Chef Mcmuesli: Hola everyone Bonjour, Ciao, Aloha and Kon'nichiwa guess what's on mother nature's menu today campers.

Campers: What is it?

Chef McMuesli: It's broccoli salad.

Samson: Does it at least come with sauce?

Chef McMuesli: Why of course enjoy.

Samson: Thank you.

Chef McMuesli: You're welcome next.

Jelly Beans: Hello Chef McMuesli.

Chef McMuesli: Oh it's you guys.

Raj: So how's your Polynesian soybean farm recovering?

Chef McMuesli: It was good until you destroyed it.

Lazlo: This looks like the perfect spot for our pet locus to get some exercise.

Chef McMuesli: Here now go upset somebody else's ecosystem.

Lazlo: Ooh look Raj they look like a whole bunch of mini trees.

Raj: In a mini forest what kind of wildlife do you think lives in a mini forest?

Lazlo: I don't know perhaps mini animals?

Chef McMuesli: There are no mini animals in my broccoli salad.

Lazlo: Oh hello I'm Chef McMuesli and I am here to clear cut this lush broccoli rainforest for my world famous Camp Kidney broccoli salad.

Chef McMuesli: I am not.

Lazlo: TImber run little mini animals run away from Chef McMuesli.

Chef McMuesli: That's it! you ingrates don't deserve to have my fine crafted cuisine you know what you deserve?

Jelly Beans: What?

Chef McMuesli: This is what you deserve you want lunch?

Raj: Yes.

Chef McMuesli: I'll give you lunch meat from a can.

Lazlo: Ooh what kind of meat is it?

Chef McMuesli: Nobody knows it's a mystery.

Lazlo: So this is meat.

Raj: Meat that stands up right all by itself.

Clam: Meat.

Lazlo: Well let's dig in. It certainly smells interesting

Raj: I'll say.

Clam: Stinky Meat.

Lazlo: Clam's right. This Meat or whatever it is stinks and it smells and it's stupid and jiggly.

Raj: Yes it is good jiggly fun

Clam: Jiggly Jiggly.

Lazlo: Ooh it's squishy. Look I'm lifting weights.

Raj: I have meat mittens.

Clam: Jiggly Jiggly Jiggly Jiggly.

Lazlo: I have a meat beard.

Raj: Me too.

Lazlo: Say hello to Mr. Nelson the meat hand puppet. Hi I like meatloaf.

Raj: My hand puppet does too.

Clam: Jiggly.

Lazlo: Hey I've got an idea. Everyone I've like you to meet Meatman.

Raj: Nice to meet you Meatman.

Clam: Meatman.

Lazlo: Lieutenant Meatman your mission is to fly behind enemy lines and deliver this vital food supply to our allies at designated drop soul. Fly Meatman fly.

Raj: He's a goner

Lazlo: Meatman! Oh Meatman I knew you'd be alive.

Raj and Clam: Hooray for Meatman.

Lazlo: Will have you flying dangerous missions again in no time.

Raj: But I am not thinking that he will be flying that plane again soon.

Lazlo: You're right. It's completely destroyed beyond all recognition. But it makes a great magic wand. Behold I am Zorlock the dark evil magical wizard magician.

Raj: You don't look very dark and evil holding a smiling Meatman.

Lazlo: Sorry Meatman you'll have to set this one out. Who dares to challenge this dark wizard of the Jelly Cabin to a magical duel.

Raj: We do. the iron dark wizard of the Jelly Cabin. Take this Zorlock. ugh Maybe we should be magical wizard buddies instead.

Lazlo: Good Idea Raj

Jelly Cabin: Hooray we're the three magical wizardteers!

(3 Hours Later)

Lazlo: What's the matter Wizardteer Raj? did your wand ran out of wizardreed?

Raj: I cannot be a wizardteer with thing thing staring at us like that.

Lazlo: What happen to Meatman? Looks kind of strange.

Clam: And stinky.

Lazlo: Oh well. I'll just throw a pillow over him. Out of sight out of mind right?

Raj: I don't know Lazlo. I am still feeling he's weird ugly look. I think we should play something outside.

Lazlo: Hmm. I see what you mean. What if I change him into something pretty like... Like a meat flower. Badminton anyone? Hey who change meat flower back into Meatman?

Raj: I did not. Please tell me you didn't Clam.

Clam: I did.

Raj: Really?

Clam: No.

Raj: Then how did it get this way?

Lazlo: Ugh. I don't think I've quite like that smile. Come on guys help me get rid of this thing. Phew I'm glad that's over with.

Raj: Ugh my hands smells like a puree circus.

Clam: Ice Cream!

Lazlo: Wait Clam we don't know...

Raj: Pinata!

Lazlo: Raj Wait.

Raj: You guys It's Santa Clause.

Lazlo: Santa Clause?

Raj: Santa have you've seen a man made of meat in here? No? Well say hello to Mrs. Clause to me.

Calm: Easter! Easter Bunny!

Lazlo: Santa? Easter Bunny? well which is it? You guys I't just a scary monster thing. Wait a secon that can't be there's something very weird going on here. Raj do you feel okay?

Raj: Yes I identify I feel fine.

Meatman: So Lazlo do you still think I'm stinky, smelly and stupid?!

Lazlo: Ahh!!!

Meatman: What's wrong? You don't wanna playing with me anymore? Let's play catch!

Lazlo Ahhh!!!

Raj: Scary meat rhino likeness ahhh!!!

Lazlo: Ahh!!

Meatman: Arrgh. Squak.

Raj: Uh oh. Cannon Meatballs!

Meatman: Arrgh!

Raj: Hey Mr. Meatman. Nobody treats my friend like that. You've got to beef with somebody you bring it to me.

Clam: Stinky meat.

Meatman: I guess we don't wanna play with you cause you stink. Oh hey let's play badminton instead. duhh! can I share first? sure.

Raj: This Meat has issues!

Meatman: Now let's talk about what I have for lunch.

Chef McMuesli: Attention shoppers carnivore clean up on aisle six. That's right beefzilla I'm talking you you.

Lazlo: Meat hunter McMuesli.

Raj and Clam: Hooray we're save!

Chef McMuesli: Uh Oh. I've been beefed.

Meatman: Ha ha ha. Now where was I? Oh that's right I was just about to eat my lunch.

Lazlo: Meatman I'm sorry. I didn't mean to call you stinky smelly and stupid.

Meatman: But that's just what I like my scouts. Stinky, smelly and stupid!!!

Lazlo: AAAAHHHH!!!!!!

Campers: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Edward: My Grandma tells a better ghost story than you losers.

Raj: That is no ghost story it really happen.

Samson: Well if it really happen then why are you guy still here?

Dave: Yeah.

Lazlo: Well that's obvious Samson. Raj and Clam here sprain into action of the last second

Edward: (yawns) Not buying it. You're gonna have to do better than that.

Samson: You've got something on your nose Lazlo.

Lazlo: Oh thanks Samson. He he. is it gone?

(The Bean Scout laughs histerically and screams.)

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