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*[[Harold and Raj]]
*[[Harold and Raj]]
*[[Camp Complain]]
*[[Camp Complain]]
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Harold is the recurring character of the series.

Harold is a dark blue walrus scout from Camp Kidney. His role has strengthened over the episodes, where he once was just an unnamed background character, now he seems to be developing into a larger role.

Raj says his name is Harold, although Fred tells him that's not his name. He likes to hang out with Milt (Sheldon), and Larrison as they all sleep in the same cabin. Raj once invited Harold to go fishing, but Raj had an ulterior motive in wanting to cut out Harold's tusks.

He speaks in a country/southern drawl. Fred hosts the early evening block of the Camp Kidney Radio station, in which he speaks in a very deep voice. Fred also bested Edward in a checkers competition. In Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson, he was showing a picture of his mom to Dave when Samson took it away. He was one of the campers whom aliens copied in order to fool Samson.

Harold as a Cabin Leader.

He is the only minor scout to have a staring role in more than one episode. He got sick of always being in the background and decided to do something about it. He tries to tries impress Raj, much to Raj's extreme annoyance, after Harold tries copy Raj. Raj tells him to "don't call, don't write, don't drop by unexpectedly". This sends Harold into a bitter depression. Once Raj relents, we learn that Harold always wanted to be a super hero named "Captain Banana Pants". Even though his real name is not Harold, he doesn't seem to mind, as all of the "cool guys" call him Harold, but he never does tell us his real name. Fred is voiced by Steve Little.


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