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Below is a list of all the production music that has been heard on Camp Lazlo.

This includes APM, CPM, First Com, Killer Tracks, DeWolfe, Megatrax, Parry, Spirit and Classical Music



A Christmas Fantasy (A)

Composed by Ron Goodwin

  • "A Job Well Dung" - (Slinkman comes out of the dirt like a newborn baby)

A Jolly Jaunt (A)

Composed by Dick Walter


  • "Kamp Kringle" - (The elf answers the door; The elf gives Slinkman a telephone)

A Jolly Jaunt (D)

Composed by Dick Walter


  • "Kamp Kringle" - ("...get lost now!")

Abject Terror

Composed by Paul Lewis

  • "Baby Bean" - (Lazlo and Clam scream)
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - (Horse crushes Lazlo)
  • "S Is For Crazy" - (Lumpus screams)


  • "Kamp Kringle" - (A meteor destroys the toys)


Composed by Larry Hochman

  • "Camp Dinky" - (Samson gets rid of the speck of dirt)

The Adventure Begins

Composed by Jonathan Neal

  • "Snake Eyes" - (Patsy bursts in)
  • "Tour Wars" - ("Don't worry Edward! I'll protect the boat!")

Adventure Fanfare 3

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Beany Weenies" - (The Bean Scouts at the starting line)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - ("Well, I believe him!")
  • "Beans In Toyland" - ("Men, we're not giving up just yet!") (Low Pitched)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - ("Follow me!"; Samson looks in a trash can for the dirt)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Samson demands for nasal spray)
  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - (Slinkman's obstacle course is shown)
  • "Radio Free Edward" - ("We gotta go down there!")
  • "Valentine's Day" - (Commander Hoo-Ha arrives)
  • "Boxing Edward" - ("I hate Bean Scouts.")
  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - ("I knew they were the aliens!")
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (Raj and Clam want to save Lazlo)
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - ("We just gotta get that potpie out of his hands!")
  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou"


  • "Where's Lazlo?"


Composed by Larry Hochman.

  • "Camp Dinkey" - (Samson gets rid of it)

African Conflict

Composed by Norman Dane

  • "Snake Eyes" - (Patsy's story)

Afternoon Stroll

Composed by Patricia Cory.

  • "Taking Care of Gretchen" - (Chip and Skip look at clouds)


  • "Mi Casa, Eew Casa" - (The next morning)

Against The Law (A)

Composed by Wilfred Burns

  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - (The Squirrel Scout's obstacle course is shown)

Against The Law (B)

Composed by Wilfred Burns

  • "Call Me Almondine" - ("Miss Doe had unanswered questions of her own")

Aganist The Law (C)

Composed by Wilfred Burns

  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Raj goes to end Lazlo's Affair)

Against The Law (E)

Composed by Wilfred Burns

  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Lazlo tries to escape his cage)

Airs And Graces (A)

Composed by Paddy Kingsland

  • "Movie Night" - (Flashback of Lazlo becoming a big boy)

Airs And Graces (B)

Composed by Paddy Kingsland

  • "Waiting For Edward" - (Skip explains how he fixed the kaleidoscope)
  • "Temper Tee-Pee" - (Opening; Slinkman says that Edward is in last place)


Composed by Kapono Beamer

  • "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" - (The Squirrel Scouts ride by in their boat.)

Alien Abduction

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Beans Are From Mars" - (Lazlo explains the "plan")
  • "Movie Night" - (Music from the movie)
  • "Burpless Bean" - (Lazlo reads the comic book)
  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - (Samson spies on the aliens)
  • "Tour Wars" - (Edward tells a scary story; Edward continues)
  • "S Is For Crazy" - (Opening)

Alien Spacecraft (A)

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Beans Are From Mars" - (Record Music)
  • "Beans In Toyland" - (Ms. Mucus freaks out from Clam's socks)
  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - (Aliens introduce themselves; "Welre not done proving it to you."; The campers are the aliens; Ending)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - (An alien blocks Nina's view; The Aliens find a box of crackers)
  • "Friendward" - (A shot of Samson inside an air-ball)
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (The Bean Scouts think that the pile of sleeping bags is a monster)

And Now... (C)

Composed by Sammy Burdson and John Charles Fiddy.

  • "Burpless Bean" - ("We have a little surprise for you, Edward.")

Angelic Choir

Composed by Jim Rattigan 

  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (Jellies think water is falling from the sky)
  • "Beans In Toyland" - (Clam is surrounded by toys)
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (Lazlo says that Elebug is metamorphosing)
  • "Dirt Nappers" -  (Samson gets vaccuum cleaner)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - ("S.M.I.T.S is pleased with me.")
  • "Tour Wars" - ("We're suppose to hear the mermaid's singing ya twit!")
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (The "Mermaid" is introduced; The mermaid comes out of the lake)
  • "Clown Camp" - (Slapstick Mountain)
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - (Skip has a big bag of money)
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - ("He's finally made things right!")

Anybody Home

Composed by Jack Trombey

  • "Snake Eyes" - ("Snakey?")
  • "The Nothing Club" - (Lazlo looking for Raj and Clam) (Low Pitched)
  • "Club Kidney-Ki" - (Slinkman sees Samson)
  • "Handy Helper" - (Slinkman says he needs to earn another badge)
  • "Love Sick - ("Raj! Didn't your mother have a tea that cured everything?") (Low Pitched)
  • "Hello Dolly" - ("Veronica?")
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (They think Lumpus gave it to them)
  • "I've Never Bean in a Sub" - ("What's going on over there?")
  • "Snow Beans" - ("Is this very safe?")
  • "Mascot Madness" - ("Here we are!")
  • "Camp Samson" - ("Where'd you get that!?") (Low Pitched)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Lazlo wakes up)
  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (Almondine looks in the bag)
  • "Hard Days Samson" - ("Identification, please.")
  • "Beans In Toyland" - (Lazlo knocks on Miss Mucus' door)
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - ("What's all this?")
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Samson finds a pillow feather)
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - (Raj gets an idea)
  • "Valentine's Day" - (Patsy gives Lazlo a valentine)
  • "The Bean Tree" - (Lumpus thinks Lazlo is his son)
  • "Taking Care Of Gretchen" - (Raj leaves; "Why are they taking so long?") (Low Pitched)
  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - (Samson will apologize) (High Pitched)
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (Edward looks for Lazlo)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - (Nurse gets out an educational film)
  • "Never Bean On The Map" - (Someone visits Camp Kidney)
  • "Nursemaster" - (Lazlo takes off towel)
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - ("She said I was special and she wants to meet me at sunset!")
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Lumpus has a present for Miss Doe)
  • "The List" - (The Bean Scouts are thankful for Edward)
  • "Call Me Almondine" - ("We've got six hours to go!")

Apalachian Banjo Duel

Composed by Larry Hochman 

  • "Racing Slicks" - ("But we're not losers.")
  • "Swimming Buddy" - ("Alright! Sea Cows!") (Low Pitched)
  • "Lumpy Treasure" - (Outline of a map on Raj's butt) (Low Pitched)
  • "Marshmallow Jones" - ("Who was that?")
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - ("Okay.. Have it your way")
  • "Beans & Weenies" - ("Oh no. Who is going to make the weenies now?")
  • "Beans & Pranks" - ("Hey, you're not Boris you're Slinkman.")
  • "The Big Cheese" - (Lumpus decides to do whatever he wants)
  • "No Beads, No Business" - ("You couldn't be more wrong!")
  • "Parent's Day" - (Lazlo and Lumpus keep saying they love each other) (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Love Sick" - (Lazlo and Raj borrow Nurse Leslie's books; "Are you ready Raj?")
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (Lumpus goes to the laundromat)
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - ("... but why do we have to catch a snipe?")
  • "Beany Weenies" - ("Come on, kid! Let's go!")
  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - (Slinkman tells how he can prevent being eaten)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (The Bean Scouts go to Acorn Flats)
  • "Hard Days Samson" - (Lazlo will help Samson)
  • "Where's Clam" - (Lazlo covered in tree sap; Clam goes to find Raj)
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (Lazlo says that he shouldn't hate bugs)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (Lazlo insults the Squirrel Scouts)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - ("Morning Raj")
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - ("Don't worry, Nurse Leslie.")
  • "The Bean Tree" - (Lumpus doesn't have to retire) (High Pitched)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - ("You wanna get the thrillogy back together?")
  • "Being Edward" - ("Hey stink sacks!")
  • "Nursemaster" - (Lazlo explains his idea) (High Pitched)
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (Samson gets an idea)
  • "Camp Dinkey" - (Lazlo hugs Raj)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Lazlo stops Fulffy/Clam recognizes Lazlo)
  • "Kamp Kringle" - ("Hey Mr. Slinkman. Can we stop and play in the snow?")


  • "Survival Of The Lamest" - (Lazlo uses Lumpus' survival skills)
  • "The Amazing Race" - (Opening; Slinkman gets in the canoe)

Armies On The Move

Composed by Richard Myhill

  • "Boxing Edward" - (Edward mining; Edward escapes camp with birds)

Au Tour De France

Composed by Wolf Helling

  • "Friendward" - (Edward explains the ship)
  • "The Engagement - (Lumpus gets ready to go to Acorn Flats)

Awakening Memories

Composed by Paul Fenoulhet 

  • "Hello Dolly" - (Lazlo finally figures out Edward cares about his doll)


Baby Elephant

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Lumpy Treasure" - ("Wait a minute! You guys aren't my friends!")
  • "Marshmallow Jones" - ("How dare they accuse me of eating too many marshmallows!")
  • "Prodigious Clamus" - ("Do any of these scouts look like geniuses to you Slinkman?")
  • "The Nothing Club" - ("Is that a boat made of brick and concrete?")
  • "Movie Night" - (Edward shows off his merchandise)
  • "Handy Helper" - (Slinkman tells Lumpus about it)
  • "The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain" - ("How did those deralects win?")
  • "Slap Happy" - ("Just a few more minutes of practice")
  • "Mascot Madness" - (Lumpus wakes up)
  • "Camp Samson" - ("Dave? Ping Pong?")
  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - (Slinkman hears Edward scream in pain)
  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - ("What's going on here?")
  • "Beans In Toyland" - (Lazlo goes to check the window)
  • "Where's Clam" - ("Clam can ya help Raj collect his fair share?")
  • "Temper Tee-Pee" - (Edward plays against Lazlo)
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - ("Hold it!")
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - ("What's going on here?")
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - (The Jelly Beans think of how they should move Nurse Leslie)
  • "Radio Free Edward" - (Edward wants to do a talk show)
  • "Scoop Of The Century" - (Edward makes fun of "The Weekly Bean")
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Edward says what he thinks about Bean Scouts)
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (Edward speaks with Lazlo)
  • "Being Edward" - ("It's the bedtime bugle Lumpus!")
  • "Harold And Raj" - ("Wait a minute are you laughing like me?")
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - (Slinkman questions Lumpus)
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - (Chip and Skip look for Samson)
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (Everyone laughs at Edward)
  • "Clown Camp" - (Lazlo hides inside the chest)
  • "The List" - (Lumpus makes fun of Lazlo's broken ancle)
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - ("This will help us find our penny")
  • "Step Clam" - (Nina lies to the wingnuts that Clam is her little brother)

Backporch Blues A

Composed by Richard Myhill

  • "Racing Slicks" - ("I can’t believe we only get five dollars"; nobody has any good supplies)
  • "Slugfest" - (Slinkman wakes up angry)
  • "No Beads, No Business" - (Raj getting no customers)
  • "Love Sick" - ("Poor Clam"; Clam draws a picture of Gretchen)
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (Opening; Edward's Scene)
  • "I've Never Bean In A Sub" - (Lazlo says they should tell the customers about their beans)
  • "Mascot Madness" - (Opening; Everyone is bored)
  • "Beans In Toyland" - (Opening)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - ("I have no more tusks to lose!")
  • "A Job Well Dung" - (Lumpus and Slinkman sleep in Chip and Skip's beds)
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - ("Five minutes?")
  • "Call Me Almondine" - ("Thought I knew what pretty was.") (High Pitched)


  • "Where's Lazlo?"

Balkan Pictures

Composed by Roland Kovac

  • "The Wig Of Why" - (A Madam Lazlo Booth is set up)

Ballet Shoes [#59]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Beans & Pranks" - (Lazlo thinks about Lumpus as a bean scout)
  • "Burpless Bean" - (Nina reading a comic book)
  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - (Edward tries different ways to get Lumpus' nose hair)
  • "Hard Days Samson" - (The Squirrel Scouts get their mail)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - ("Who is it?")
  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - (Miss Doe is leaving with Miss Mucus; Miss Doe and Miss Mucus come back)
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - ("A smart new hat?")
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Miss Doe visits Camp Kidney)
  • "The List" - (Montage Of Edward doing Lazlo's list)
  • "The Engagement" - (Lumpus visits Miss Doe)
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - ("Your package says special delivery!")
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - ("Don't you read the papers?")
  • "Wedding Bell Blues" - (Raj takes out the wedding ring)


  • "Nudist Camp" -

Ballet Shoes [#60]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Miss Doe is on the phone)

Ballet Shoes [#60.02]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Hard Days Samson" - (The Squirrel Scouts get their mail) (Plays at the same time as Ballet Shoes 59)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (Lazlo knocks on the door) (Plays at the same time as Ballet Shoes 59)
  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - (Miss Doe is leaving with Miss Mucus; Miss Doe and Miss Mucus come back) (Plays at the same time as Ballet Shoes 59)

Ballet Shoes [#60.03]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (There is a knock at the door)
  • "Lumpus Vs. the Volcano" - (Lumpus says it's a hat)
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Miss Doe visits Camp Kidney) (Plays at the same time as Ballet Shoes 59)
  • "Call Me Almondine" - (Almondine and prettyness)

Banjo Breakdown

Composed by Leon Hunt

  • "Swimming Buddy" - (Everyone starts swimming)
  • "The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain" - (Lumpus slides down the mountain)
  • "The Big Weigh In" - (Lumpus eating)
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - ("All aboard to the Pancake Express!")
  • "Peace Frog" - (Back at Camp Kidney)

Banjo Stomp

Composed by Larry Hochman

  • "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" - (The boat takes off/They ride over Lumpus and Slinkman)
  • "Parasitic Pal" - (Edward tries to rip Lamar off of Lazlo; Lazlo still going; Lazlo approaches the lake)
  • "Marshmallow Jones" - (Raj falls down a steep slope/Raj gets stuck in between two trees) (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Float Trippers" - (Raj trying to get to his retainer)
  • "Beans In Toyland" - (The trailer keeps going)
  • "Valetine's Day" - ("Please help me!")
  • "Taking Care Of Gretchen" - (Edward and Gretchen race each other)
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (The Bean Scouts run and look for their mail)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Lumpus unplugs the phone)

Banners Victorious

Composed by Ronald Hanmer

  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - (Newspaper headlines)

Bart's Nightmare A

Composed by Charlie Brissette and Norman Mamey

  • "Handy Helper" - (Lazlo and Slinkman fight)

Battle At Sea

Composed by Johnny Pearson

  • "The Nothing Club" - ("Parascopes down!")
  • "Love Sick" - (Clam and Gretchen argue while having a tug-of-war)
  • "Camp Dinkey" - ("Let's go to Camp Dinkey!")
  • "The Engagement" - ("Once and for all, I'm gonna tell that Doe how I feel")
  • "Call Me Almondine" - (Almomdine tries to escape from the angry mob) (High Pitched)

Battle Hymn Of The Republic

Composed by Ib Glindemann

  • "The Battle Of The Pimpleback Mountain" - (Opening)
  • "I've Never Bean in a Sub" - (Lazlo announces that the Jelly Beans will sell beans)
  • "Tomato Paste" - (Commander Hoo-Ha congratulates Lumpus; Commander Hoo-Ha hums this)
  • "Beany Weenies" - ("Welp, Slugman, it's been great.")
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (Raj holds up a bug flag)
  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - (In Miss Mucus' trailer)
  • "Valentine's Day" - (The Scouts do harb labor)
  • "Samson Needs A Hug"

Battle March Link (A)

Composed by Gary Kettel

  • "Kamp Kringle" - (Lumpus thinks he won)

Bear Cubs (A)

Composed by Walt Rockman

  • "Prickly Pinning Dinning" - (Lumpus is given the check)
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - ("... and you need the stinky to be the best?")
  • "Slugfest" - ("That is the sloppiest ship in a bottle I have ever seen!")
  • "Beans And Weenies" - ("Lazlo!")
  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - ("Oh! Shrub Buddy!")
  • "Handy Helper" - (The Jelly Beans are tired)
  • "Irreconcilable Dungferences" - (lazlo introduces Shazlo)
  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - (Everyone believes Edward got bite by a wood gnome)
  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (Lumpus looks at the script)
  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - ("Good morning, Lazlo.")
  • "Temper Tee-Pee" - (Gretchen growls at Chef McMuesli)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Raj tells Samson to be quiet)
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - (The Jelly Beans wait for the bear to juggle pine cones)
  • "Taking Care Of Gretchen" - (Lazlo goes back to his cabin)
  • "Being Edward" - ("Lazlo! What day is it?"; Credits Scene)
  • "Nursemaster" - (Samson is sick too)
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - ("Just now when you weren't looking.")
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - ("I'm naked")
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - ("What is that!?")
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - (Chip and Skip inspect the penny Lazlo gives them)
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - ("I thought you were sick"; "Huh. How about that?") (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "S Is For Crazy" - ("I'm very disappointed in you both")


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - ("Uh actually Sir, He is telling the truth.")


