Lumpus's Last Stand
Season 5, Episode 16
Production Information
Air DateMarch 27, 2008
Written byJohn Infantino Merriwether Williams, Steve Little, and Kaz (story)
Directed bySue Perrotto
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Lumpus's Last Stand is the sixteenth episode of season five and the one hundred and fourteenth episode on the series.


Lumpus and Lazlo discover that by using wet paint instead of clothing, they are finally free from the bondage of laundry. This episode serves as the series finale.


The time has come for Scoutmaster Lumpus to do the laundry again, but Lumpus is too lazy to do any laundry. Slinkman points out that today's the last available day to actually do it and that the campers have been wearing the same filthy clothes for most of the summer. Lumpus suggests that whenever he's feeling less than fresh the campers simply turn their clothes inside out and let the breeze clean them, but when Lumpus tries doing it to his own clothes, they stink too much for it to work, so Lumpus and the campers go to the laundromat in Prickly Pines so everyone can do their laundry.

Lumpus feels bad about having to do that, but Slink-man attempts to comfort him by putting on his socks. However, Lumpus only has one sock to put on as he might've lost the rest at the laundromat and tells him that one's better than none. Lumpus soon raises a ruckus about his situation. That night, he writes a letter to Slinkman saying that in light of recent events he's going to run off into the woods, where he won't have to worry about the hassles of laundry. But then his bare foot stepped into a jar of blue ink, and it matches his one sock. Lumpus decides to try something out. And he knows that it's either going to make him a genius the world has ever known, or make him seen like he's really crazy.

The next day, he presents himself to the Bean Scouts, and none of them notice anything out of place and Lumpus' plan has worked. He then tells the Bean Scouts what's going on. The Bean Scouts will no longer have to wear their threaded clothing, from now on they can paint their clothing on, and they don't even have to be the Camp Kidney uniforms, so the campers begin to do this without hesitation.

However, an owl cop on a motorcycle notices what is going on. Lumpus thinks that he's in big trouble, but to his surprise, the owl cop believes this is a great idea and gets finished it all to himself too. He promises to go out and tell all his friends about this. Soon, the newspaper headlines proclaim Lumpus as a genius, for figuring out an efficient way to clothe at least the town of Prickly Pines, and for freeing up a bunch of free time. mayor Pothole McPucker holds a ceremony for Scoutmaster Lumpus for his innovative breakthrough, which has allowed the mayor essential time to hit the gym. Scoutmaster Lumpus believes thats it's high time someone recognized him for his genius, but then something Lumpus doesn't expect to happens.

Two green moose come through a time machine that was built by one of the Prickly Pine residents, saying that because of Lumpus' breakthrough, world hunger has been solved and no Bean Scout clothing have needed to get washed for 1,000 years. They even bring a giant statue of Scoutmaster Lumpus, holding within it the final batch of unwashed clothing in the futuristic world. Lumpus believes that things can't get any better, but Unfortunately, he's right. A storm rolls in the rain falls down and the rain washes off the paint. Everyone in Prickly Pines is left completely naked where the citizens of Prickly Pines suddenly say that he's no genius at all, he's just crazy and when that happens, the statue from the future disintegrates because Lumpus' claim to fame has been dashed, and the moose from the future lose their antlers and become very thin because of the change in history, so they decide to go back to their own time.

Meanwhile, they scramble to put on the clothing underneath the disintegrated statue, but all of the clothing is stinky because they haven't been washed in a 1,000 years, and if Lumpus thinks the citizens are angry, someone angrier drives up into town and it was the real Scoutmaster of Camp Kidney, a fur-less, shaven version of Heffer Wolfe from Nickelodeon's Rocko's Modern Life (though a normal version of him appears in an alternate ending and is animated by Dan Sills) where it is finally revealed that Scoutmaster Lumpus was an impostor all along who locked him up in the closet for the entire season and he stole his job as the scoutmaster the whole time where Lumpus tricked everyone into believing that he was the real scoutmaster of Camp Kidney.

