Jumping Jelly Beans is an online flash game that can be played on Cartoon Network and some various websites.
The rule of the game is to catch as many firefly as you can by playing as the Jellies.

About the GameEdit

Help the Bean scouts of Jelly Cabin, Lazlo, Raj and Clam hunt for fireflies in the Camp Lazlo game "Jumping Jelly Beans".


  • Click on the 3 Jelly Beans to make the jump and catch the fireflies.
  • Each jelly have different jumping heights.
  • Click and drag the character to relocate him somewhere else on the ground.
  • Click anywhere (except on the character) on the screen to return them to their default position.
  • A blinking sign on the right side below the screen will appear when there is a obstacle approaching.
  • Click on the character to jump and dodge the obstacles.
  • Try getting more fireflies in one jump for bonus points.


  • Some scouts are seen during the game including the Squirrel scouts.

Play the GameEdit


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