  • "Survival Of The Lamest" - (Lumpus takes Lazlo elsewhere)
  • "Mail Dominance" - (Opening) (Low Pitched)
  • "Hair And Gone" - (Edward says he knows where their hair is)

Bear Cubs (B)

Composed by Walt Rockman.

  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (Jellies decorate the cage)

The Beast Within

Composed by Paddy Kingsland

  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - ("Bears can't juggle!") (High Pitched)

Beat the Clock

Composed by David Lindup.

  • "Scoop of the Century" - (The Sunflower Shuffle; Ending)


Composed by D. Todd Sorensen

  • "Where's Clam" - ("Firewood collecting is my new favorite activity!")
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (Raj having fun with Elebug)
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - ("Finally I can start relaxing.")

Beheading of the King

Composed by Laurie Johnson.

  • "Clown Camp" - (Slinkman enters the Jelly cabin)


Composed by Lars-Luis Linek

  • "Loogie Llama" - (Opening)


Composed by Lee Jacobs.

  • "The Battle of Pimpleback Mountain" - (Lumpus takes out a log)
  • "Tomato Paste" - (Commander Hoo-Ha arrives)
  • "Beany Weenies" - (Obstacle course; The Bean Scouts feel better)
  • "Bowling for Dinosaurs" - (Lazlo wakes up)
  • "Sweet Dreams Baby" - (Morning)
  • "Valentine's Day" - (Opening)
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Opening)
  • "Clown Camp" - (Lumpus has an announcement)
  • "Clam the Outlaw" - (Clam at the Mess Hall)

Beyond the Galaxy

Composed by Larry Hochman.

  • "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" - (Lazlo and Clam play Spaceship)
  • "Irreconcilable Dungferences" - (Skip plays with the Jelly Beans)

Big Bad Giant

Composed by Paddy Kingsland

  • "Meatman" - ("Nobody treats my friend like that!")
  • "Cave Chatter" - (The Scouts are amazed with it)

Big Show Theme

Composed by Robert Sharples

  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - (Lazlo wins the slot machine)

The Big Top (A)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Clown Camp" - (The clowns smash each other with mallets)

Bizarre Swing

Composed by Mark Winter

  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - ("Hey, Lumpy. Come here.")

Black Empire

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Camp Dinkey" - (Edward's daydream of Camp Dinkey)

Black Stockings

Composed by David Lindup 

  • "The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain" - (Lazlo asks Lumpus to model)
  • "Slap Happy" - (Lumpus gets changed into his robe)
  • "Hard Days Samson" - (The Squirrel Scouts think Samson is Hamly Manster)
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - ("Edward you look SO GORGEOUS!")
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Lazlo talks to the mermaid)

Black Swarm

Composed by Simon Benson

  • "Lumpy Treasure" - (The Mosquitos get ready to bite Raj.) (High Pitched)

Blaze Of Brass (D)

Composed by Cecil Milner

  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - ("I care.")
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - ("Next is underwater.. hair styling?")
  • "Nursemaster" - ("Nurse's Lounge!")


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - ("He'd still be hanging around here if it weren't for me!")

Blue Danube

Composed by Keith Papworth

  • "Irreconciable Dungferences" - (Opening; Lazlo explains fishing; Ending)
  • "Waiting For Edward" - ("Let's name things that taste good.")

Blue Danube

Composed by Fiachra Trench and Johann Strauss II.

  • "Waiting for Edward" - (Chip and Skip are getting smarter)

Blue Dobro (A)

Composed by Richard Myhill

  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (Lazlo and Lumpus insult the bean scouts)

Blue Dobro (B)

Composed by Richard Myhill

  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (The Next Morning)

Body Snatcher

Compose by Patricia Cory

  • "Snake Eyes" - (They find the picnic spot)
  • "Beans & Pranks" - (Lumpus says how he gets pranked on the same day)
  • "The Big Cheese" - ("You ate my cheese wheel!")
  • "Handy Helper" - (Lazlo tries to scare Samson)
  • "Hello Dolly" - (Edward denies that he loves his doll)
  • "Slap Happy" - (Lumpus talks about the handshake)
  • "Mascot Madness" - (Edward caught jelly beans)
  • "Beany Weenies" - (Miss Mucus drives them to the carnival)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (Lazlo asks for the dirt back)
  • "A Job Well Dung" - (Slinkman says why Cammander Hoo-Ha is at the camp)
  • "Scoop Of The Century" - (The Scouts are suspicious of Lumpus)
  • "The List" - (Edward wants to injure himself)
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - (Lumpus decides to become an outlaw)

Bond Chord

Composed by Nicolas Carr

  • "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" - (Plays after City Heat)

Bonnie Blue Gal

Composed by Sam Spence

  • "Tusk Wizard" - (Edward tells Raj his plan)

Bossa Cubana

Composed by Gerhard Narholz

  • "Dosey Doe" - (Lazlo gets Lumpus ready for his date; Lumpus approaches Miss Doe)
  • "The Big Cheese" - (Lumpus sets up a stand to eat the cheese; Lumpus prepares the cheese wheel/Lumpus eats the cheese)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (The Flys gossip) (High Pitched)
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (Slinkman finds two Squirrels dating)
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - ("Yep! Just like common home!"; Slinkman soaking in a mud puddle)
  • "Camp Complain" - ("Officer's Lounge?"; Back at the Officer's Lounge; "Pinball tournament!")

Bowler Hats

Composed by David Farnon

  • "Lumpy Treasure" - (Timmy and Tommy fight each other)
  • "The Nothing Club" - ("I don't get it I just don't get it")
  • "Float Trippers" - (Raj imagines himself as an old man)
  • "The Wig of Why" - (Raj and Clam amazed)
  • "Prickly Pinning Dinning" - ("Did you hear that?")
  • "Beans & Pranks" - ("NO! This can't be! This is not a prank!")
  • "The Big Cheese" - (Lumpus wants the cheese wheel confiscated)
  • "Parent's Day" -  (Raj mimics Lumpus' father)
  • "Handy Helper" - (Lumpus leaves; "Just one of the hazards of the real world, Slinkman.")
  • "Burpless Bean" - (Edward shows Lazlo different burps)
  • "Snow Beans" - (Chip and Skip hear Lumpus)
  • "Camp Samson" - (Samson waits for them)
  • "Hot Spring Fever" - (Raj and Samson argue; "Ha Ha! Not a problem!")
  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (Raj is mad)
  • "Hard Days Samson" - (The Squirrel Scouts in the Fava cabin)
  • "Beans in Toyland" - (Edward makes fun of Samson)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (The Bean Scouts struggling to play)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - ("Nobody touch my tusk!")
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - ("There you are!")
  • "Valentine's Day" - (Commander Hoo-Ha shows Patsy the handwriting)
  • "A Job Well Dung" - ("Slinkman, we can't send them home!")
  • "Taking Care of Gretchen" - (Lazlo catches up to Gretchen)
  • "Scoop Of The Century" - (Lumpus asks them for the newspaper)
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - ("... but then where am I gonna go to the bathroom?"; Lazlo in the forest)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - (They see Edward)
  • "Never Bean On The Map" - ("Kid let me tell you something"; Lumpus is almost finished)
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - (Chip and Skip play with Samson's Chemistry Set)
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Clam fills up the cabin with water)
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (Mr. Buns has an idea)
  • "Clown Camp" - (Lumpus explain what he means)
  • "The List" - (Everyone turns their attantion to Edward)
  • "Penny for Your Dung" - ("Hey, Dave! You stole my idea!")
  • "Bad Luck Be a Camper Tonight" - (Raj and Clam run away)
  • "S Is For Crazy" - (Lumpus laughs)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Lumpus says that Samson is Lazlo)    

Boy Scout

Composed by Harold Smart

  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (Credits Scene)

Brass Moment [#78]

Composed by Harry Bluestone

  • "Parent's Day" - ("It's all coming back to me now.")
  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou" - (Lazlo in quicksand)

Brass Moment [#79.02]

Composed by Harry Bluestone

  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou" - (Slinkman's eye stalks get stretched out)


Composed by Sam Fonteyn

  • "Tomato Paste" - (The picture burns up)
  • "Valetine's Day" - ("No fraternizing with my pumpkin!")
  • "Step Clam" - (Slinkman gets ready to slime the Pinto Beans)

Bring On The Clowns

Composed by Sammy Burdson and John Fiddy

  • "Burpless Bean" - (Milt goes off the stage)
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (Mr. Buns tries to make a piece of paper disappear)

Bring On The Girls

Composed by Dennis Farnon

  • "Mascot Madness" - ("And I'll be the judge!")
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - (The Shredder destroys the candy)

Bruce Trail

Composed by James Kalamasz and Alain James

  • "Dosey Doe" - ("Charming, confident, romantic...")
  • "Movie Night" -  ("Hey, Edward!")
  • "Meatman" - ("My grandma tells a better ghost story than you losers.")
  • "Love Sick" - (Lazlo says he might know how to cure Love Sickness)
  • "Hello Dolly" - (The Jelly Beans stare at a pine cone)
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (Lumpus drinks the water)
  • "Burpless Bean" - (Edward getting some soda)
  • "Squirrel Seats" - (The geyser isn't that big)
  • "Sweet Dreams Baby" - ("Maybe I wasn't mixing the craziest chemicals in the craziest way.")
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - (Opening)
  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - (The Scouts are missing Samson)
  • "Cave Chatter" - (Samson talks to the Cave Bean)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - (The Bean scouts ask Lumpus and Slinkman about an inappropriate subject)
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - (Samson returns to the post office)
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - ("Hey, guys!")
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - ("Clam?")
  • "Friendward" - (Edward knocks on Samson's door)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (The bear wants to go back to camp with Lazlo)


  • "Empty Nest" - (Lumpus goes birdwatching)

Buffalo Billy

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Float Trippers" - (Raj getting upset again)
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - (Samson sees a squirrel) (High Pitched)
  • "Beans & Pranks" - ("What are we doing here?")
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (Raj thinks they should let Lumpus go)
  • "Slap Happy" - (Lumpus teaches a new excercise)
  • "Camp Samson" - (Guys, it's me.)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Lazlo says it was his fault)
  • "Harold And Raj" - (Raj wants to know what Harold wants to do)
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - ("Oh, it's real alright!")
  • "Camp Dinkey" - (Raj walks by the billboard)
  • "Clown Camp" - ("... but Scoutmaster Lumpus...")
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (Lazlo wants to cheer the "monster" up)
  • "Baby Bean" - (Lazlo is worried about Raj)
  • "Bad Luck Be a Camper Tonight" - ("Oh boy! It's from Antarctica!")

Buffalo Girls

Composed by Robert White

  • "It's No Picnic" - (The Squirrel Scouts win)
  • "Marshmallow Jones" - (End credits scene)
  • "Dosey Doe" - (The Beans Scouts and Squirrel Scouts fight each other)
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - ("Raj! That’s it!")
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Clam says he found the Rock of Hope)
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - (They steal it)
  • "Are You the S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (All the Scouts push Samson)
  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - (Slinkman starts the roll call)
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Sunflowers are everywhere in the Pinto Cabin)
  • "Never Bean On The Map" - (Lumpus ate all of it)
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (Edward gets excited)
  • "Wedding Bell Blues"


Composed by Van Phillips

  • "Irreconcilable Dungferences" - (The Jelly Beans try to get Chip and Skip back together)

Bugle Fanfare

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Beans Are From Mars" - ("Jelly Bean cabin reporting for duty sir!")
  • "Snake Eyes" - ("Snakes, Sir, uh, Ma'am!")
  • "It's No Picnic" - (Miss Mucus spies on Lumpus and Slinkman)
  • "Movie Night" - (Lazlo reports)
  • "The Big Cheese" - (Commander Hoo-Ha shows up) (High Pitched)
  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - (Fanfare)
  • "Love Sick" - (The Tug-O-War match is about to begin)
  • "The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain - ("Enemy Spies!") (Low Pitched)
  • "Tomato Paste" - ("Scoutmaster, get my luggage!") (Low Pitched)
  • "Beany Weenies" - (Commander Hoo-Ha arrives; "Attention!")
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - ("Not if I can help it!")
  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - ("Melons ready?")
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - ("Must tell others!") (Low Pitched)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - ("In your face S.M.I.T.S!")
  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - ("Ten hut!")
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (Lumpus storms into the Jelly cabin)
  • "Camp Complain" - ("Attantion campers! Attention campers!")
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - (The Next Morning)
  • "Step Clam" - ("I guess the show has started.")
  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou" - (The Bean Scouts scatter around)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - ("Attention all campers report for a line up immediately!")


  • "Nudist Camp" - ("Lumpus!") (Low Pitched)
  • "Laid Off Lumpus" - (Commander Hoo-Ha is at Camp Kidney)

Burglar Bill

Composed by Andrew Hall

  • "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" - (Lumpus walks away)
  • "Snake Eyes" - ("Watcha got there?")
  • "Prickly Pinning Dinning" - (Lumpus has no money)
  • "Beans & Pranks" - (Lazlo, Raj and Clam get ready to prank "The Big Moose")
  • "The Big Cheese" - (Slinkman spying on the Scouts)
  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - (Lazlo talks to his "Shrub Buddy")
  • "No Beads, No Business" - (Raj sees Samson's ice cream bar)
  • "Club Kidney-Ki" - ("Hold on a second there Slinkman") (Low Pitched)
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (Samson coughs)
  • "The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain" - ("I do not see, I do not see, I do not see")
  • "Hot Spring Fever" - (Raj and Samson get mad at each other)
  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (Miss Mucus watching Lumpus and Slinkman through binoculars; Miss Doe notices Lumpus)
  • "The Big Weigh In" - ("Alright where are ya?")
  • "Beans In Toyland" - (Lazlo says what they are doing)
  • "Where's Clam" - (Raj and Clam see that Lazlo is invisible)
  • "Squirrel Seats" - (Edward says she won't sit on girl side) (High Pitched)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (Samson's shoulder devil appears)
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - (Nurse Leslie discovers his arms are covered in pine cones)
  • "Valentine's Day" - (Patsy can't confess)
  • "The Bean Tree" - ("What are they laughing at?")
  • "Scoop Of The Century" - (Dave and Ping-Pong find the Scoop of the Century) (High Pitched)
  • "Boxing Edward" - ("Hey Samson. You're not out to lunch.")
  • "Ed's Benedict - ("Will Edward come back to pick up the egg he laid this morning?")
  • "Step Clam" - (Clam pranks Jane)
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - ("I am either a lunatic or the greatest genius the world has ever known.")


