Never Bean on the Map
Season 4, Episode 9
Production Information
Air DateJune 27, 2007
Storyboard byJohn Infantino
Written byKent Osborne and John Infantino Merriwether Williams, Steve Little, and Kaz (story)
Directed bySwinton O. Scott III
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Never Bean on the Map is the ninth episode of season four and the eighty-fifth episode on the series.


The Jellies realize that Camp Kidney is not on a place mat map at Beef Lumberjacks, thus leading them to do whatever it takes to get them on it.


Lazlo champions Camp Kidney's addition to a place-mat map at a nearby restaurant.


  • According to Tarson, Camp Lazlo takes place in the state of California as he said his restaurant's steaks are grown in the steak orchids of California.
  • Tarson seems much nicer in this episode than in previous episodes.


  • Second appearance the Old bean stacking turtle. He appeared previously in Never Bean In A Sub and owned a submarine.
  • Lumpus loved the beefs.


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