Ms. Mucus is a recurring antagonist who made her first debut in Beans Are from Mars. She is voiced by Jill "Jillian" Talley, who is well known for voicing Karen from Spongebob Squarepants series, Sarab Dubois from Boondocks, and Rita Loud from The Loud House.


Ms. Mucus is a warthog who hates the Bean Scouts, claiming them to be "bitter, dim, and crude", although she thinks of herself as "perfect" when she is more like what she thinks of Bean Scouts. She actually planned on shutting down Camp Kidney for real by making them fail their physical test. She has a showdown with the Jelly Bean trio, where it is revealed that she is extremely afraid of Bean Scout socks.

She can play an organ and served as the organist for the Bean Scouts' theater. This is quite ironic for someone who despises the Beans Scout to do something nice for them (though she may have a nice side, reformed, had to do it as part of her job, or community service for the crimes she committed against them such stealing the toys or assaulting Edward for trespassing in the Sunflower Patch.

Because of all this, she is most likely the reason why some Squirrel Scouts tend to have a personal hatred towards the Bean Scouts in spite of having a very nice scout mistress. Opposite of Jane Doe, she's rarely seen happy.

She is Ms. Jane Doe's assistant, with a type of Southern accent. She is also the person who blows the bugle for the Squirrel scouts to wake up and leads them in their morning routines. A recurring gag in the series is whenever Scoutmaster Lumpus and Slinkman goes to Acorn Flats, Ms. Mucus and a few squirrel scouts throws watermelons at their boat, causing Lumpus and Slinkman sink down.

She is a large, greedy, selfish, angry, stereotypical redneck woman. She lives in trailer and hoards any Bean Scout toy that comes near it. One room looked girlish and childish and was filled with toys, while another room looked like an office with her desk and a large portrait of herself in the NS. A large plaque in her office reads, "Tough Enough to Do it Right". We see her carrying a taxi with Jane Doe as a passenger, which fits her tough personality; and bakes cookies using tire to knead dough, and a chainsaw as a cookie cutter. However when Jane got married she seemed to have a change of heart as she was smiling for a moment when her boss was married even though Mucus looked grumpy again, and when Lumpus and Samson put chocolate pudding in her shower she showed no signs of hate or revenge rather looking worried and upset and as stated earlier played the organ for the bean scouts.

Her hair is actually a wig which she takes off before going for a swim. Lazlo finds the wig and uses it to become "Madame Lazlo". While driving by Camp Kidney in a police car, apparently after reporting the theft of her wig, she finds Lumpus dressed as a ballerina, wearing her wig.

She is Acorn Flats' camp mascot, and also the scarecrow for Acorn Flats' sunflower garden.


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