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Clam is on top of the bus)


  • "Nudist Camp" - (Lumpus looks for his clothes; Lumpus looks around his cabin)

Bush In The Shucks

Composed by Jerry Burnham, Tony Marcus, Paul Craine Anastasio, Robert Bing Nathan, Bobby Black & Don Burnham

  • "Prodigious Clamus" - (Lazlo and Raj cheer for Clam)

Busy Shoppers

Composed by Len Stevens. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Call Me Almondine" - (Almondine asks Jane what's pretty)


Campus Caper

Composed by Dennis Farnon

  • "Mascot Madness" - (Lazlo gets excited)

Caliope Carousel

Composed by Roger Roger

  • "Hallobeanies" - (Lazlo describes the candy)
  • "No Beads, No Business" - (Raj makes a carnival out of sugar cubes)
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - ("It's just like the circus!")
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (The Bean scouts perform magic tricks)

Calling All Clowns

Composed by David Lindup

  • "Clown Camp" - (Lumpus turns everyone into clowns)

Camptown Races

Composed by Larry Hochman

  • "Racing Slicks" - (The Bean Scouts sing)

Capering Clowns

Composed by Max Saunders.

  • "Snow Beans" - (Bean Scouts search for Lumpus and Lazlo)
  • "Beans in Toyland" - (Lazlo looks for Raj)

Captain Pugwash

Composed by Johnny Pearson

  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - (The alien turns into a fish)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - (A flock Genous Pabo Crustaceos flies by)

Carriage Ride

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Tree Hugger" - ("Thank you, Scoutmaster Lumpus!")
  • "Scoop Of The Century" - (Lumpus did everything the Scouts wanted him to do)

Carnival At The Fair

Composed by William Farran

  • "Clown Camp" - (Clam wears the nose)

Carousel Ride

Composed by Derek Holt

  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - ("Step right up place your bets!")

Carrousel Du Diable

Composed by Jean-Michel Bernard 

  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (Slinkman swats at imaginary coffee tables)
  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou"

Cartoon Capers (B)

Composed by Dick Walter.

  • "Step Clam" - (Nina hits a tree; Nina hits another tree)

Cartoon Coda (D)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (Everyone claps)

Cat Burglar

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Snake Eyes" - (They search for Snakey)
  • "Beans & Pranks" - ("Of course! It's Lazlo and the Jelly Beans!"; Lumpus explains his plan)
  • "The Big Cheese" - (Lumpus takes the cheese wheel)
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (The Jelly Beans think Lumpus is a snipe)
  • "Hard Days Samson" - (Samson leaves)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (The Bean Scouts oversee the spa)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Samson looks at the Camp Store)
  • "Harold And Raj" - (Raj follows a marshmallow trail)
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (Samson writes on Presto the Amazing poster)
  • "Clown Camp" - ("I'm scared of clowns!")
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (The Bean Scouts are mad at the "monster")
  • "Camp Complain" - (Edward says they should listen to their campmates)


  • "Hiccups" - (Lazlo pours honey on Clam)

Cellar Search

Composed by Philippe Pares

  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - (Lumpus hisses)
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (Opening)
  • "Clown Camp" - ("Put it on! Put it on! Put it on!")
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - ("WHAAAAAAT?")


Composed by Tommy Walker.

The Chase Continues

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Snake Eyes" - (The Lemmings panic)
  • "Beans In Toyland" - (The Jelly Beans hide from Ms. Mucus)
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - (Lumpus leaves the Bean Scouts behind)

Champions March

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp - (Lazlo gives the Big Bean his neckerchief)
  • "Award To The Wise" - (Everyone cheers for Lazlo) (Normal/High Pitched)


  • "The Eternal Flame" - (Lazlo gets to light the flame)

Charlie Chaplin Chase

Composed by Keith Papworth

  • "Prickly Pinning Dinning" - (Lumpus and Slinkman drive back to Beef Lumberjacks)
  • "Beans & Pranks" - (They change the sign)
  • "Spacemates" - (The rocket ship goes crazy)

Chicken Reel

  • "The Bean Tree" - (The Scouts gathering more stuff)

Chase Me Chester

Composed by Roger Roger

  • "No Beads, No Business" - ("I AM VERY ANGRY!")
  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (Slinkman hits the watermelons with a bat; Clam runs by)

Chorus Line

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - ("Okay. Settle down.")

Chase That Car

Composed by Laurie Johnson

  • "Dead Bean Drop" - (Plays whenever Slinkman goes down Dead Bean Drop)

Charivari Clowns

Composed by Daniel Jeannin

  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - (Samson gives everyone sodas)

Children Box

Composed by Leo Nissim


  • "Kamp Kringle" - (Santa rips off the toy's head)

Christmas Carol (A)

Composed by Patrick Hawes


  • "Kamp Kringle" - (Santa flies off)

Christmas Morning (A)

Composed by Patrick Hawes


  • "Kamp Kringle" - (The Scouts are amazed)

The Circus Comes To Town

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Clown Camp" - (Opening)

Circus Flourish (A)

Composed by Daniel Jean Jeannin.

  • "Burpless Bean" - (Milt catches the ball)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (The Squirrel Scouts laugh)

Circus Flourish (B)

Composed by Daniel Jean Jeannin.

  • "Dirt Nappers" - ("Why you...!")

Circus Flourish (C)

Composed by Daniel Jeannin.

  • "Miss Fru Fru" - ("Miss Honey's luggage throwing talent!") 

City Heat

Composed by Gerhard Trede

  • "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" - (Slinkman sneaks out)
  • "Prickly Pinning Dinning" -  (Lumpus runs out) (Low Pitched)
  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - (Edward pants all the scouts)
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - ("Air conditioner!")
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (They set down a tuna bean sandwich; They keep looking) (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - ("Set the magnet to overdrive.")

    Camp Lazlo Music- City Heat

Civil War March

Composed by Larry Hochman

  • "The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain" - (Lumpus gets to the top of the mountain; The story; Lumpus thinks the "enemies" ruined the tent)
  • "Valentine's Day" - ("How's my chip off the ol' block?")
  • "Friendward" - (Edward wants him to touch his muscles)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Edward says that Raj and Clam are gone)

Clarion Call

Composed by Eric Winstone and Alan Moorhouse. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Being Edward" - (Edward finishes his robe)

Closet Monsters

Composed by Kevin Hiatt

  • "The Nothing Club" - (Plays at the same time as Link T and Sci-Fi Shocker)
  • "Prickly Pinning Dinning" - (Lumpus becomes wanted)
  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - (Edward says he is going to pants everybody)
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - ("The Scoutmaster in the sky is very unhappy!")
  • "Mascot Madness" - (Edward shows a drawing of them he made)
  • "Camp Samson" - (Samson takes pictures of himself)
  • "Hot Spring Fever" - (The pimple turns into Samson's head)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Miss Doe sees that the camp is gone)
  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - ("I am made of hemlock berries!")
  • "The Big Weigh In" - (Slinkman says the effect of malnutrition)
  • "Beans In Toyland" - (Miss Mucus comes in)
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - (The Squirrel Scouts with the Bean Scouts' float)
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (Lumpus cut the legs)
  • "The Engagement" - (Lumpus laughs)
  • "S Is For Crazy" - (A jellyfish comes out of the car)


  • "Hiccups"
  • "Laid Off Lumpus"

Clown In Town

Composed by Philippe Pares. It is also used in Ren & Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon.

  • "Dosey Doe" - (Raj and Clam tell Jane about the dance)
  • "Slugfest" - (Credits Scene)
  • "The Big Cheese" - ("How does it do that Raj?")
  • "Dead Bean Drop" - ("Hey Slinkman, jump any good gorges lately?")
  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - (Lumpus ignores all the Scout's requests)
  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (Lumpus at the door)
  • "The Big Weigh In" - (Nurse Leslie does Lazlo's check-up)
  • "Waiting For Edward" - (Chip and Skip hanging from a tree)
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (Raj spraying bug spary everywhere)
  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - (The Squirrel Scouts play tennis)
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Samson uses a puppet)
  • "Harold And Raj" - (Harold befriends Raj)
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (They play another game)
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (The Jelly Beans come in)
  • "Baby Bean" - (Baby Raj cries)

Clown's Walk (B)

Composed by Otto Sieben

  • "The Nothing Club" - ("I don't believe what I'm seeing") (Low/Normal Pitched)
  • "The Wig Of Why" - ("Why don't you do a prediction for me Lazlo?")
  • "Prickly Pinning Dinning" - ("It's Clam's Mom")
  • "No Beads, No Business" - ("Yes 6 beads please")
  • "Parent's Day" - ("What's so special about parent's day anyway?")
  • "Love Sick" - (Clam follows the Squirrel Scouts) (Low Pitched)
  • "Hello Dolly" - ("Why are you celebrating?")
  • "Slap Happy" - (Lumpus teaches it again)
  • "Snow Beans" - (Lumpus tells the Scouts to stop sneezing)
  • "Beany Weenies" - ("It's just so sad.")
  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - ("Oh, come on already!")
  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (Lumpus is annoyed)
  • "The Big Weigh In" - ("Looks like your annual check-up went well sir.")
  • "Waiting For Edward" - (Slinkman appears injured)
  • "Squirrel Seats" - ("Thirty seconds 'till geyser time!")
  • "Dirt Nappers" - ("Uh I tidied up a little?")
  • "A Job Well Dung" - (Chip and Skip come back)
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Edward starts to say what he thinks of the dance)
  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - ("We believe you.")
  • "Award To The Wise" - (Lumpus wakes up from his nap)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - ("This is your baby?")
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - ("I haven't picked up the mail from Prickly Pines yet okay?!")
  • "Never Bean On The Map" - ("Sir there are a few things to go over.")
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - (Lumpus comes up) (High Pitched)
  • "Tour Wars" - ("Ya know Lazlo I really don't think a row boat is really the best place to play baseball")
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (Lumpus covered in mud)
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - ("What idiot put this infront of the door?!")
  • "Friendward" - ("Hey Edward")
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Chip and Skip eat jelly sandwiches in the mud)
  • "The List" - ("Suck it up Lazlo")
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - (Lumpus continues) (Low Pitched)
  • "Baby Bean" - (Lazlo asks Lumpus if he can take care of Raj)
  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou" - (Edward's brothers make fun of the Rotten Beans)


  • "Kamp Kringle" - (The campers are worn out)

Club Rendezvous

Composed by John Scott

  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (Slinkman gets back to the camp site)

Cockney Capers

Composed by Ray Davies

  • "Peace Frog" - (Credits Scene)
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - (Opening)

Cockney Capers 1.3

Composed by Ray Davies

  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - ("It's laundry day sir")

Cold Sweat

Composed by John Scott

  • "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" - (The Bean scouts warn Lazlo about the lake) (Low/Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Snake Eyes" - (Lazlo hears Raj and Clam's voices)
  • "Hallobeanies" - ("But you must believe in Halloween!")
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (Lazlo threatens to drop the air conditioner)
  • "Mascot Madness" - (Edward blackmails Lazlo, Raj and Clam)
  • "The Big Weigh In" - (Lumpus tries to eat Lazlo, Raj and Clam)
  • "Beans In Toyland" - (Miss Mucus tells Lazlo that she keeps the toys she gets) (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Samson frantically looks for his armor)
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - (The Bear breaks free) (Low Pitched)
  • "Taking Care Of Gretchen" - (Gretchen threatens Lazlo)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - ("The Ed man walks calmly over here, he's gonna close his eyes and when he opens them he'll make up from this nightmare")
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - (Samson hurries to make the reverse formula) (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - ("Speak to us coffee table")
  • "Clown Camp" - ("Where's Lumpus?")
  • "Camp Complain" - ("I can't believe this!")
  • "Call Me Almondine" - (Opening; The Crowd gets angry)
  • "S Is For Crazy" - (Samson's parents approach Camp Kidney)
  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou" - (The Bean Scouts tremble in fear)
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - ("That's him officer!")


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Lazlo tells the bear there's a pine cone stuck on his nose)


  • "The Eternal Flame" - ("Keep it together, Lazlo!")

Colonial March

Composed by Larry Hochman

  • "It's No Picnic" - (The Squirrel Scouts shoot a watermelon at Lumpus)
  • "Hello Dolly" - (The Bean scouts play capture the flag)


Composed by Alan Hawkshaw.

  • "Award to the Wise" - ("Like an award?")
  • "Cave Chatter" - ("Ooh! He's such a brute!")
  • "Camp Dinkey" - ("Now let that be a lesson to us all.")

Come And Get Me

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Racing Slicks" - ("Well, good luck.")
  • "Lights Out" - ("Hey, Lazlo.")
  • "The Nothing Club" - ("Well, it looks like whatever's up there is over.")
  • "Miss Fru Fru" - (Miss Doe comes out, drenched; "Those girls are a lost cause.")
  • "Squirrel Seats" - (Raj is nervous)
  • "Spacemates" - (Patsy and and Gretchen say that Nina should give Chip and Skip a chance)
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - (The Squirrel Scouts realize they won't be able to make their own float in time; Nina looks at Lazlo through a telescope)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - (The aliens decide to stay)
  • "Being Edward" - (Edward and Clam wake everyone up)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - ("I've never noticed how dangerous camp is..")
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Raj Returns)
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - ("Here are some new comic books"; Chip and Skip fix Jane's poodles)
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (Edward steals everyone else's sleeping bags)
  • "Baby Bean" - ("Lazlo, Clam! Thank goodness you're back!")
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - (Lazlo appears frozen solid)
  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou" - (The Platypus Brothers visit Slinkman)
  • "Peace Frog" - (The Jelly Beans look for Lumpus and Frederick)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - ("Which part of this eating machine is nice!?";The Jelly Beans hide Fluffy)


  • "Hiccups" - (The Jelly Beans climb a giant rock)

Comedy Capers

Composed by Sam Fonteyn

  • "Lights Out" - (Slinkman's Shadow Puppet Show; "reporting for duty, Sir")
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - (Clam's Shadow Puppet Show)

Comedy Capers 1

Composed by Keith Papworth.

  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - (It's a draw)

Comedy Capers 5

Composed by Keith Papworth.

  • "The Nothing Club" - (Edward looking upon Club Nothing)

Comedy Cocktail 4

Composed by Paul Gerard

  • "Swimming Buddy" - (Lazlo begs)

Comedy Cocktail 5

Composed by Paul Gerard.

  • "Swimming Buddy" - (Clam gives mouth to mouth resuscitation to Raj)

Comedy Cut 10

Composed by Harry Bluestone

  • "Racing Slicks" - (Slinkman gets angry)
  • "Lights Out" - ("What is it now?!")
  • "The Nothing Club" - (Raj and Clam notice Lazlo's club)
  • "No Beads, No Business" - (Lazlo got paid with a poem)
  • "Club Kidney-Ki" - ("Sir, I don’t like it here.")
  • "Tomato Paste" - (Slinkman tells Edward that Commander Hoo-Ha is coming to camp)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - ("One of my baby tusks is loose") 
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - (Lazlo wants Samson to keep his good luck)
  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou" 

Comedy Cut 13

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

  • "Swimming Buddy" - ("A Larva?")
  • "Camp Samson" - ("Ah, there you are!")

