Nurse Leslie is a recurring character in Camp Lazlo, who later becomes Nursemaster Leslie. He is voiced by Mr. Lawrence. Nurse Leslie is Camp Kidney's nurse.


He tends to all the campers' ailments and issues excuses when necessary, though it is very apparent that he hates his job and doesn't like dealing with the Bean Scouts. He can't stand the waiting room's music and doesn't know the source of it in order to shut it off. He knows a good deal about First Aid, but is often too bored or distracted to do a proper job. For example, when Lazlo had a leech on his head the x-ray clearly showed the leech drinking Lazlo's blood, but Nurse Leslie still told Lazlo it looked fine to him. In fact, he's been on his stool for years and has lost his leg strength. Over the series he develops more of a personality, and even scowls less than before.


Nurse Leslie is a pink shark and is usually wearing light green scrubs and a scrub cap, along with a stethoscope around his neck. Even when he's wearing other articles of clothing, he still wears the scrub cap. In some episodes he has a sea-green eye and a white eye, while in others he has two white eyes. He usually stays seated on his swivel stool, even when he's outside of the nurse's office. He's usually seen with a cup of coffee in his hand and a rather bored expression on his face.

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