Gretchen hd1
Physical Information
Species Alligator
Sex Female ♀
Personal Information
Occupation Camper
Family Gretchen's Grandmother
Gretchen's Baby Sister
Camp Acorn Flats
Scout Squirrel
Cabin Mates Patsy Smiles
Nina Neckerly
Position Cabin Member
Production Information
Debut Beans Are from Mars
Voiced by Jill Talley

Gretchen is the secondary character of "Camp Lazlo" series. She is an alligator or crocodile scout from Acorn Flats.

Personality Edit

Gretchen is the most aggressive Squirrel Scout whose friends are Patsy, Nina, Almondine and Amber. In It's No Picnic she argues with Bean Scouts about muddle. In Marshmallow Jones, she roasts marshmallows with Patsy, Nina, Almondine and Amber. She observates Bean Scouts in Beans Are From Mars. In Dosey Doe, she dances with Clam (although she's soon trying to strangle him afterwards). In Snake Eyes, she is seen next to Nina. In Miss Fru Fru, Gretchen searches on encyclopedia what is "fru fru". In Love Sick, she helps Patsy, Nina, Almondine and Honey win a tug of war against the Bean Scouts. In I've Never Bean in a Sub, she works as the accountant from Squirrel Scout's cookie business. In Snow Beans and Squirrel Seats, Gretchen joins in singing on the bus trip.

She watches a Mascot Competition with other Squirrel Scouts in Mascot Madness. In Hard Days Samson, Gretchen chases Samson with her friends. In Squirrel Scout Slinkman, she sits next to Amber.

Appearances Edit

Gretchen has long dark blonde hair. She wears an Acorn Flats' uniform with a red-orange vest with six awards, dark hat and dark brown shoes.

Relationships Edit

Edward PlatypusEdit

Patsy Smiles states that "Gretchen likes Edward" in Squirrel Seats.

Patsy Smiles Edit

They are cabin mates and work together most of the time with Nina. Patsy normally makes fun of Gretchen she get mad most of the time but they have a great sort of relationship. She is annoyed with Patsy crying about Lazlo.

Nina NeckerlyEdit

She is cabin mates with Nina, and Patsy. Gretchen calls Nina Neckerly instead of Nina. Also in a episode Nina says Gretchen said the old treehouse is more room, antic which reveals that Gretchen has great taste of touch.


In some episodes she has a slight crush on Clam. In others, such as Dosey Doe (where she's seen trying to strangle him during a dance), in some episodes she's very kind towards him.



  • Gretchen's personality is very similar to Sarah from Ed, Edd n Eddy.
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