Prickly Pines is a town that was founded by Piercly R. Prickly. although Camp Kidney has the radio call sign KDNY, the creator of the show stated that the show takes place in Northport, Wisconsin  . Here are some of the places located in Prickly Pines. The list below is in alphabetical order, not in order of appearance or importance. Some of the places to appear in Prickly Pines are:

  • Beef Lumberjack's: A restaurant that lies in Prickly Pines. This is the restaurant that the Bean Scouts ate in when they had no food at Camp Kidney due to their chef, Chef McMuesli, being very ill. Raj and Clam also ate here in Where's Lazlo when they were looking for him. The restaurant only sells beef to eat.
  • Eats: A place with the appearance of a bar.
  • Go-Kart stores: The town has two go-kart stores, down the street from each other:
    • Cheapo Go-Kart Parts, who's sign states "When the camp paying for it is a tightwad".
    • Deluxe Go-Kart parts, This one looks a little more upscale than the Cheapo one, the display models are bright and shiny. Their motto is "When mom and dad are unknowingly paying for it". This is where Edward buys his go-kart to win the annual go-kart race.
  • Laundry Mat: Laundry shop owned by Laundry Matt.
  • Manure Shop: A shop where Lazlo stacked 128,513 beans and is tied with the Navy Turtle.
  • Pickles: An unknown store in Prickley Pines. It is implied that it sells pickles, otherwise it is the last name of the store owner. It is also located next to where the Squirrel Scouts sold their cookies.
  • Prickley Depot: An information booth for travelers that came from the railway. It also has a poster of Beef Lumberjacks.
  • Rosemary's: A pie shop with a baker from Switzerland.
  • Waffleteria: A cafeteria of some sort the serves all waffles. It is mentioned by Scoutmaster Lumpus.
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