Lumpus doesn't feel threatened and offended by this fact coming out into the open, until the police place him under arrest and wrap him up in a straight jacket, saying that Lumpus is going to do some hard time for his cruel actions, where Lumpus vows to get revenge on Heffer, mistakenly calling a cow, until Heffer makes the correction that he's a steer, continuing the running gag of Rocko. The police then lock Lumpus in the back of the paddy wagon all the while Lumpus is protesting and yelling, "I'M A GENIUS". Even though Lazlo is naked, he's still the optimist because today has been a great day. Edward can't see how it can be great, because the moose they thought was their real scoutmaster has been taken away as a deranged lunatic to a funny farm and Edward, along with Lazlo, Samson, Clam and Raj have been left standing in Prickly Pines for being naked and Lazlo says that's the reason why this has been one great summer indeed. As the episode ends, he then walks away off-screen, joining the others and Samson gets the final line by saying that things officially can't get any weirder. Then he joins the others as the scene fades to black.

Production Music

  • Cockney Capers - Ray Davies
  • Tread Carefully - Keith Papworth 
  • Cockney Capers 1.3 - Ray Davies
  • Man From The Ministry - Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin
  • Staggering Home - Dick Walter 
  • Synchrostings - Part 16 - Trevor Duncan
  • Link (T) - Patrica Cory
  • Man About Town - Laurie Johnson
  • Young Ballerina - David Farnon
  • Death And Destruction 1 - Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin
  • My Old Kentucky Home - George Weigand and Robert White
  • Editor's Falling Over (B) - Dick Walter
  • Shock Stinger [#86] - Kevin Hiatt and Charles Blaker
  • Turkey Trot - John Longmire
  • Burglar Bill - Andrew Hall
  • Panther Prowl - David Farnon
  • Fright Night - John Dwyer and Ronald Mendelssohn
  • Proud Fanfare - David Farnon
  • Dancing In Dreamland (A) - Ron Goodwin
  • Link (Y) - Patricia Cory
  • Banners Victorious - Ronald Hanmer
  • Musique De L'Infini - Jean-Jacques Perrey
  • King Kong Coming - Gregor Narholz
  • Link (Z) - Patrica Cory
  • Link (N) - Patrica Cory
  • Link (Q) - Patricia Cory 
  • From The Dead - Ronald Hanmer
  • Cold Sweat - John Scott
  • Cellar Search - Philippe Pares


  • This episode is the finale of the series.
  • It's revealed that Scoutmaster Lumpus is not the REAL Scoutmaster of Camp Kidney.
  • The real scoutmaster of Camp Kidney is proved to be a shaved and elderly version of Heffer Wolfe from Joe Murray's previous cartoon, Rocko's Modern Life.
    • The fact that corrects Lumpus after the latter called him a cow is a reference to the earlier show. Heffer is known for correcting everyone that he is a steer whenever he's mistakenly called a cow.
    • It was later confirmed that the steer in the episode was supposed to be Heffer. However, due to Rocko and Lazlo being on different competing television networks, alongside the slightly more risqué quality of Rocko, the idea wasn't allowed to be fully realized.
  • The character that is proved to be Heffer Wolfe said that Lumpus tied him up at the beginning of the summer, but scoutmaster Lumpus has been scoutmaster for five years, so its possible the steer may have lost track of time whilst he was locked up in the closet.
  • Eighth and last time when Clam didn't speak.
  • O' Hare is the last name of Mark O'Hare.
  • This is the only time Lazlo, Clam, Edward, Dave, and Ping-Pong have officially appeared naked on-screen, second and final time that Chip, Skip, and Harold has appeared naked, third and final time that Raj has appeared naked, and the fourth and final time that Samson has appeared in his birthday suit.
  • This is the only time the Prickly Pines citizens and the two Futuristic Moose appeared naked.
  • This is the final appearance of every character who's appeared throughout the series.
  • End Credits: Meanwhile, Scoutmaster Lumpus' key for his truck falls into the house of a fish family in Leaky Lake, and a male fish named Stanley thinks that it's a sign from the Heavens of male superiority. Then a female fish named Helen tells asks him to take out the garbage. To which he agrees.
  • This episode is also Lumpus' second and final time being naked. The first time was Nudist Camp.
  • Dark Theory: It was revealed that Scoutmaster Lumpus was an escaped mental patient but after being tied up in a strap jacket he got hauled off as a deranged lunatic to a funny farm.


