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Nudist Camp
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Episode 3
Production Information
Air DateApril 9, 2007
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Nudist Camp is a Camp Lazlo shorts and the third episode on the short series.


Lazlo accidentally took Lumpus' clothes while he is bathing in the lake. Lumpus tries to get back to his cabin before anyone sees him naked.


It begins with Lumpus in the shower. After the shower stops, Lumpus goes to the lake and Lazlo finds his clothes. Lumpus wonders what is Lazlo doing to them and Lazlo walks away with them. Lumpus starts walking and sees Jane Doe. He covers himself with a chest. Jane wants the chest and her and Lumpus start to fight over it.

After Jane takes it away, Lumpus runs away. He reaches his cabin when Commander Hoo-Ha walks over to him. Lumpus starts covering himself with a pot. Slinkman tells him he's here for the inspection. Commander Hoo-Ha asks Lumpus where his pants are and Lazlo gives them to him. Commander Hoo-Ha tells Lumpus he is doing a great job and Lumpus is proud of it. Commander Hoo-Ha puts his hand up in the air, Lumpus does the same and Commander Hoo-Ha shouts "Lumpus!" Lumpus censors himself.