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Lauren is Lazlo's second pet former name Lamar.

About the Character

A sea lamprey who stuck himself (herself) to Lazlo's head and sucked all the blood out of Lazlo, Lamar was getting bigger and harder to lift off, and was let go. She was found to be a mother at the end of the episode when Jelly Cabin found her babies. After that, Lazlo renamed Lamar to Lauren. Also, she is the first of three wild animals Lazlo brought to Camp Kidney.


  • Despite characters calling her a leech, Lauren is actually a lamprey. Lampreys are born in fresh water, migrate to the sea and eventually come back to the fresh water to have their babies. This is likely what Lauren was doing when she was in the lake.
  • Lamar is possibly a reference to Lamarr, Dr. Kleiner's pet Headcrab from the video game Half-Life 2. This is not officially confirmed though.