Jane Doe

Jane is the recurring charater of the series later in semi-finale episode become Lumpus's second wife.


Jane is one of the leaders of the Squirrel Scouts, Jane is ditzy and scatterbrained, She who is completely oblivious to Scoutmaster Lumpus' infatuation of her. She can't seem to remember Slinkman's name, as she refers to him as simply "the slug", or as Lumpus' pet slug. She once almost ate a sandwich made with poisonous berries but was "saved" by Lumpus.

She lives in Acorn Flats with her scouts and assistant, Miss Rubella Mucus. She is girly and tries to be a feminine influence on the Squirrel Scouts.

In her first appearance, she was fishing in Leaky Lake with huge success, which annoyed Lumpus to a high degree. She's often seen with a positive expression but she does occasionally get frustrated. There, it is revealed that she won a beauty pageant but only because she was the only one in contention. She's also talented in doing unicycling, juggling and plate-spinning simultaneously.

She is the head of the Rock Buckskin Fan Club, of which the only other member is Almondine.

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