Comedy Cuts

Composed by Johnny Hawksworth

  • "Swimming Buddy" - (Raj in his bed) (High Pitched)
  • "The Weakest Link" - (Edward comes out of a bush)
  • "Dosey Doe" - (Lumpus is hiding from Lazlo)
  • "Float Trippers" - (Raj's retainer starts talking)
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - (Samson can’t take it)
  • "Slugfest" - ("What happened?")
  • "Movie Night" - (Edward gets out of the cabin)
  • "Handy Helper" - (Lumpus laments) (High Pitched)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - ("MY HAIR!!!")
  • "Ed's Benedict" - (Everyone laugh at Edward)
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Ending)
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - (Chef McMuesli makes pancakes)
  • "Bad Luck Be A Tonight" - ("What happened to Samson?")

Comedy Snatches 8

Composed by Keith Papworth

  • "Beans Are From Mars" - ("SOMEONE CALL 911!")
  • "Tree Hugger" - (Everyone cries)
  • "Float Trippers" - (Raj cries in the trash can)
  • "Movie Night" - ("No! Please!")
  • "The Big Cheese" - ("Someone has stolen it!")
  • "Handy Helper" - ("No! You can't do it!")
  • "Hello Dolly" - ("I cant blow you up!")
  • "Slap Happy" - (Lazlo cries)
  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - ('No! Edward!")
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - ("We believed in you...")
  • "Tusk Wizard" - (Raj crying)
  • "Valentine's Day" - (Lazlo tells Patsy to hit him)
  • "A Job Well Dung" - ("Sorry Scoutmaster Lumpus.")
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - ("I miss her so much!")
  • "Baby Bean" - ("I've been a poor excuse for a father!") (Low Pitched)
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - (Lazlo decides to take Samson's place)
  • "S Is For Crazy" - (Lumpus begs Samson to take off the jellyfish)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Opening)

Comic Capers 1

Composed by Keith Papworth

  • "Beans & Weenies" - (Raj and Clam fight again)
  • "The Big Cheese" - (Lumpus gets out of the lake)
  • "Snow Beans" - (Lazlo tells Lumpus about skiing moves; Sting)
  • "The Bean Tree" - (Lumpus says goodbye to everyone)
  • "Being Edward" - ("Oh, I get it.")


  • "Outhouse On Haunted Hill" - (Chip and Skip make Edward eat mud)

Comic Capers 3

Composed by Keith Papworth.

  • "Snow Beans" - (Lumpus tries to learn the moves)

Comic Capers 5

Composed by Keith Papworth

  • "Beans Are From Mars" - (The Squirrel Scouts are scared)
  • "Racing Slicks" - (Lumpus reduces the money the campers will get)
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - (Samson leaves Camp Kidney)
  • "Slugfest" - ("You are simply to valuable to me here.")
  • "Hallobeanies" - ("Wait a minute.")
  • "No Beads, No Business" - (Lazlo and Raj argue)
  • "Camp Samson" - (Samson leaves)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Miss Does says the bad news)
  • "Squirrel Seats" - (Slinkman syas the geyser will erupt)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - ("No it isn't!")
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - (Samson's bike in a mud puddle)
  • "Tour Wars" - (Lazlo joins Edward's tour) (Low Pitched)
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (Raj cries)
  • "Friendward" - (Wilbert doesn't want to be friends with Edward)
  • "The List" - (Edward is in trouble)
  • "S Is For Crazy"


  • "Kamp Kringle" - ("Nice going Lazlo...")

Comic Chase (M)

Composed by Dick Walter.

  • "Step Clam" - (She spells out "Clam.")

Comic Tension (A)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Jane scolds Lumpus)

Command Post 1

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Dirt Nappers" - ("I think you've got poor fashion sense!")
  • "Nursemaster" - ("Scoutmaster Lumpus!" "You are a VERY sick man!")
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - ("Gotta hurry gotta hurry gotta hurry!")


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - ("It's Lumpus!")

Command Post 2

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Kamp Kringle" - ("Boys I think it's in trouble")


Composed by Larry Hochman.

  • "Dead Bean Drop" - (Slinkman becomes Super Slug again)

Constructa Fanfare

Composed by John Epping

  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Lazlo comes in)

Contented Tuba

Composed by Richard Myhill

  • "Lights Out" - (Lumpus shoves Slinkman out)
  • "Dosey Doe" - ("You guys just dodged an arrow on that one.") (High Pitched)
  • "Prodigious Clamus" - ("Are ya ready, sweety?")
  • "Float Trippers" - ("You're right Lazlo!")
  • "Movie Night" - ("Yeah. I know.")
  • "Parent's Day" - (Lazlo has second thoughts) (Low Pitched)
  • "Mascot Madness" - (Dungs don't have costumes)
  • "Where's Clam" - (Raj sweating)
  • "Sweet Dreams Baby" - (The Jelly Beans want to play games with Lumpus)
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (Lumpus and the Jelly Beans play a game) (High Pitched)
  • "Friendward" - ("That was a joke.")


  • "Marooned Maroons"
  • "Hair And Gone"

Covered Wagon Song

Composed by Nino Nardini 

  • "The Weakest Link" - (The Bean Scouts actually got the rock)
  • "Prickly Pinning Dinning" - ("Look at the silly moose, Daddy!") (Low Pitched)
  • "Parent's Day" - (Opening)
  • "The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain" - (The tent is pushed up the mountain)
  • "I've Never Bean In A Sub" - (The Jelly Beans set up the bean stand)
  • "Snow Beans" - ("Hey! What gives, Slinkman!")
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (The Bean Scouts search for the Rock of Hope)

Cradle Song

Composed by Johannes Brahms and Fiachra Trench

  • "Dirt Nappers" - ("Dung Beetles Without Dirt")

The Creature (A)

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (Raj looks up at the monster form of "Elebug")
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - (The volcano tells Lumpus not to leave; "The task was to prove your worthiness!")
  • "Tour Wars" - (A robotic sea monster pops out of the water)
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (A fish tries to get out of the lake by car)

Creeping Around

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "The Wig Of Why" - (Raj and Clam beg Lazlo to let them read what he wrote in the wig)
  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - (Lazlo tells the story about the magical wood gnomes)
  • "Radio Free Edward" - (Edward with a sound effects album)
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (Slinkman gets Raj out of the cabin)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - ("Guys, there's a poor creature in trouble overthere!")

Cripple Creek

Composed by Jack Jezioro

  • "Marshmallow Jones" - ("It's a couple of Bean Scouts, crying!")
  • "I've Never Been In A Sub" - (Huge tower of beans)
  • "Beany Weenies" - ("I don't think this is fun.")
  • "Radio Free Edward" - (Lazlo wants to start up the radio station)

Crossing The Gotthard

Composed by Martin Beeler

  • "Meatman" - (Lazlo says the broccoli looks like trees)

Curious Cub

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Swimming Buddy" - (Lazlo skips to the front of the line)
  • "Marshmallow Jones" - (Raj is eating more marshmallows)
  • "Prodigious Clamus" - ("All I have to do is find that one genious!")
  • "The Nothing Club" - (Edward and Ping Pong also get away from Lazlo)
  • "The Wig Of Why" - (They see Ms. Mucus' wig)
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - (Everyone is gone)
  • "Beans And Weenies" - (The Scouts smell the hot dog)
  • "Meatman" - (The paper airplane is bent)
  • "No Beads, No Business" - ("Did I hear a 'ca-ching?'")
  • "Club Kidney-Ki" - ("... but Sir, this is the camp's gate.")
  • "Hello Dolly" - (Lazlo picks Veronica up) (Low Pitched)
  • "The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain" - ("Hey Clam you're right.")
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (Clam as a pig roast)
  • "Burpless Bean" - (Edward gets up)
  • "Snow Beans" - (Miss Doe is gone)
  • "Tomato Paste" - (Edward and Lumpus coming up with a plan)
  • "Camp Samson" - (Dave and Ping Pong hear Samson)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Edward looks through the window)
  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (Lumpus talked)
  • "Hard Days Samson" - ("Hold on a second, Raj.")
  • "Beans In Toyland" - (Raj and Lazlo see all the toys)
  • "Where's Clam" - ("Raj, where's Clam?")
  • "Squirrel Seats" - ("Of course he can't!")
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (Lazlo picks up a scrunchie)
  • "Spacemates" - (Chip and Skip don't know what happened)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Samson hides under the bed)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - ("Watch those tusks!")
  • "Valentine's Day" - ("So who is this special guest anyway?")
  • "Scoop Of The Century" - (Scouts talk about Lumpus)
  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - ("Sure I believe you.") (High Pitched)
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (Edward comes out of Lumpus' bathroom)
  • "Being Edward" - (Edward disguises as Clam)
  • "Award To The Wise" - (Dave and Ping Pong come out of the stall)
  • "Cave Chatter" - ("It's okay Raj")
  • "Ed's Benedict" - (Edward sleeping)
  • "Never Bean On The Map" - ("Camp Kidney needs an attraction!") (Low Pitched)
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - ("Do you see what I see?")
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (Samson dropped the mail)
  • "Camp Dinkey" - (Samson notices a billboard)
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - ("Great, my stinking roommates are missing")
  • "The List" - (Edward makes it to the hospital)
  • "Camp Complain" - (The other Scouts say that they have no complaints)
  • "Call Me Almondine" - (Nobody Nina doesn't like Almodine's wig)
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - (Lazlo goes in a tree elevator)
  • "Step Clam" - ("Just as I thought.")
  • "S Is For Crazy"
  • "Wedding Bell Blues"
  • "Lumpus’ Last Stand"


  • "Kamp Kringle"


  • "My Brother's Eater"

Curtain Raiser

Composed by Ian Hughes and Chris Walker

  • "Prodigious Clamus" - (Lumpus introduces Clam) 
  • 'Slap Happy" - (Lazlo selling Kunda Beanie-Cise tapes) 
  • "Radio Free Edward" - ("The coolest show at Camp Kidney?") 
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - (Opening) 
  • "Tour Wars" - (Edward introduces his tour)

Curtain Raiser (A)

Composed by John Charles Fiddy and Brain Thomas.

  • "Burpless Bean" - (Edward is next)
  • "Award to the Wise" - (Lazlo has his picture taken)

Curtain Up

Composed by Len Ranle.

  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (Organ stings)


Dagger In The Dark

Composed by Ronald Hanmer

  • "Taking Care Of Gretchen" - (Plays during the movie)

Dance Of The Hours

Composed by Amilcare Ponchielli

  • "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" - (Lumpus sets them far away)
  • "It's No Picnic" - ("Oh good, Slinkman. It's not raining"; Lumpus looks for Miss Doe)
  • "Tree Hugger" - (Opening) (Low Pitched)
  • "The Wig Of Why" - (Lumpus appears dressed as a ballerina; Lumpus runs away)
  • "Slap Happy" - (Opening)
  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (Opening)
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (Lazlo asks Patsy if he can use the Squirrel Scouts' bathroom)
  • "Tour Wars" - (Lazlo's tour starts; No one is on Lazlo's tour) (High Pitched)
  • "The List" - (Opening; Edward wakes up in a cheerful mood) (High Pitched)

Dance Of The Reed Flutes

Composed by Peter Tchaikovsky

  • "The Wig Of Why"
  • "Friendward" - (Opening)

Dancing In Dreamland (A)

Composed by Ron Goodwin

  • "Lumpus' Last Stand"

Dancing on the Ceiling

Composed by Ian Hughes and Christopher Walker.

  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (Lazlo as the director)
  • "Camp Dinkey" - (Lazlo describes his vision of Camp Dinky)

Dancing The Polka

Composed by Lars-Luis Linek

  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (The Bean Scouts rehearse; The Bean Scouts rehearse again; The play continues; "Lazlo!"; The play is still going; "My goodness!"; Lumpus talks to Miss Doe from the stage)
  • "Are You the S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Dinner music)

Danger Man 2

Composed by Norman Dane

  • "Kamp Kringle"

Dangerous (A)

Composed by Mladen Franko

  • "Swimming Buddy" - (Raj shows up like the shark in Jaws)
  • "Radio Free Edward" - (The Yetis Appear)

Dangerous (B)

Composed by Mladen Franko

  • "Swimming Buddy" - (Jaws parody)
  • "Radio Free Edward" - (A yeti appears: End of Credits Scene)

Dangerous (E)

Composed by Mladen Franko

  • "Swimming Buddy" - ("I am a POWERFUL shark!")

Danse Des Mirlitons

Composed by Peter Tchaikovsky.

  • "The Wig of Why" - ("Prima ballerina!")
  • "Friendward" - (Opening)

Dead March 1

Composed by Alfred Kluten and Frederic Chopin.

  • "Scoop Of The Century" - (The bean scouts think "Scooter" is dead)

Dead March 2

Composed by Alfred Kluten and Frederic Chopin.

  • "Dirt Nappers" - (The Injured scouts line up for the Nurse's office)
  • "Clown Camp" - ("No Lazlo, Hoo-ha hasn't called")

Death And Destruction 1

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - (Lumpus throws a tantrum)

Death Of The Alien 1 [#38]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Meatman" - ("So Lazlo, do ya still think I'm stinky, smelly and stupid?")
  • "Radio Free Edward" - ("Mother of mercy! I'm being attack by yetis!")

Deck The Halls

Composed by Christopher Payne

  • "Hello Dolly" - (Edward gets Veronica for Christmas)

Deck The Halls

Composed by Harry Bluestone

  • "Meatman" - (Meatman looks like Santa)
  • "Hello Dolly" - (Edward getting Veronica for Christmas)

Declamatory Chords

Composed by Alan Braden.

  • "Tree Hugger" - (Lazlo scared Lumpus and Slinkman)
  • "Hallobeanies" - (Lumpus appears at the window)
  • "Hot Spring Fever" -  ("Whaaaaat!?")

Did Anybody Spook 1

Composed by Johnny Hawksworth

  • "The Wig Of Why" - (Lazlo tries to hide the wig from everyone)
  • "Prickly Pining Dining" - (They make it to the bathroom)
  • "Hello Dolly" - ("Why are you backing up to the window?")
  • "Slap Happy" - (Lumpus sneaks over to his cabin)
  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - (Lumpus puts headphones on)
  • "Beans In Toyland" - ("Hello Clam, can you hear me?")
  • "Taking Care Of Gretchen" - (Lazlo shaking)
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (It's a girl's bathroom)
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - (Slinkman buys a bigger shredder)

Did Anybody Spook 2

Composed by Johnny Hawksworth

  • "Lights Out" - ("What!?")
  • "Swimming Buddy" - ("Lake worms!")
  • "Parastic Pal" - (The Lamprey is revealed)
  • "The Weakest Link" - ("You!")
  • "Tree Hugger" - ("So step aside!")
  • "Loogie Llama" - ("Lazlo! We gotta have him!")
  • "The Wig Of Why" - ("Tell us the prediction Madame Lazlo")
  • "Prickly Pining Dining" - (The restaurant gets flooded)
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - ("You smell really really bad!")
  • "Slugfest" - (Slinkman destroys the ship in a bottle)
  • "Movie Night" - ("That does it!")
  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - (Raj notices that everybody has been pantsed; Edward is behind Lazlo) (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Hallobeanies" - (Lazlo's fake arm breaks off)
  • "Parent's Day" - ("They weren't bugs!") (High Pitched)
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (The laundry machine falls)
  • "The Battle of Pimpleback Mountain" - (Lumpus sees the mess)
  • "Dead Bean Drop" - (Slinkman is nervous)
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (Lumpus comes in)
  • "Slap Happy" - (The Legumes arrived)
  • "Snow Beans" - (The chair lift stops)
  • "Camp Samson" - (Everyone throws books at Samson)
  • "Beany Weenies" - (The tower collapses) (High Pitched)
  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - (Edward is shocked)
  • "The Big Weigh In" - (Lumpus falls from the sky)
  • "Waiting For Edward" - ("What?!")
  • "Beans In Toyland - ("Now I've got you!") (Low Pitched)
  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - (A bunch of dirt falls)
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (Raj throws Lazlo and Clam)
  • "Spacemates" - ("This is not happening!")
  • "Are You the S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Samson gets hit by a ball again)
  • "Valentine's Day" - (Patsy says that she wrote the valentine)
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Edward gets mad at Lazlo; Edward's enfuriated; Slinkman stops Edward; The water drains) (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - (Samson gets even more angry) (Low Pitched)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - (Lazlo's Hungarian cheddar)
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (Everyone looks at him; "Don't you get !?")
  • "Award To The Wise" - (Everybody begs for more)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - ("I am a platypus!!")
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - (Lazlo has to be avoided as well)
  • "Never Bean on a Map" - (The aftermath of the explosion)
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - ("You stink!")
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Clam drains out the house)
  • "Friendward" - (Edward is angry)
  • "Camp Dinkey" - (Dirt falls on the ground) (High Pitched)
  • "Baby Bean" - (Lumpus holds Raj)
  • "S Is For Crazy" - (Samson touches the jellyfish)
  • "Wedding Bell Blues"

Didi Tera Devar Deewana

Composed by Lata Mangeshkar and S. P. Balasubrahmanyam.

