Hold It Lazlo is the episode 42a of the semi-finale season.


After winning a lemonade drinking competition with Edward, Lazlo realizes that he has to go to the bathroom, but he can't find a place to go.


The music used during the lemonade drinking contest was previously used in "Campers Pull All Pants".


As of this episode, Clam and Slinkman's skin colors are much lighter.

The Lunchbox of Doom, an earlier commercial bumper on Cartoon Network had clips from "Hold it Lazlo," the one where Lazlo pees in the fishes home, and the second being Gretchen saying "What's the holdup Monkey-Pants!"

Being Edward first aired in Europe along with Hold It Lazlo which first got previewed in Cartoon Network Video.

This is the second appearance of Edward's 4 brothers.


Lazlo: Come on, give me a sign. (Sees a tree with a bulleye on it) Perfect... Edward: Lazlo! Don't tell me you were going to go on that defenseless tree, are you? Lazlo: Well, there's nowhere else to go in camp! Edward: Did you try Acorn Flats? Lazlo: Girls have bathrooms? Edward: Girls have blatters too.

Raj: Lazlo can you hold my seat while I go to the bathroom? Lazlo: Sure Raj. (Raj goes in his tinkletot) Raj: Okay, I'm done. Samson: Look, Raj just went to the bathroom like the astronauts! Raj:(dreamily)Just like the astronauts Dave & Ping-Pong: (sigh of relief) Chief McMuesli: (sigh of relief, snaps fingers) Darn, I forgot I wasn't wearing a tinkletot.

Chef McMuesli: (gives out sigh of relief then looks down) "Forgot I wasn't wearing tinkle tugs.

Edward: Hold it Lazlo! Isn't that a girls' bathroom?

Patsy: Okay Lazlo, but tell me again why you're using our bathroom. Lazlo: BECAUSE I HAVE TO GO! Patsy: Whoa! That is definitely the wrong way to ask someone to use their bathroom. Lazlo: I'm sorry. Please? Uh, pretty please with pee on top?

Lumpus: I don't know why don't you just go in the lake. Lazlo: The Lake(Lazlos eyes ar watering) (after Lazlo pees in the lake) Red Fish: I don't swim in your toilet, so please don't whizz in my home. (Lazlo sucks his pee up) Lazlo: (runs) Sorry!

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