Gordon is a Bear Bean Scout who serves as a background character in Camp Kidney.


According to Edward, he doesn't have an actual name and he was not supposed to speak either. Even though he was not supposed to speak, he still does. For example, in Hot Spring Fever he spoke with the armadillo on a giant rock after Raj and Samson have wrinkled bodies and was seen being excited about the play in 7 Deadly Sandwiches. He had a bigger role in Radio Free Edward and in Scoop of the Century. Also in Scoop of the Century, him and Chuck (Ted the Pig) appear to have been given name tags by Scoutmaster Lumpus due to them being labeled as the campers nobody cares about. On the name tag for Gordon, it is labeled as Bob. Gordon is actually one of the few background characters to have more dialogue and screen time in later episodes despite still being a minor character. Him and Chuck appear to be friends as they are often seen together in their appearances. Gordon is voiced by Steve Little.


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