  • "Camp Dinkey" - (Raj's vision of Camp Dinkey)

Dinky Doo 1

Composed by Keith Papworth

  • "Marshmallow Jones" - (Raj uses the marshmallow machine)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Samson keeps getting bit by a ball)
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (Raj and Clam make a mud puddle; Ending)
  • "Camp Dinkey" - (Clam's daydream of Camp Dinkey)

Dinky Doo 4

Composed by Keith Papworth

  • "Snake Eyes" - ("He couldn't have gone far right?") (High Pitched)
  • "Marshmallow Jones" - (Raj sneaks out)
  • "Movie Night" - ("Ta-Da!")
  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - (Edward lists everyone he pantsed)
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - ("It is obvious we are going to the hot springs.")
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Dust bunnies are under the bed)
  • "Scoop Of The Century" - ("I see what you're doing")
  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - (Samson says that Raj will be sorry)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - (There is no more cheese)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - (Edward wants to hide the egg)
  • "Nursemaster" - (Lumpus looks like Samson)
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - (Slinkman interrogates Milt)
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (The Bean Scouts come across their sleeping bags)
  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou"

Discouraged Troops

Composed by Larry Hochman.

  • "The Battle of Pimpleback Mountain" - (Lumpus goes to the tent)
  • "Lazlo Loves a Parade" - (The float is more finished)


Composed by Sam Fonteyn

  • "The Nothing Club" - ("Uh oh looks like I've wandered into the hall of mirrors again!")
  • "Slugfest" - (Ending) (High Pitched)
  • "Snow Beans" - (Lazlo and Lumpus on a chair lift) (Low Pitched)
  • "Beany Weenies" - (At the carnival)
  • "Beans In Toyland" - ("Plane!"; Clam playing with the toys)


Composed by Graham De Wilde

  • "The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain" - (Lumpus re-enacts the story)

Dixie (B)

Composed by Brian Gulland.

  • "The Battle of Pimpleback Mountain" - (Lazlo tells the truth)

Do the Hitchike

Composed by Syd Dale.

  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (The Bean Scouts keep playing)

Dogsbody 3

Composed by Keith Papworth

  • "Beans & Weenies" - (Raj's eyes fills up with mustard)
  • "Beans & Pranks" - (The Jelly Beans clean the kitchen)

Domestic Fun (A)

Composed by Ernest Tomlinson. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - ("Guys check this out!")

Double Act

Composed by Keith Mansfield

  • "Slugfest" - (Slinkman tells Lumpus about his condition)

Double Act [#73]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - ("Glad you could make it!")

Down In The Valley

Composed by Martyn Laight

  • "Parasitic Pal" - ("Raj, why can't anyone see that Raj and I belong together?")
  • "Lumpy Treasure" - (Raj stops digging) (High Pitched)
  • "Loogie Llama" - (Lazlo misses Spitty)
  • "Float Trippers" - (Raj is sad)
  • "Beans And Weenies" - (The Jelly Beans in the dumpster)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Lazlo at the dock)
  • "Sweet Dream Baby" - (The Jelly Beans go to Lumpus' cabin)
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (Lazlo sitting on tree stump)
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - (Clam lives on his own)


Composed by Van Phillips. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show and Rocko's Modern Life

  • "Snake Eyes" - ("It is his final night of guard duty...")

Drama Builds

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Lights Out" - (Lazlo slipping)
  • "Float Trippers" - (Lazlo, Raj and Clam dangle on a branch from the waterfall) (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Beans & Pranks" - ("You are going to pay for what you did to my face!")
  • "The Big Weigh In" - ("What am I gonna do?!")
  • "Radio Free Edward" - ("Come on hurry!")
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - ("I know what your favorite food is!")

Drama Link (B)

Composed by Hubert Clifford

  • "Snake Eyes" - (Lazlo screams)
  • "Marshmallow Jones" - (The Squrriel scouts run away from Raj)
  • "The Wig Of Why" - (Lazlo tells everyone his wig is fake)
  • "Meatman" - (Lazlo opens a jar of soybean eating locusts)
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - ("It could be anywhere!")
  • "The Big Weigh In" - ("Lardy" eats Lumpus)
  • "Where's Clam" - ("Clam turned INVISIBLE!")
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - ("Where could it have come from?!")
  • "Cheese Orbs" - ("Nina's here!")
  • "Cave Chatter" - (The Frozen Cave Bean revealed)
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - ("Mr. Slinkman! You're not thinking of going against the book?!")
  • "Baby Bean" - ("Where did he go?")
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - (The Rabbits foot is actually a bears paw)
  • "S Is For Crazy" - (Lumpus gets zapped) (Low Pitched)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - ("Excuse me Mr. Bear")


  • "Marooned Marons" - ("We're STRANDED!")

Drama Link (D)

Composed by Hubert Clifford

  • "Being Edward" - (Edward gasps)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - ("The Baby!!!!")
  • "Nursemaster" - (Raj removes the face wax from Nurse Leslie's face)
  • "Clown Camp" - (Lazlo shrieks)
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (Clam pulls off Milt's underwear)

Drama Link (E)

Composed by Hubert Clifford

  • "Dirt Nappers" - ("NOOOOOOO!")

Drama Link (G)

Composed by Hubert Clifford

  • "Camp Dinkey" - ("That speck of dirt just fell from the sky!")
  • "Clown Camp" - ("What was that?!")
  • "S Is For Crazy" - ("I'm coming Slinky!")


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Samson Screams)


  • "Outhouse On Haunted Hill" - ("Run for your life Chip!")

Drama Link (H)

Composed by Hubert Clifford

  • "Call Me Almondine" - (Almondine runs away into the woods)

Drama Link (L)

Composed by Hubert Clifford

  • "Sweet Dreams Baby" - ("I can't sleep!")

Dramatic - Play In

Composed by Walter Collins

  • "Beans Are From Mars" - (The Jelly Beans operate on the patient)
  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - ("It's beware the teeth of the deadly wood gnome!")

Dramatic Cue (A)

Composed by Ronald Hanmer

  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - ("That's Mr. Buns!")

Dramatic Cue (B)

Composed by Ronald Hanmer. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" - ("Great Holly! It's the plug to the Leaky Lake drain!")
  • "The Big Cheese" - (Lazlo grabs a toilet plunger)
  • "Hard Days Samson" - (Lazlo and Samson run towards the totem pole)
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (Raj boards up the hole in the wall)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (A Ball races towards Samson like a meteor)
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - (The Bear roars)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - (Edward gets the egg back from the cave)
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - (Lumpus runs away with his pie)
  • "The List" - (Edward hugs Gordon)
  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou" - (Clam calls for help)


  • "Hiccups" - ("LAZLO IT'S A BEAR!")

Dramatic Cue (C)

Composed by Ronald Hanmer

  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - ("Raj calm down it's okay!")
  • "Squirrel Seats" - (The Bus travels through the fantastical caverns)
  • "Camp Dinkey" - ("Slow down Rabbit!")


  • "The Eternal Flame" - ("Lazlo! No!")

Dramatic Cue (D)

Composed by Ronald Hanmer

  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - ("Our Totem Pole!")
  • "Clown Camp" - ("AHHH! GROSS!")

Dramatic Cue (E)

Composed by Ronald Hanmer

  • "Snake Eyes" - (Snakey eats Sargent Peanut's widow)
  • "Beans In Toyland" - (Ms. Mucus dangles off her trailer on a tree on the top of a huge cliff)
  • "Squirrel Seats" - (Raj panics)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Harold sees Lazlo getting chased by "Fluffy")
  • "Kamp Kringle" - (Santa falls backward)

Dramatic Cue (G)

Composed by Ronald Hanmer

  • "Float Trippers" - (Raj goes after his retainer)
  • "The Big Cheese" - (Lazlo tries to get the cheese wheel out of Lumpus)
  • "Where's Clam" - (Raj is chased)
  • "Friendward" - (Edward chases Wilbert)
  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou" - (Lazlo calls for help)

Dramatic Impact 1

Composed by Ivor Slaney

  • "Call Me Almondine" - (Almondine points a hair dryer to Miss Mucus)

Dramatic Impact 2

Composed by Ivor Slaney

  • "The Big Weigh In" - ("Lardy" eats Lazlo)
  • "The List" - (Lazlo gets trampled by llamas)

Dramatic Impact 3

Composed by Ivor Slaney

  • "Marshmallow Jones" - ("It's gone!")
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (Edward laughs) (High Pitched)

Dramatic Impact 5

Composed by Ivor Slaney

  • "Dirt Nappers" - ("Something horrible has happened!")

Dramatic Impact 6

Composed by Ivor Slaney

  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (Plays at the same time as Tympup A)
  • "Samson Needs A Hug" - ("Which one of you is the hugger?")

Dramatic Love Theme - Finale

Composed by Frederick Charrosin

  • "Where's Clam" - (Clam still looking for Raj)
  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - (A Hail storm begins)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - (Edward walks out, angrily)
  • "Clown Camp" - (The clowns say Lumpus' punishment; Lazlo goes to save Lumpus)

Dramatic Love Theme - Intro

Composed by Frederick Charrosin

  • "Marshmallow Jones" - (Lazlo and Clam go After Raj)
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - ("Stay right where you are!")
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - ("LAZLO! CLAM! ELEBUG IS MISSING!")
  • "Spacemates" - ("The universe was wrong!")
  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - ("Oh no the Squirrels!")
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - ("NOOOOOOOO!")
  • "Clown Camp" - (Raj jumps infront of Lazlo)
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (Milt panics)
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - ("The Penny is GONE!")


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - ("Oh the horror!")
  • "Kamp Kringle" - ("SANTA!")


Composed by Jack Trombey

  • "Beans In Toyland" - (Miss Mucus cooking)

Drum Parade - Yankee Doodle

Composed by Larry Hochman

  • "Tomato Paste" - (Commander Hoo-Ha smells Edward)
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - (Lazlo tells the other Bean Scouts that they have been challenged; "Alright then!")
  • "Are You the S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Samson comes out of his cabin)
  • "The Bean Tree" - (Lazlo asks Edward for a picture he gave to Lumpus for his birthday)
  • "Scoop of the Century" - ("Huddle!")
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - ("It is time to take the new Bean Scout vow!"; Slinkman continues to read; Edward has to read the rest of the handbook)
  • "Call Me Almondine" - (Snare drum)
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - (Lazlo built a marshmallow; "Now, we've got to decide what to do about Chip and Skip."; Lazlo explains his idea)
  • "Step Clam" - (Miss Doe spys on them)

Drum Roll Off A [#51]

Composed by Will Schaefer.

  • "Beany Weenies" - (The Bean Scouts gather around)
  • "Scoop of the Century" - ("Break!")

Drummed Up 2

Composed by Johnny Hawksworth

  • "No Beads, No Business" - (Chip and Skip get pizza)

Drunken Sailor (B)

Composed by Robin Jeffrey and Tim Laycock

  • "I've Never Bean In A Sub" - (Lazlo thinks about if he accepted to owning a sub)
  • "A Job Well Dung" - ("Alright you stinkbags, welcome to your new cabin")
  • "The List" - (Edward flosses Mort's teeth)
  • "Wedding Bell Blues" - ("Steer me towards the buffet!")

The Dudes

Composed by Jack Trombey

  • "Snake Eyes" - ("Thank goodness you have re-emerged.")
  • "Prickly Pinning Dinning" - (Chef McMuesli in Lumpus' cabin)
  • "Beans & Pranks" - ("Is what safe, Sir?")
  • "The Big Cheese" - ("I can’t take this anymore.")
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (The Pinto Beans are going to steal the air conditioner)
  • "Camp Samson" - ("Alright now, listen up!")
  • "Hard Days Samson" - (Edward wants to know why they are following Samson)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (The Jelly Beans leave)
  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - (The Squirrel Scouts in a boat)
  • "A Job Well Dung" - (Lumpus spies on Commander Hoo-Ha)
  • "Taking Care Of Gretchen" - (Samson in a bush)
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - ("I can't wait to see the look on Lazlo's face!")
  • "Camp Complain" - ("That is why we feel like nothing is getting resolved.")


Composed by Johnny Hawksworth.

  • "Beans & Weenies" - (Everyone tries their weenies)


Eastern Journey

Composed by Ronald Hanmer and Jack Beaver

  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (The Ninjutsu Kung-Fu Bok Choy Competition)

Editor's Falling Over (A)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - (More dirt falls)
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - (Nurse Leslie falls backward)
  • "Scoop Of The Century" - (Lumpus falls)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - (Edward falls off his bed)
  • "Nursemaster" - (Lumpus falls after getting sick)
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (The Cage is revealed) (Low Pitched)
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (They hit a wall) (High Pitched)
  • "Clown Camp" - (Lumpus falls after getting hit by a rake; A Train lands on Lumpus)
  • "The List" - (Chip and Skip push Lazlo off the bed; Chip and Skip push Lazlo off the bed)
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - (The bus lands in the lake)
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - (Lazlo gets hit with a volleyball; A slot machine drops in front of Samson)
  • "Wedding Bell Blues" - (Lumpus lets go of Miss Doe)
  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou" - (Edward shoots off)
  • "Peace Frog" - (The frog falls) (Low Pitched)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (The Raj and Clam decoys fall apart)


  • "Empty Nest"

Editor's Falling Over (B)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "No Beads, No Business" - (The store collapses) (High Pitched)
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (Lumpus swallows two eggs)
  • "Burpless Bean" - (Edward faints)
  • "Waiting For Edward" - (Slinkman's land impact)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (Everyone else's stairs fall apart)
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - (Raj trips)
  • "Taking Care Of Gretchen" - (Gretchen falls over)
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (Edward passes out)
  • "Never Bean On The Map" - (Lumpus throws Slinkman out the window)
  • "Harold And Raj" - (The Scoutmaster's cabin collapses)
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - (Samson bumps into the giant purple candy)
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (Lumpus breaks the cabin's wall)
  • "Friendward" - (Edward pops Samson's air bubble)
  • "Clown Camp" - (Clown nose falls off Raj) (High Pitched)
  • "The List" - (Edward trips Lazlo)
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - ("Sorry")
  • "Bad Luck Be a Camper Tonight" - (The horse falls)
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - (Ink spills on Lumpus' foot)


  • "Nudist Camp" -  (Lumpus trips on a chest) (High Pitched)
  • "Outhouse On Haunted Hill" - (Edward slips on a mud puddle)

Editor's Falling Over (C)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Samson gets hit with a hockey puck)
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Edward gets hit with a watermelon)
  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - (They crash into the wall)
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - (Samson races away to prickly pines)
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (Raj cannonballs into the mud)
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - (Lazlo gets tied up on tape)
  • "Step Clam" - (Plays when Nina gets hit by a tree)

Editor's Falling Over (D)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (Slinkman gets an idea)

Editor's Falling Over (F)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Prodigious Clamus" - (Lumpus falls down)
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (Plays at the same time as Link Y)
  • "Dead Bean Drop" - (Clam falls)
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (Lumpus falls)
  • "Waiting For Edward" - (Slinkman kicks Edward off him)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (Lazlo's stairs collapse)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (A ball approches Samson)
  • "Cave Chatter" - (Lazlo falls on the ground)
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - (Lumpus falls in the lake)
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - (The Marshmallow house falls apart)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (The totem pole falls over)
  • "Kamp Kringle" - (Santa hits the teahterball)

Editor's Falling Over (G)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Cheese Orbs" - (Patsy and Gretchen fall)
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (Slinkman falls over)
  • "The List" - (Edward flosses Samson out of Mort's teeth)

Editor's Horror (C)

Composed by Dick Walter.

