Dung beetles arguing

The Dung Beetles are arguing.

Irreconcilable Dungferences is the episode 22b of second season.


Chip and Skip decide to never speak to each other ever again after arguing. They hang out with the Jelly Beans. But drive them crazy.


When Chip and Skip are on the Treadmill the treadmill is going forward instead of backwards.


Skip is three seconds older than Chip.

Chip and Skip are both 6-foot 1.


Raj: Fascinating. Even their arguments don't make sense.

Chip: You're dummier!

Skip: Well, you're really dummier!

Chip: You take that back right now!

Skip: Really really dummier!

Chip: That's It! I'm not ever talking to you ever again!

Skip: And I'm not talking to you ever again!

Chip: Fine!

Skip:  Good!

Skip: Hey log! Watch where you're going!

Chip: Hey rock! Watch where you're going!

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