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Monkey See, Camping Doo
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Monkey See, Camping Doo is the episode of season and the episode on the series.


Monkey See, Camping Doo is the test pilot of Camp Lazlo created for Cartoon Network by Joe Murray in 2004. This had the characters having their original personalities. This episode had never aired since it develops some changes to the characters.


The Jelly Bean Cabin are sad because Leonard Lumpus, later named Algonquin, is sad for his failure of catching the biggest fish. They need some advice about catching fish from the nurse and the deacon but they asked questions of their own. They realize that they have to do it themselves by stealing Lumpus's super-ship. When Lumpus's ship ran out of fuel, they uses a canoe and they tricked the Jellies that they want him to help him by not talking. When Lumpus is getting eating by a shark, they realize that they must help him and got him out of the card and caught mighty giganto fish.


  • The episode never aired, but was reworked as "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)", which became the pilot instead.
  • This was another pilot created for Cartoon Network that was never aired and never found, much like the 2003 pilot episode of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, although that show's pilot can be found as a preview on various Cartoon Network VHS tapes and DVDs from late 2003 to early-mid-2004.
    • However, the pilot episode of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi was finally found in 2018, but the pilot episode of Camp Lazlo still wasn't found.
  • Joe Murray was asked about the pilot, and replied with this response: “The pilot was remade into a full episode with Lumpus getting eaten by a lake monster. I’m not sure where the original version is. Somewhere in the archives of Cartoon Network.

Differences from the TV show

  • Lazlo's appearance is similar to an actual spidermonkey and speaks with a Brazilian accent. The TV series shows him with a different design and an Americanized accent.
  • Raj speaks Americanized with a spitty noise with warrant subtitles.
  • Clam never talks because he is a mute.
  • Edward, Chip and Skip also appear.
  • Chip and Skip's names were originally "Dale and Dave".
  • Lumpus is a horse and speaks in a Don Knotts-like voice.
  • In the test pilot, Lumpus's original name is Leonard but changed to Algonquin instead.
  • Chef MsMuesli appears in the movie as the camp deacon.
  • Like Clam, Samson also never spoke in the pilot.
  • The camp's name was originally "Camp Runnyrump", but was later changed to "Camp Kidney".


First appearance of:

  • Lazlo
  • Raj
  • Clam (Mute Rhino)
  • Edward T. Platypus
  • Chip and Skip (Dale and Dave)
  • Leonard (Algonquic) C. Lumpus (Lupus)
  • Slinkman
  • Nurse Leslie
  • Henry (Heimlick) McMuesli
  • Samson J. Clogmeyer (no voice)

End Credits

In the end credits, it shows some clips of the episode with the Camp Lazlo theme song. In the end credits, Samson's name is never credited. He was just called the "Guinea Pig". In the end credits, Lumpus is credited as Leonard Lumpus. In the end credits, Clam is called the Mute Rhino and Chip and Skip we're named Dale and Dave.