  • "Beans in Toyland" - (The trailer falls off of a cliff)

Editor's Leaping (D)

Composed by Dick Walter.

  • "Step Clam" - (Clam uses Nina to reach his clothes)

Editor's Run Down (A)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou" - (Clam falls down; Edward shoots off)


  • "Kamp Kringle" - (A meteor lands on Lumpus)

Editor's Up And Down (A)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - (Lumpus quickly changes shoes)

Elephant March

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

  • "Racing Slicks" - (Slinkman wakes up)
  • "Lights Out" - (Lumpus says he "needs sleep")
  • "Swimming Buddy" - (The Jelly Beans dress up like Squirrel Scouts)
  • "Waiting for Edward" - (Chip and Skip realize that they could have cut themselves down)

The English Manor 29 (G)

Composed by Graham Preskett.

  • "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" - ("Slinkman, how did I ever get in charge of such derelicts?")
  • "Dosey Doe" - (Lumpus in his cabin)
  • "Loogie Llama" - ("Our what?")
  • "Beany Weenies" - (Commander Hoo-Ha still golfing)

English Tea Rooms

Composed by Johnny Hawksworth


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (At Beef Lumberjacks)

Epic Adventure (E)

Composed by Ron Goodwin

  • "Swimming Buddy" - (Raj is swimming)

Esta Noche (A)

Composed by Hans Ehrlinger

  • "The Weakest Link" - (In the Stinky Candle Cabin) (High Pitched)
  • "Tree Hugger" - (The Next Morning)
  • "Spacemates" - (Nina at a candlelit table)

Evil Alien Attack 1 [#14]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Lights Out" - ("Lumpus wants to blow up the moon!")
  • "Movie Night" - (Plays in "Mountain Zombies Of Scab Lagoon")
  • "Irreconcilable Dungferences" - (Chip freaks out)
  • "Hard Days Samson" - (The Squirrel Scouts grab Lazlo; The Squirrel Scouts come in from the back)
  • "Radio Free Edward" - (Chip and Skip hear Edward on the radio)

Evil Alien Attack 1 [#15]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Beans Are From Mars" - ("The Leader!")
  • "Hallobeanies" - (Lumpus gets struck by lightning)
  • "Meatman" - (Meatman is a monster)
  • "Love Sick" - ("LOVE SICK BEAN!") (Low Pitched)
  • "Burpless Bean" - (Lazlo reads the comic)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (Camp Kidneys dirt is gone)
  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - (Samson screams)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - (Nina screams; Patsy and Gretchen scream)
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (Lumpus gets an axe) (High Pitched)
  • Camp Dinkey" - (Gordon's bubble pops)
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (The Bean Scouts think that the pile of sleeping bags is a monster)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - ("Take Fluffy back!")

Evil Alien Attack 2 [#19]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - ("Then they'll drag you back to their little gnome home")
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - (An asteroid comes towards to Earth)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Samson sees the pillows outside next to the flagpole)
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - ("MAKE IT STOP!")
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - ("Swamp Monster!")

The Evil Twins Are Back

Composed by Gregor Narholz.

  • "Meatman" - (Lazlo as a wizard)

Exotique (A)

Composed by Paul Lenart and Bill Novick 

  • "Marshmallow Jones" - (Raj is lured into Acorn Flats)

Expectant Stab [#28]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "The Weakest Link" - (Raj realized that the map got burned)

Explorers 1

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

  • "The Wig of Why" - (Ms. Mucus jumps out of the lake)

Explorers 1 [#99.02]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "The Nothing Club" - (The Scouts set their boats off)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - (Patsy and Nina introduce their new friend)


Facing The Challenge

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Snake Eyes" - (Patsy rescues Lazlo)
  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou" - ("Raj, start this baby up.")

Fairy Dream (A)

Composed by Otto Sieben

  • "The Weakest Link" - (Lazlo, Raj and Clam sleep with big hairy mountain man)
  • "Handy Helper" - (Plays at the same time as Tympup A)
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (Lazlo, Raj and Clam go to sleep shivering) (Low Pitched)
  • "Baby Bean" - ("His daddy?")


Composed by John Porter

  • "Swimming Buddy" - (Opening; "Right here! Larva or Shark!"; "Are we almost done?")


Composed by Gregor Narholz.

  • "The Book of Slinkman" - (They open the book)


Composed by Robert Sharples. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Dead Bean Drop" - ("I'm gonna need that pit crew!")
  • "Sweet Dreams Baby" - (Lumpus appears looking like a marionette)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - ("I got some!")
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - (The Squirrel Scouts are about to show off the Bean Scouts' float) (High Pitched)
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - ("Hooray for Lazlo!")
  • "Cave Chatter" - ("And here he is!")
  • "The Engagement" - (Statue revealed) (Slowing down pitched)
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - ("With this!") (Slowing down pitched)

Fantasy Harp [#69.02]

Composed by Lee Jacobs.

  • "Lazlo Loves a Parade" - (The flyers float away)

Farm Follies

Composed by Wendie Colter

  • "Swimming Buddy" - (Lazlo and Clam try to meet Raj with water)
  • "Handy Helper" - (Lazlo cuts in line)
  • "Never Bean on a Map" - (The story of the meat bomb)

Fashion House

Composed by Peter Dennis

  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - (The Bean Scouts wear dresses)

Fashion On Parade

Composed by Ronald Hanmer

  • "Parent's Day" - ("Lumpy! You do remember!")
  • "Nursemaster" - (Patsy shows off the Scootcharounds)


Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Lazlo begs to the men not to destroy their totem pole)

Fatso 1

Composed by Alan Wilson

  • "Snake Eyes" - ("Psst! Chip!")
  • "Float Trippers" - ("What difference!?")
  • "Prickly Pinning Dinning" - ("We can't go in like this!")
  • "Beans & Weenies" - (Everybody's mad)
  • "Beans & Pranks" - (Lumpus looks at Slinkman)
  • "Meatman" - (Chef McMuesli gets meat on his apron)
  • "No Beads, No Business" - ("What are you so happy about?")
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (Lazlo knocks on the window)
  • "Dead Bean Drop" - (Lazlo knocks on the window)
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (Lumpus chokes on the eggs)
  • "Tomato Paste" - (Edward cheers up)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Edward laughs)
  • "Waiting For Edward" - (Edward leaves)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (The Bean Scouts climb up the only dirt that is left)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (High Pitched)
  • "Award to the Wise" - ("There he is!")
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - ("WHADDYA WANT?!")
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - ("Fine")
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Chip and Skip are dirty again) (Low Pitched)
  • "The List" - ("Thank you so much!"; "Alright! Alright!")
  • "Camp Complain" - ("Cabin Leaders?")
  • "Samson Needs A Hug"
  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou"


  • "Mail Dominance"
  • "Outhouse On Haunted Hill"

Fatso 2

Composed by Alan Wilson

  • "Lights Out" - (Clam needs a bedtime story)
  • "Swimming Buddy" - (Raj in the lake) (High Pitched)
  • "Prodigious Clamus" - ("Slinkman, how many scouts do we have?")
  • "The Nothing Club" - (Chip and Skip get away from Lazlo)
  • "The Wig Of Why" - ("That's him officer!") (Low Pitched)
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - ("I heard every word!")
  • "Beans And Weenies" - (Edward wants to eat one)
  • "Movie Night" - (Edward gets mad)
  • "Meatman" - (Chef McMuesli gets mad at the Jelly Beans)
  • "Parent's Day" - (Someone knocks on the door) (Low Pitched)
  • "Handy Helper" - (Lumpus gives up)
  • "Hello Dolly" -  ("Alright then!")
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - ("I'm the hottest camper in Kidney!")
  • "The Battle of Pimpleback Mountain" - ("What? There were no piggy backs in olden days!")
  • "I've Never Bean In A Sub" - (Raj vomits from eating an expired bean)
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - ("Nobody sleeps tonight!")
  • "Burpless Bean" - ("He'll be fine.")
  • "Snow Beans" - ("Why, Slinkman!?")
  • "Beany Weenies" - (Miss Mucus goes to Camp Kidney)
  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - ("YOU PEOPLE ARE MAKING MY HEAD EXPLODE!")
  • "Hard Days Samson" - (Lumpus looks for his nose hair trimmer)
  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - ("Where did this speck of dirt come from!?")
  • "Sweet Dreams Baby" - ("The bed bugs will not bite!")
  • "Temper Tee-Pee" - ("Fine!")
  • "Are You the S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Samson gets hit by a ball)
  • "Radio Free Edward" - ("Turn off that racket you're driving me crazy!")
  • "The Bean Tree" - (The Bean Scouts take Lumpus' stuff)
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Edward gets mad at Lazlo)
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - ("Oh, there you are, Lazlo.")
  • "Being Edward" - (Edward looking for the person who spoke) (Low Pitched)
  • "The Book of Slinkman" - (The Scouts upset)
  • "Harold & Raj" - (The marshmallow that Raj was eating was Edward)
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - (Lumpus looks in fridge)
  • "Dungs in Candyland" - ("Samson! What do you want!?")
  • "Tour Wars" - ("Everybody but me!")
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Raj had ear plugs)
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - ("You!")
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (Mr. Buns gets mad)
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - ("Pipe down in there!")
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - ("That's nice...")
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - (Clam wakes up Lazlo and Raj)
  • "S Is For Crazy" - ("What did ya call me?!")


  • "Tales From The Campfire"

Fear 2

Composed by Louis Clark

  • "Radio Free Edward" - (Edward turns off the lights)

Festival Polka

Composed by Alfred Ralston.

  • "Dirt Nappers" - (The Squirrel Scouts use the dirt for a spa)

Fife And Drum March

Composed by Larry Hochman 

  • "Sweet Dreams Baby" - (Lumpus asks the Jelly Beans if they have everything they need)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (The Scouts line up; Commander Hoo-Ha answers)

Festival Fanfare [#33.06]

Composed by Alfred Kluten

  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Raj and Clam built a sand castle)

Fight! Fight! Fight! (B)

Composed by Will Schaefer

  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - (Lazlo and Slinkman headbump each other)

Fight For Ol'Schaefer U

Composed by Will Schaefer

  • "Beans In Toyland" - (Miss Mucus gets pelted with toys)
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - (Miss Prickly Pines) (Low Pitched)
  • "Valentine's Day" - (Patsy hits the bean scouts; Credits Scene)
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - (The Bean Scouts act tough; End sting) (High Pitched)
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - ("A Football!")
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - (Credits Scene)
  • "Step Clam" - (The Wingnuts get pelted with watermelons)

Finger Of Fear

Composed by Fredric Bayco. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "The Engagement" - ("Well if I can't have her... He can't have her either!")

Finger Of Suspicion 2

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "The Weakest Link" - ("Dave can't start fire!")
  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - (Lazlo worries about what everyone said to him)
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (Lumpus tells everyone he wants them to catch a snipe)
  • "The Big Weigh In" - ("You psychotic salad spinner!!!!")
  • "Beans In Toyland" - ("What the monkey boy's really saying is...")
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (A bug flies into the cabin and crawls up Raj's trunk)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - ("My turn to be pushy!")
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - ("They changed themselves into giant pieces of candy...and with MY chemistry set!")
  • "Call Me Almondine" - ("That desperate bird is me") (High Pitched)


  • "Outhouse On Haunted Hill" - (Edward tells Chip and Skip about the outhouse)


Composed by Vic Flick and John Edmed 

  • "Being Edward" - ("WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY BUNK?!")

Flight In Panic 1

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Snake Eyes" - (Patsy and Lazlo run away; Patsy reveals the truth)
  • "Hallobeanies" - ("He's coming after us!"; "Let me out!")
  • "Hard Days Samson" - (Lazlo, Raj, Clam, and Samson board up the entrance to the Jelly cabin)
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - (Samson runs away from Skip and Chip)
  • "Camp Dinkey" - (Nurse Leslie freezes Gordon)

Flight of the Bumblebee

Composed by Nikolai Korsakov.

  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (Bugs everywhere)

Flitter Flatter

Composed by Cedric Palmer

  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (Lumpus and the Jelly Beans drive in a cab)

Flop And Go (A)

Composed by John Fox

  • "Loogie Llama" - (Ending)
  • "Miss Fru Fru" - (Gretchen chases Patsy and Nina)
  • "Snow Beans" - (Lumpus gets back up on the lift)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (The bean scouts get knocked out by the balls)
  • "Radio Free Edward" - (The Raj Show)
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Edward looks for his stamp)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - (Patsy presses the wrong button) (High Pitched)
  • "Being Edward" - ("Clam loves gooseberry bushes!") (Low Pitched)
  • "Cave Chatter" - (Clam uses Lazlo to thaw out the Cave Bean)
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Jane goes insane)
  • "Clown Camp" -  (Lazlo winds up the tiny car) (High Pitched)
  • "The Engagement" - (Jane hits Pothole with her purse)
  • "S Is For Crazy" - (Montage of Lumpus and Samson doing crazy things/Lumpus kicks Samson out)

Flute Link (C)

Composed by Richard Myhill

  • "Dosey Doe" - (A dove appears)
  • "Loogie Llama" - (Plays at the same time as Glissando G and Flute Link E)
  • "No Beads, No Business" - (Plays at the same time as Flute Link E and Glissando G)
  • "Club Kidney Ki" - (Plays at the same time as Glissando G and Flute Link E)
  • "Handy Helper" - (Plays at the same time as Flute Link E and Glissando G)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - (Plays at the same time as Glissando G and Flute Link E)
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Slinkman's office has flowers everywhere)
  • "Award To The Wise" - (Plays at the same time as Glissando G, Flute Link E and Harp Gliss 1)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - (The next morning)

Flute Link (D)

Composed by Richard Myhill

  • "Dosey Doe" - (Plays at the same time as Flute Link C)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - (Plays at the same time as Flute Link C)

Flute Link (E)

Composed by Richard Myhill

  • "Loogie Llama" - (Plays at the same time as Glissando G and Flute Link C)
  • "No Beads, No Business" - (Plays at the same time as Flute Link C and Glissando G)
  • "Club Kidney Ki" - (Plays at the same time as Glissando G and Flute Link C)
  • "Handy Helper" - (Plays at the same time as Flute Link E and Glissando G)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - (Plays at the same time as Glissando G and Flute Link C)
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Plays at the same time as Flute Link C and Harp Gliss 1)
  • "Award To The Wise" - (Plays at the same time as Glissando G, Flute Link C and Harp Gliss 1)

Folli The Foal

Composed by Andrew Fenner

  • "Meatman" - (Lazlo, Raj and Clam play with their meat)

Footsteps Of Horror [#11]

Composed by William Farran

  • "Marshmallow Jones" - (Patsy tells a scary story)

Footsteps Of Horror [#11.2]

Composed by William Farran

  • "Hallobeanies" - (Lumpus in the dark; Lumpus sees the bear statue move)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - (Raj stares nervously at Harold's tusks)
  • "Radio Free Edward" - (Gordon dashes out of the radio station)
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - (An Alien zaps Samson)

Forward March! 59

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Movie Night" - (They get seperated)
  • "Tomato Paste" - (Edward is back to being a Bean Scout)
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - (Chip and Skip look for the penny)

For He's A Jolly Good Fellow

Composed by Harry Bluestone

  • "Movie Night" - ("Congratulations, Edward!")
  • "Dead Bean Drop" - (Slinkman prepares to jump)
  • "Cave Chatter" - ("Welcome to the Future!")
  • "The List" - ("Thank you Edward!")