Lumpus' Last Stand/Transcript


Lumpus: (relaxing on a lawn chair while enjoying his coffee) You going to tell me what you want or are you just going to stare?
(The scene cuts to the Bean Scouts holding bags of dirty clothes cause it's laundry day today)
Slinkman: It's laundry day, sir.
Lumpus: Cancel it. (stares angrily at Slinkman)
Slinkman: No can do, (opens a green book and flipped through the pages of how Lumpus cancels laundry day so many times) you've cancelled it so many times that there's only one more page left in the calendar.
Lumpus: Oh, really? Let me see. (rips a page out of the book and sees it) Mmm-hmm. Hmm. (crumbles the page, dip it a coffee and eats it. Then he drinks the coffee) Ahh!
(Slinkman glares at Lumpus)
Lumpus: Don't be a sucker, Slinky. Laundry is the biggest waste of time there is. Why if it weren't for the laundry, we'd have time to solve world hunger and invent time travel.
Slinkman: Or sleep all day on a lawn chair?
Lumpus: Oh, okay! (fall fast asleep on a lawn chair)
Slinkman: (shows Lumpus the children who are wearing dirty clothes) And what about the children? (off-screen) They've been wearing the same filthy clothes for weeks.
Lumpus: (wakes up) Well, when I'm feeling less than fresh, I simply turn my clothes inside out and let the breeze clean them.
(Green filthy gas from Lumpus' unclean bean scout uniform pops out and destroys everything from Camp Kidney. Lumpus smells his uniform and knows it needs to get washed)
Lumpus: (looks himself through the mirror) Well, I am either a lunatic or the greatest genius the world has ever known.
(after the Bean Scouts throw away their clothes; Lumpus is giving them an announcement)
Lumpus: Listen up, Beans, say goodbye to those cotton poly prisons called clothes. Today we break the time wasting Saul washing cycle of wash wear and repeat, For I Algonquin C genius has invented a uniform that can be worn around the clock and never needs washing.
Beans Scouts: (off-screen) Yeah!
(Lumpus takes out some red paint)
Lumpus: who wants to try one on?
Edward: Does it have to be a Bean Scout uniform?
Lumpus: Not at all, choose any style you like.
(Edward uses blue paint and paints himself a tuxedo, and a hat which he puts on his head. Lazlo uses green paint and paints himself invisible. Chip and Skip use brown paint and paint themselves some Bean Scout uniforms and add some faces to the backs of their heads)
Chip and Skip: Ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha!
(Samson uses pink paint and paints himself a ballerina costume and added tutu. He twirls like a ballerina. Meanwhile, the Owl Cop drives his bicycle and stops at Camp Kidney. He use his binoculars and sees Dave, Ping Pong and Harold making painted clothes)
Owl Cop: (off-screen) Huh? (on-screen) Uhh... (went to talk to Lumpus) Mister, what in Bob's bingo is going on here?
Lumpus: Umm, what does it look like?
Owl Cop: Like a bunch of folks wearing paint instead of clothes.
(Lumpus has an unhappy expression)
Owl Cop: What color do you have?
Lumpus: (as he finishes painting the cop's clothes) And that should about... do it.
Owl Cop: Oh man, that's perfect.
Lumpus: Kiss those dry cleaning bills goodbye.
Owl Cop: You got any bicycle paint?
(Later, after Lumpus turns the cop's bicycle into a motorcycle)
Owl Cop: Oh man, I'm telling all my friends about this. (drives away)
(The last scene of the series)
