuses have brown fur, but Edward's fur is white.
  • Similar to Rocko in Camp Lazlo's predecessor show, Rocko's Modern Life, Edward is constantly mistaken for another animal, be it a beaver or a duck. This is due to his species having such an unusual appearance.
  • He is one of the fair few of campers to own two types of boxer-type underwear: red plaid (as revealed in Campers All Pull Pants), and red with white spots (as revealed in Over Cooked Beans).
  • Edward's family consists of a single mother, because his father never made an appearance. It is unknown that his father was deceased or that he and his mother got a divorce.

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