  • "The Eternal Flame"

Frankenstein's Niece (A)

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Marshmallow Jones" - (Raj covered in melted marshmallows appears behind Patsy as she reads the scary story)
  • "Movie Night" - (Also plays in "Mountain Zombies Of Scab Lagoon")
  • "Hallobeanies" - (Lumpus gets locked out of his cabin)
  • "Meatman" - ("Now where was I?")
  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - (A Vulture is seen digging up a grave)
  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - (The Aliens torture Samson; The Aliens let Samson go)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - (The Aliens angrily leave)
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (Everyone panics; Slinkman sees the campers running)
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - (Dave appears dressed as Frankenstein's Monster)
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - (Samson falls)


  • "Outhouse On Haunted Hill" - (Edward thinks Samson is the Muddy Muck Monster)

Frankenstein's Niece (B)

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" - ("Anything?")

Fresh As A Daisy

Composed by George French

  • "Boxing Edward" - (All the bean scouts get mailed out of camp) (Low/Normal Pitched)

Friendly Ghosts

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Hallobeanies" - ("The curse of the Halloween Spirit!"; Lumpus comes in)

Friends And Neighbours

Composed by Alan Hawkshaw

  • "Dungs In Candyland" - (Montage of the Bean Scouts doing things for Samson for candy)
  • "Friendward" - (Montage of Edward and Wilbert having fun together; Wilbert hangs out with his new friend)

Fright Night

Composed by John Dwyer and Ronald Mendelsohn

  • "Racing Slicks" - (The bean scouts try to resist singing)
  • "Swimming Buddy" - (Raj is too scared to swim)
  • "Meatman" - (Mcmueslil loses his temper)
  • "Handy Helper" - (Lumpus is about to leave)
  • "The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain" - ("Careful!")
  • "I've Never Bean In A Sub" - ("You can do it, Lazlo!")
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (Lumpus fools the Bean Scouts)
  • "Camp Samson" - ("So, nobody notices Samson. Huh?")
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - ("It's gone!")
  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (Miss Doe is about to eat the sandwich)
  • "The Big Weigh In" - ("Surprise!")
  • "Hard Days Samson" - (Nina get shocked)
  • "Squirrel Seats" - (The geyser erupts) (Low Pitched)
  • "Sweet Dreams Baby" - ("Goggles on!")
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - (Everyone sees what it is)
  • "A Job Well Dung" - (Slinkman in a pile of dirt)
  • "Taking Care Of Gretchen" - (Scouts in the hospital)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - (The Aliens lose their patience)
  • "Never Bean On The Map" - (Lazlo shoves the last piece of meat in Lumpus' mouth)
  • "Nursemaster" - (Samson sneezes)
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud” - ("I think that Samson, doesn’t even know Presto!")
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - (Lumpus growls)
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - ("Look at Lumpus!") (Normal/High Pitched)

From The Dead

Composed by Ronald Hanmer

  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - ("It Talks!")
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (Slinkman runs to the safety of his cabin)
  • "Camp Complain" - ("Worst job ever!")
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - (The Angry Mob chases after Lumpus)

Full Of Beans

Composed by Robert Schreier

  • "Dosey Doe" - (Record music; Keeps playing back at the Mess Hall)

Fully Fashioned

Composed by George French. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Snow Beans" - (Lumpus tries to woo Miss Doe)
  • "Wedding Bell Blues" - (Lumpus presents to Jane her wedding ring)

Fun and Fantasy

Composed by Dieter Reith.

  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (Miss Doe can't see Lumpus)

Funeral March (B)

Composed by Richard Myhill

  • "The Weakest Link" - ("Failure is not an option?")
  • "Beany Weenies"

Funeral March

Composed by Frederic Chopin.

  • "Beany Weenies" - ("Oh, hi, Miss Mucus.")
  • "Scoop of the Century" - (The Bean Scouts are sad)

Funfares 6

Composed by Johnny Hawksworth.

  • "Swimming Buddy" - (The diving board is shown)

Funiculi' Funicula'

Composed by Mario Rusca and Luigi Denza.

  • "Clown Camp" - (Biscotti gives Lumpus a pie)

Funny Face

Composed by Jack Trombey

  • "Tomato Paste - (Commander Hoo-Ha laughs) (High Pitched)
  • "Tour Wars" - (Lazlo assigns jobs to Clam and Raj)

Funny Little Man

Composed by Wyn Henry

  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Jane goes shopping with Chip and Skip)

Funny Walks

Composed by Johnny Pearson

  • "Beans Are From Mars" - (Nina takes the flashlight)
  • "Snake Eyes" - ("So, if my calculations are correct...")
  • "Prodigious Clamus" - ("Ooh! Look! A puzzle!")
  • "The Nothing Club" - (The Scouts taking shower; "... and another thing we don't have is a professional bathroom attendant."; Edward gets out of the shower)
  • "The Wig Of Why" - (Lazlo goes to Lumpus' cabin)
  • "Slugfest" - (Lazlo and Slinkman roleplay)
  • "Beans & Pranks" - (Lazlo thanks Lumpus; "Yes, I was.")
  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - ("Oh, I'm sorry.")
  • "No Beads, No Business" - (Lazlo and Raj get therapy from Clam)
  • "Miss Fru Fru" - (Gretchen practices public speaking)
  • "Club Kidney-Ki" - (Lumpus gives Slinkman the list of chores)
  • "Love Sick" - (Patsy and Nina come by)
  • "Hello Dolly" - (Lazlo looks for Edward's doll)
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (Edward goes back)
  • "Snow Beans" - (Lumpus approaches Miss Doe again)
  • "Camp Samson" - ("Hey campers. Sorry about the trap door.")
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - ("Hey! Where are we supposed to eat our meals?")
  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - ("See, Slinkman?")
  • "Waiting For Edward" - (Chip and Skip hear Slinkman on the speakers)
  • "Where's Clam" - (Raj thinks Clam is in the pile of logs; "Okay. Where is he?")
  • "Squirrel Seats" - (It didn't erupt)
  • "Sweet Dreams Baby" - (Lazlo needs a glass of water)
  • "Spacemates" - (The letters is slipped under their door)
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - ("Hey. This isn't garbage.")
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Samson has a pillow on his head; Samson didn't get hurt)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - (Raj takes out a quarter)
  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - (The door is locked)
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - ("Did you hear that?"; Nurse Leslie gets a bandage; "Nurse Leslie, I got a blister."; Raj's pancreas hurts; "I drank some of the lake!"; Nurse's legs get tangled)
  • "Valentine's Day" - (Commander Hoo-Ha's daughter is Patsy)
  • "Taking Care Of Gretchen" - (Lazlo is annoyed)
  • "Boxing Edward" - ("So that's the deal.")
  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - (Harold has a tentacle)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - (Nina invites the aliens in; "Well why didn't you say so?"; Nina does not care about it)
  • "Being Edward" - ("You're worshipping a weed, people!")
  • "Award To The Wise" - (Lazlo explains happiness)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - ("You're not a platypus!")
  • "Harold And Raj" - (Harold tries to tell a story)
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - ("What? I did your tasks!"; "Alright, so what? You had your fun!")
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - (Chip and Skip in the garbage)
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (Raj makes a weird sound)
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (Edward makes fun of him too)
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (The Scouts aren't scared; They are still not scared; Lumpus gives the legs back)
  • "Friendward" - (The audience is confused: "Uh, Edward, it's not "French Ship", it's "friendship."; "Oh, friend!")
  • "Clown Camp" - (Biscotti implies to Lumpus that he should hit his face with the pie; Lumpus finds the Jelly Beans)
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - ("Hello? Hello?"; Bee Sting speaks to it; The campers can't hear Slinkman)
  • "The List" - (Edward doesn't have a present)
  • "Camp Complain" - (The Bean Scouts are confused)
  • "The Engagement" - ("Oh, I am so excited!")
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - (Skip finds a penny)
  • "Baby Bean" - (Samson delivers Raj's Package)
  • "Step Clam" - (Raj swats at a mosquito)
  • "S Is For Crazy" - (Lumpus bribes Edward to touch the Jellyfish)
  • "Wedding Bell Blues" - ("Sir what's the meaning of this?")
  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou"
  • "Peace Frog" - (Normal/High Pitched)


  • "Empty Nest"
  • "Survival Of The Lamest" - ("Where'd ya get that?") (Low Pitched)

Furtive Footsteps

Composed by Paddy Kingsland

  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Lazlo leaves after pulling a pine cone out of a bear's nose)


Gala Premiere

Composed by Laurie Johnson

  • "Prodigious Clamus" - ("This is my ticket outta here!")

Games Played In The Dark

Composed by Richard Harvey. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Beans Are From Mars" - (The Squirrel Scouts interagate Lazlo, Raj and Clam)
  • "Snake Eyes" - ("Great Holly, they are dropping like flies!")
  • "Lumpy Treasure" - (Lazlo tells his story)
  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - ("Edward is pantsing everyone!")
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (Slinkman and Raj try to speak to the coffee table)
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - ("Look at em. All cozy in their bags")

The Gang's Arrived

Composed by Edrich Siebert.

  • "The Wig of Why" - ("Madam Lazlo!")
  • "Hello Dolly" - (Everyone cheers)
  • "Award to the Wise" - (Lazlo evened out how many awards everyone got)

Glissando (G)

Composed by Skaila Kanga and Richard Myhill

  • "Loogie Llama" - ("I love you!")
  • "No Beads, No Business" - ("A flower?")
  • "Parent's Day" - ("I love you too, Slinkman!")
  • "Club Kidney-Ki" - (The next morning)
  • "Handy Helper" - (Shot of butterflies)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - ("Right before our very eyes!")
  • "Award To The Wise" - ("So pretty!")
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - (Harp sting)

Glissando (H)

Composed by Skaila Kanga and Richard Myhill

  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (Laundry falls)
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - (The candy is shredded)
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Raj's head explodes)
  • "Wedding Bell Blues"

Glory of the Trumpets

Composed by Isaac Jenkins and J. O. Bronshire.

  • "Award to the Wise" - (Edward is given a second award; Lazlo gives Bee Sting a second award)

Glory Road

Composed by Sam Fonteyn

  • "It's No Picnic" - ("FIRE!"; Squirrel scouts shoot a watermelon into Beans' boat)
  • "Meatman" - (Lazlo pretends Meatman is a pilot)
  • "The Bean Tree" - ("Scoutmaster Lazlo reporting for duty!")

Go East (B)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - (One of the aliens folds a paper bird)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - (A dragon flies by)

Goodbye Rodney

Composed by Peter Winslow

  • "Snake Eyes" - (Lazlo cries when he thinks "Snakey" ate Raj)
  • "Lumpy Treasure" - (Raj is forced to dig for the treasure)
  • "Slugfest" - ("Slinkman, is that you?")
  • "The Big Cheese" - ("Oh I'm so depressed")
  • "Tomato Paste" - ("I don't wanna be a Tomato Scout!")
  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - ("I don't want to be boiled to the bone!")
  • "The Big Weigh In" - ("It's no use kid, we're goners")
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - ("How am I suppose to GET TO THE STORE?!")
  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - ("That's it, I'm through!")
  • "Harold And Raj" - (Harold Cries)
  • "Clown Camp" - (Lumpus tied up to target board)
  • "The Engagement" - (Lumpus cries)
  • "Step Clam" - (Nina cries into the woods; Nina runs away)
  • "Samson Needs A Hug" - ("Why am I so lonely?!")
  • "Wedding Bell Blues" - (Jane cries) (High Pitched)


Composed by Johnny Pearson. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - ("I have completely bug-proofed everything!")

Great Idea Patrick

Composed by Nicolas Carr

  • "Penny For Your Dung" - (Lazlo gets an idea)

Great Moments

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Loogie Llama" - ("Spitty" calls out to Lazlo)
  • "Slugfest" - (Slinkman allows Lumpus to come to the Slugfest) (High Pitched)
  • "Hallobeanies" - (Ending)
  • "Handy Helper" - ("You helped Lazlo!")
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - ("This is a historic moment!")
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - (One guy claps)
  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - (The Squirrel Scouts cheer for Slinkman)
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - ("Perfect...")
  • "The Engagement" - (Miss Doe says she is engaged)
  • "Wedding Bell Blues" - ("Get in there and tell her in person!")


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Lazlo returns and "Fluffy" leaves Camp Kidney)

The Great White

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" - (The Lake Monster appears)

Greatest Challenge

Composed by Jon Christian

  • "Swimming Buddy" - (Raj runs toward the lake in slow motion)
  • "Miss Fru Fru" - (Nina attempts to fly)

Green Valleys 

Composed by Frank Mizen and Christopher Norton.

  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (Everyone agrees to share it)
  • "The Big Weigh In" - (The eggs hatch)


Composed by Skaila Kanga 

  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Lazlo picks a flower for the mermaid)

Grimly Fiendish

Composed by Pete Thomas

  • "Hallobeanies" - (The Jelly Cabin trick or treat over and over at Lumpus' Cabin; Credits Scene)

Guitar Tango

Composed by Bert Weedon

  • "Beans & Pranks" - (The Jelly Beans showed what they did to "the big moose")
  • "Cave Chatter" - (Slinkman comes in)
  • "The List" - (Edward Visits Lazlo)
  • "The Engagement" - (Credits Scene)

The Gunfighter

Composed by Franco Micalizzi & Roberto Predagio

  • "Loogie Llama" - (They get to Acorn Flats) (High Pitched)
  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - ("I'm not hiding from Edward anymore!")
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (Lazlo and jelly cabin finish the laundry)
  • "Temper Tee-Pee" - ("You stole my happy...") (High Pitched)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - ("You're not going anywhere pillow boy!")
  • "Harold And Raj" - ("You can't talk to my friends like that!")
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - (Clam roars at Lumpus; Lumpus sees Clam)
  • "Peace Frog" - ("It's all good")


Hail To The Chief

Composed by Graham De Wilde. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Handy Helper" - ("Ah Grand Legume")
  • "Sweet Dreams Baby" - (Lumpus will give the speech; The Legumes cheer)
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - (Edward is shown dressed as George Washington)
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - (Samson's janitor is shown)

Hall of Fame

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (The gate opens)

Hammond Tag 17

Composed by Dieter Reith.

  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (Lazlo winks at Raj)

Happy and Gay

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Miss Doe plays with Chip and Skip)


Composed by Laurie Johnson

  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - (Credits Scene)

Happy Rainbows

Composed by Alan Hawkshaw.

