Pinto is one of the cabins in Camp Kidney. It's currently occupied by Chip, Skip and Edward as their cabin leader during summer camping.

About the Cabin

The cabin is often covered with filthy objects of The Dungs, have Edward's power tools and his favorite doll/best friend Veronica that he hides under the bed along with his doll's luxuries.

In A Job Well Dung, Lumpus and Slinkman temporarily used it as a sleeping cabin when Commander Hoo-Ha overtook their cabin.


  • Pinto Cabin is the dirtiest cabin of Camp Kidney.
  • Pinto Cabin has a secret hiding place that prevents Scoutmaster Lumpus confiscate any unauthorized property in Camp Kidney. Edward is the only one who can enter in this secret hiding place.
  • Pinto Cabin has a rug that has a message written on it that says: Between your idiot!.
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