Platypus Brothers

The Platypus Brothers are Cheesly, Alpine, Fancy Pants, and Phillip. Edward's four brothers who are older and more successful placing Edward below them as an embarrassment to their family.


As seen in "Burpless Bean", the camp called all four of Edward's older brothers, who look very successful, to watch Edward in his performance and are actually impressed by it. One appears to be a wrestling type of person with muscles (Cheesly). Next to him seems to be a tall basketball player (Alpine). The next seems to be some sort of rich millionaire who takes everything fancy (Fancy Pants). The final one seems to be a teenager sort of brother with zits on his face with a sweat shirt on (Phillip). There is proof that they have been scouts before him like in the "Great Snipe Hunt" in which Edward explained his brother was a camper and Lumpus seems to throw the same thing every year. They also make an appearance near the end of "Hold it Lazlo" when they (except for Cheesly) speak. They are voiced by Tom Kenny and Jeff Bennett who also voice Lumpus, Slinkman, and Raj. In "O Brother Who Art Thou, it's revealed that they were indeed campers. Cheesly ruled Camp Kidney with an iron fist and played tetherball with the campers just like they did with Edward, and he and his brothers got away with it by acting sycophantic towards Slinkman. When they returned to camp, after having badly abused Edward, they intimidated all the other campers as before. Their new reign of terror ended when Edward returned in the long lost Rotten Cabin, and after running over Alpine, sent them running back home.


  • Fancy Pants: Oh Edward, honey! Fashion diapers were SO last year! [Hold it, Lazlo]
  • Phillip: I can't believe we're related...(saying to Edward after seeing him in a diaper) [Hold it, Lazlo]


Slinkman (Not really; they're just sycophantic towards him)


Scoutmaster Lumpus [eventually ]


Bean Scouts [other than Edward ]

Skipper and Warren

Villain ranking

Scoutmaster Lumpus 100%

Edward 7.99

Ms. Mucus 9.8

Commander HooHa 19.6

Edward's brothers 30.99

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