He was a one-time villain to Lazlo, Clam, and Raj in the episode "Meat Man," who was once a small, lifeless action figure that Lazlo had made out of an unidentified meat luncheon served to them by an irritated Chef McMuesli as a punishment for mocking him. He was first intended to amuse the boys, but as they grew bored with him, he was eventually ignored altogether and later became a sentient meat, and ever menacing shape-shifting being who was angered by their neglect and mistreatment; tormenting and battling with Lazlo, Clam, and Raj, and this culminated into him almost eating Lazlo alive. However, before the deed is done, the screen fades to black and that entire experience turns out to be a ghost story told by Lazlo to the other Bean Scouts over a campfire. Lazlo claims that they had defeated and vanquished the creature; however, at the end of the episode it‘s been eerily implied that Meatman won the battle and ate Lazlo, Clam, and Raj alive, morphing and posing as them in order to deceive and fool the other campers, which he is ready to devour all of them as well. Though the show's usual lack of continuity is likely the reason why everyone is fine in the next episode; namely "No Beans, No Business" and "Miss Fru Fru." In neither of which are implied the murders and the impersonation of the scouts by the Meat Man mentioned, nor is he for that matter, and all characters seems to be alive as if the previous episode had never occurred and continued.

He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.

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