Futuristic Cows
Futuristic cows statue
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Debut Lumpus's Last Stand

Only seen in the finale episode Lumpus's Last Stand, where they are somehow nerdy and have very few traits that are probably what they are affected by the future. They call and praise Lumpus "The Exhulted One", because Lumpus's new idea for painting your body instead of wearing laundry all the time had given them time. They were given time to solve world hunger as they had explained a famine will occur in the year 3008, and will become very, very skinny. They seem to have moose-like antlers and blue skin. However, the entire clothes that were never washed in a thousand years and all combined up were in the big marble Lumpus Statue after the paint on everyone's bodies were washed off by rain. Later, after the rain occurred, they became extremely thin, lost their antlers and went back into the future to grab a bite, despite the fact that there is a worldwide scarce of food in the future. The famine and the problem being solved could be a parody of the 1973 film Soylent Green.