Lumpus: Let me just start by saying how surprised I am. Surprised you have an honor to be sooner I mean I was telling people that I've been a genius for years. But perhaps I am not here to point fingers. (Suddenly rain clouds appeared in the sky) There are some people that I like to thank for helping me. (The thunder's rumble is heard) Oh no, wait! I did it all myself. (laughs hysterically as the lightning crashes. then it began to rain washing all of people's painted clothes off) That's me, the exulted one. Worship me of the universe. (Lumpus laughs hysterically as the rain washes his painted clothes off. The rain stopped and Lumpus looks down) DDDAAAAHHHHH!!!
Owl Cop: (gasps) Hey! He's naked... (looks down as all of the Prickly Pines citizens begin panicking. Tarson grabs one of the citizens to cover his naked body. The two green moose walk away from each other and Lazlo and the Bean Scouts feel uncomfortable) Now what are we going to do? We destroyed our clothes!
Lumpus: Oh, that's just a minor setback.
Professor Lion: It's a disaster! And you're a crazy person, We never should've listened to you.  
(The citizens tell Lumpus that he's no genius at all. Suddenly the statue of Lumpus from the future disintegrates turning back into everyone's clothes who haven't been washed in a thousand years)  
Lumpus: (gasps) NNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!! 
(The two green moose from the future turned into present day guys losing their antlers and become very thin and skinny) 
Futuristic Moose 1: Well, there goes the future. 
Futuristic Moose 2: Hey, I'm starving. 
Futuristic Moose 1: Let's grab a bite. 
(They both went into the time machine) 
Owl Cop: Quick! Let's get them' clothes on. 
(The citizens put their stinky clothes on) 
Prickly Pine citizen: (groans in disgust) They stink. 
Owl Cop: Well, they haven't been washed in a thousand years! THANKS A LOT, GENIUS! 
(The citizens run towards to Lumpus until they hear the police siren from the distance. The police car and the hospital van came to a stop. Heffer Wolfe and the police officer steps out of the police car) 
Real Scoutmaster (Heffer Wolfe): Uh-huh, uh-huh! That's him, officer! That's the bad moose who locked me in the closet all summer and stole my job as scoutmaster. (off-screen) He fooled all of you! (on-screen) He's an impostor, a fake, and worse, he is no scoutmaster of Camp Kidney!
Lumpus: Yeah, so? (A hospital guard walks up to Lumpus) What are you doing? (A hospital guard puts a straight jacket on him) Get your hands off me! (The hospital guard then picks him up and walks off with him) I'll get you for this, cow!               
Real Scoutmaster (Heffer Wolfe): Steer!
Lumpus: I'm a genius, you know! (the hospital guard drives off with him) I'M A GENIUS!
(Lazlo, Raj, Clam, Samson and Edward are standing around naked) 
Lazlo (after Lumpus was dragged away by the police and hospital guard): Bye, Scoutmaster Lumpus! Get some rest! Boy, what a happy ending.
Edward: Lazlo, we're standing here in Prickly Pines naked and the moose we thought was our scoutmaster had just got hauled off as a deranged lunatic to a funny farm.
Lazlo: Yeah! What a great summer! Whoo! I can't wait for next year!
(Everyone except for Samson walks off-screen)                  
Samson: Okay. I think it's just officially-got-to-the-point where it can't get any weirder. (He then walks off-screen, joining the others)
(The last credits of the series; Lumpus's car keys falls into the house of a fish family in Leaky Lake)
Stanley: Hey, Helen! Look what fell from the roof! It's a sign from the heavens of male superiority!
Helen: That's nice, Stanley, but can you take out the garbage now?
(The last of the keys falls down)
Stanley: (last line of the series; unhappy) Uh, yeah...okay.
(The scene cuts to Cartoon Network Studios logo and then fades to black, ending the series)
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