(In his office, Scoutmaster Lumpus is watching a commercial on T.V. On the T.V. is a banjo-playing rooster dressed as a sherrif)

Deputy Doodle-Doo: (Singing) Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell... (Throws his banjo offscreen) Howdy, partners!

Children: Howdy to you!

Deputy Doodle-Doo: Bet you're feelin' hungry.

Children: You know that we do!

Deputy Doodle-Doo: Well, my name is Deputy Doodle-Doo. Make the best frozen dinners especially for you! (A pie gets placed on the table and then cuts to him coming out of a saloon) But if you don't belive me or you think it's a lie... (The pie on the table bursts open and a baby chick pops out) There she blows!

Baby chick: Try our chicken pot pie!

(Lumpus drools while watching this)

Deputy Doodle-Doo: Big ol' chunks of chicken with gravy. All wrapped up in a deep-dish prairie-style pie. (Four pies with arms and legs dance behind him) But if you don't believe me or you think it's a lie... (The chick pops out of the pie) There she blows!

Baby chick: Try our chicken pot pie!

T.V. announcer: Available in your local frozen food section. Additional gravy sold seperately. Get some now.

Lumpus: Will do! (He runs out of his office and drives the camp bus to the supermarket where he rides a shopping cart down the frozen aisle) There she blows! (He waves to a carboard cut-out of Deputy Doodle-Doo) Howdy doodle! (Laughing, he runs out of the store with the pie in his hand. And drives back to camp and passes Slinkman and the Bean Scouts, singing) Try the chicken pot pie!

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