  • "Camp Dinkey" - (Chip and Skip ride in a carriage)

Happy Times

Composed by Keith Papworth

  • "Beans And Weenies" - ("Being hot dog kings is harder then I thought")
  • "Miss Fru Fru" - ("I feel kind of bad for Miss Doe.")
  • "Handy Helper" - (Slinkman is about to call Commander Hoo-Ha)
  • "Dead Bean Drop" - (Lumpus rewinds the tape)
  • "I've Never Bean In A Sub" - (Lazlo sells beans to a can)
  • "Beany Weenies" - ("How they doin', Slugman?")
  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - (Edward begs for help)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Edward is upset)
  • "Waiting For Edward" - (Edward begins to feel lonely and bored)
  • "Spacemates" - (Nina cries)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Samson mentions S.M.I.T.S to Lazlo)
  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - ("Sir, it's no use.")
  • "The Bean Tree" - (Lazlo leaves Lumpus a present)
  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - ("Aw, nurts.")
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (Edward and Lazlo ride a boat on Leakey Lake)
  • "Award To The Wise" - (Samson crying)
  • "Cave Chatter" - (Samson is upset)
  • "Never Bean On The Map" - (Jelly cabin tells Larson they don't have money)
  • "Nursemaster" - (Nurse Leslie leaves Camp Kidney)
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - ("That's it! We're doomed!")
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (Lazlo goes to bed)
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (Everyone laughs at Samson)
  • "The List" - (Slinkman says Edward should apologize to Lazlo)
  • "The Engagement" - (Lumpus gets a call; Lumpus drain out his tears)

Happy Tuba

Composed by Richard Myhill

  • "Dosey Doe" - (The Squirrel Scouts tied up Raj and Clam) (Low Pitched)
  • "Slugfest" - ("Slinkman, if there's anyone around here that has proved his loyalty, it's you!")
  • "Beans & Pranks" - ("Boris" shows jelly cabin prank gadgets)
  • "Handy Helper" - ("Hey! Not bad!")
  • "Mascot Madness" - (Lumpus arrives)
  • "The Big Weigh In" - ("So did you like it?")
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - ("Wait what? Hooray for Lazlo?!")
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - ("There ya happy? My favorite food.")
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - ("Hey now how are we gonna tell who's is who's?")
  • "Clown Camp" - ("Excellent! It got funnier!")
  • "The Engagement" - (Jane calls Lumpus)

Happy Tune

Composed by Dieter Reith

  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (Organ music; Raj starts reading the script)

Harlem Affair

Composed by Alan Parker

  • "Meatman" - (Chef McMuesli acts like a ninja)

Harp Gliss 1 [#20.03]

Composed by Otto Sieben.

  • "Prickly Pining Dining" - (Flashback)
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Slinkman's office has flowers everywhere) (Plays at the same time as Flute Link C and E)
  • "Award to the Wise" - (Plays at the same time as Glissando G, Flute Link E and C)

Harp Gliss 1 [#20.04]

Composed by Otto Sieben.

  • "Prickly Pining Dining" - (After the building explodes)

Haunted House

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Hallobeanies" - (Lumpus hears a knock on the door)
  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - (The Bean scouts tell scary stories; Creatures appear in the bushes)
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (The Dust floats in mid-air; The table shakes them)


  • "Tales From The Campfire" - (Lazlo tells his scary story)

Hawaiian Beach

Composed by Peter Dennis

  • "Club Kidney-Ki" - ("Good morning Slinkman!"; Ending

Hawaiian Beauty

Composed by Lionel Wendling

  • "Kamp Kringle"

Hawaiian Calypso

Composed by Jo Wetter 

  • "Club Kidney-Ki" - ("It says Club Kidney-Ki!")

Hawaiian Farewell

Composed by Harry Bluestone.

  • "Cave Chatter" - (The Jelly Beans feel very hot)

Hawaiian Flower

Composed by Jon Jelmer

  • "Meatman" - (Flashback of Mcmuesli's soybean garden incident)

Hawaiian Link (A)

Composed by Richard Myhill

  • "Prodigious Clamus" - (One of Clam's fans is shown)
  • "Club Kidney-Ki" - (Slinkman's Hawaiian Flyer; Lumpus screams and falls into the water) (High Pitched/Low Pitched)

Hawaiian Party

Composed by Peter Dennis

  • "Miss Fru Fru" - (Swimsuit competition)

Heading Home

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Where's Clam" - (Raj struggling to carry his pile of wood)
  • "A Job Well Dung" - (Commander Hoo-Ha sleeping)

Heavenly Voices (B)

Composed by David Farnon

  • Doesy Doe - (¨Shes been looking for me?)
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (The Air Conditioner is shown)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (Samson's shoulder angel appears)

Hello Sailor (B)

Composed by Richard Myhill

  • "Slugfest" - (Lumpus building a ship in a bottle)

Here Endeth The Session

Composed by Paul Gerard

  • "Movie Night" - (Ending)

The Heroes Of Mull

Composed by Jim McClean

  • "Cheese Orbs" - (The Loch Ness Monster is their new friend now)

Hero V. The Villain

Composed by Johnny Pearson

  • "The Big Weigh In" - (Raj and Clam scream)
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - (Nurse Leslie tries to crawl away)

Heroes Of The West

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Hard Days Samson" - (Opening)
  • "Where's Clam" - (Clam gathers more logs)
  • "Nursemaster" - ("Say ah...")


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Edward tells more of his story/"Everything alright in there?")

Heroes Win 60

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Mascot Madness" - ("Save the Duke of Lice!")
  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - (Edward decides to fight the "gnomes" back)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Patsy rescues Clam)
  • "Scoop Of The Century" - ("Scooter" saves Ted's floaty)
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - ("Come on boys pull!")

Hey, Hot Lips (A)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Prickly Pinning Dinning" - (Lumpus and Slinkman disguise as women; The Host waves at Lumpus)

Hickory Dickory Dock (B)

Composed by Richard Harvey and Brian Gulland.

  • "Movie Night" - (Lazlo and Raj as babies; Baby Raj falls over)

Hide And Seek

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Float Trippers" - (The Jelly Beans ride along a different river)
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - (Samson is about to jump in the stinkweed)
  • "Slugfest" - ("Yes, Sir?")
  • "Beans And Weenies" - (Edward tries the hot dog)
  • "Meatman" - (The Jelly Beans are still playing; The Jelly Beans play tennis)
  • "No Beads, No Business" - (Plays at the same time as Comic Capers 5)
  • "Love Sick" - (Lazlo gives Clam the soup)
  • "Hello Dolly" - (Lazlo comes back without the doll)
  • "Dead Bean Drop" - (Jelly Beans search for Slinkman’s time capsule)
  • "I've Never Bean In A Sub" - ("Don't stack that bean!")
  • "Slap Happy" - (Lumpus smiles nervously) (Low Pitched)
  • "Mascot Madness" - ("I'm not letting him do this. You guys won fair and square.")
  • "Camp Samson" - (Samson looks for his hygienic products)
  • "Hot Spring Fever" - (Samson comes out)
  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (The rope moves)
  • "Hard Days Samson" - (Edward watching them)
  • "Beans In Toyland" - ("Uh Oh")
  • "Where's Clam" - (Clam is gone; "Okay. So Clam is invisible?") (Low Pitched)
  • "Squirrel Seats" - (The Squirrel Scouts go to the bus)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - ("What did you say?!")
  • "Temper Tee-Pee" - ("Loser")
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - (The Mayor gets suspicious about it)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Samson wonders who threw it)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - (Raj bites into Skip's corn)
  • "Valentine's Day" - ("Which one is it!?")
  • "Taking Care Of Gretchen" - ("That's terrible")
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Edward explodes in rage)
  • "Being Edward" - (Clam mimics Edward)
  • "Award To The Wise" - ("HOW DID YOU GET TWO!?")
  • "Cave Chatter" - ("Hi my name is Lazlo")
  • "Ed's Benedict" - ("What happened last night?")
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - (Slinkman sees Lumpus has the pie; Lumpus confesses; Lumpus gets some food from Slinkman's side of the fridge)
  • "Nursemaster" - (Nurse Leslie visits Lumpus)
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - ("What is this stuff?")
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (Edward has mail)
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (Raj and Slinkman are not friends anymore)
  • "Friendward" - (Edward thinks Wilbert is joking with him)
  • "Camp Dinkey" - ("This camp's filthy!")
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - ("Hey! Why did you do that?!")
  • "The List" - ("You call that hurt? I'll show you what hurts!")
  • "Camp Complain" - ("We're expecting some complaints. Right guys?")
  • "The Engagement" - (Jane gets angry at Pothole)
  • "Baby Bean" - ("Okay maybe it's not so funny.")
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - (Samson realizes what is going on)
  • "Step Clam" - (Nina hesitates to speak)
  • "S Is For Crazy" - (Lumpus brings Samson with a paper bag on his head)
  • "Peace Frog"


  • "Where's Lazlo?" (Normal/High Pitched)


  • "Laid Off Lumpus"

Hillbilly Chicken

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Prodigious Clamus" - (Everyone starts painting)
  • "Float Trippers" - ("Oar fight!")
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - ("Food fight!")
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - (The Log Rolling float)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - (Slinkman gets startled.)
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - (Lazlo and Raj play with Nurse Leslie's broken legs)
  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - (The old-timey fiddle music; The fiddle music plays)
  • "Peace Frog" - (Lumpus lets all the frogs loose)

Hip to the Beat

Composed by Johnny Hawksworth.

  • "Scoop of the Century" - ("Yeah! Can you dig it, Ping Pong?")

Hit And Run

Composed by Ralph Dollimore. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "The List" - (Gordon runs away from Edward)

Hit The Lights

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Miss Fru Fru" - (Almondine announces the "Miss Phru Phru Pageant")
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - (Chip and Skip dance; Everyone gets grossed out by Chip and Skip)

Hitting the Trail

Composed by Larry Hochman

  • "Never Bean On The Map" - (Lumpus sticks his tongue out; They get their meat; "Meat!")
  • "Peace Frog"

Historical Fanfare [#32.02]

Composed by Gerhard Narholz

  • "Mascot Madness" - (At Madison Squirrel Gardens)

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Snake Eyes" - ("Hi, guys!")
  • "Dosey Doe" - (Lumpus tells everyone to get to work)
  • "The Nothing Club" - ("Restrooms are open to the public!")
  • "Prickly Pining Dining" - ("What are those scamps up to?")
  • "Beans & Pranks" - (Lumpus introduces "Boris" to jelly cabin)
  • "Movie Night" -  (Lumpus shows up)
  • "Burpless Bean" - (Next contestant)
  • "Snow Beans" - (Slinkman says that the Scouts will be divided; "You are getting to be a nuisance!")
  • "Hot Spring Fever" - (The Scouts don't care about their secrets)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Lazlo demands to get in)
  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - ("It won't be a lie when she sees me in the lead role.")
  • "Waiting For Edward - (Edward plays checkers with Harold)
  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - ("We already covered this!")
  • "Dirt Nappers" - ("Hey, Samson. What happened to our camp?")
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - (They stop building it)
  • "Scoop Of The Century" - (Lumpus wants the newspaper)
  • "Hold In Lazlo" - (Raj falls down on purpose)
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - (The volcano tells Lumpus what to do)
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (Lumpus shows why he hates Camp Kidney)
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (Slinkman gets slime on the table)
  • "Baby Bean" - (Lumpus tries to make Raj stop crying) (High Pitched)
  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou"


  • "Empty Nest"


Composed by Werner Brueggemann 

  • "Friendward" - (Edward talks to Dave and Ping Pong)

Holiday Playtime

Composed by Cedric Palmer

  • "Lights Out" - (Lumpus' flashback)
  • "Parent's Day" - ("Lumpus' dad" plays catch with Lumpus; Credits Scene)
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - (Samson's chemistry set is introduced)
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (A beaver comes home from work; "Harry! There's something blocking the door!") (High Pitched)

Hollywood Christmas

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Kamp Kringle"

Hollywood Glitz

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Prodigious Clamus" - (Lumpus puts on a show)
  • "Clam the Outlaw" - (A movie night poster is shown)

Hollywood Heyday

Composed by Gareth Hughes

  • "Radio Free Edward" - ("Okay make it snappy guys")
  • "Award To The Wise" - (Dave photographs Edward with his award)

Holy Grail

Composed by Larry Hochman

  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (The Big Bean emerges from the lake)

The Holy Land

Composed by  David Farnon.

  • "The Book of Slinkman" - (Choir)

Home Comes the Hero

Composed by Alec Gould.

  • "The Battle of Pimpleback Mountain" - (The Jelly Beans go inside the tent)
  • "Award to the Wise" - (Lumpus' speech)

Home For Tea

Composed by Harry Bluestone

  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (Raj comes back to camp, surrounded by bugs; "Those poor unenlightened unfortunates.")
  • "A Job Well Dung" - (Chip and Skip work at the mess hall)

Home on the Range

Composed by harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Fluffy at the Mess Hall; Raj and Clam make it to the Mess Hall)

Home on the Range

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - (The Squirrel Scouts feel remorse)

Home on the Range

Composed by Saul Broudy and Zan Mc Leod.

  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - (Samson crying)

Hopping Along

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Racing Slicks" - ("Woohoo! Five dollars!")
  • "Loogie Llama" - (Lazlo says that they have a unicorn)
  • "The Wig Of Why" - ("... and I’m not gonna let anyone read it until tomorrow.")
  • "Beans & Pranks" - (Slinkman says they should pull a prank on Lumpus)
  • "Parent's Day" - (Slinkman announces the winners of the Parent's Day Relay Race)
  • "Hello Dolly" - (Lazlo comes)
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - ("There's nothing to be afraid of!")
  • "Beany Weenies" - ("Nice shot, Sir.")
  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - (Opening)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (The security doesn't let them in)
  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - (Opening)
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - ("Bye, Raj! Have a great time with your bug!")
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (Samson empties it)
  • "Temper Tee-Pee" - (Chef McMuesli talking to Edward)
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - (Interview with the new Mayor of Prickly Pines; Scoutmaster Wesley sees the new Mayor)
  • "A Job Well Dung" - (Skip in Hoo's bed)
  • "The Bean Tree" - (Dave and Ping Pong have a bed) (High Pitched)
  • "Being Edward" - (The Scouts have dinner for breakfast)
  • "Lumpus Vs. the Volcano" - (Lumpus has had enough)
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (Lazlo reads what Samson wrote)
  • "Friendward" - (Edward looks in the dictionary)
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Edward smells for Chip and Skip)
  • "Camp Complain" - ("Not many complaints today, huh?")
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - (Samson at the Mess Hall)
  • "Peace Frog"


  • "Where's Lazlo?"

Horror Shock

Composed by Kevin Hiatt

  • "Prickly Pining Dining" - ("Waiter!") (High Pitched)
  • "Beans & Pranks" - (Lumpus comes in)
  • "The Big Cheese" - (Lumpus holding the cheese wheel, laughing)
  • "The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain" - (Avalanche of rocks)
  • "Dead Bean Drop" - (Lumpus caused Slinkman to fall)
  • "Burpless Bean" - (Chef McMuesli comes in)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (The glass breaks)
  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - ("No!")
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - ("S.M.I.T.S?")
  • "Valentine's Day" - (Patsy comes toward Lazlo)
  • "The Bean Tree" - ("They're laughing at me aren't they!?")
  • "Award To The Wise" - ("... Ping Pong still has all his awards!")
  • "The List"
  • "Camp Complain" - (Edward opens the door)
  • "Clam The Outlaw"


  • "Marooned Maroons" - (Chip and Skip scream)

House Of Horror [#10]

Composed by William Farran

  • "Hallobeanies" - (The Jelly Beans run out)


  • "Tales From The Campfire" - (Raj tells his scary story)

House Of Horror [#10.3]

Composed by William Farran

  • "Hallobeanies" - (Storm starts briefly after Lumpus tries to relax) (Low/Normal Pitched)
  • "Love Sick" - ("You stay away from me Clam!")
  • "Nursemaster" - (A "Samson Germ" enters Scoutmaster Lumpus's nose)

House Of Horror [#10.5]

Composed by William Farran 

  • "The Weakest Link" - ("COMMANDER HOO-HA WILL BE HERE IN AN HOUR!!!")
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - (Samson has stains on his shirt) (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Movie Night" - ("YOU MUST DIE!")
  • "Hallobeanies" - (Cuckoo Clock scares Lumpus;  "I promise I'll be good Mr. Halloween curse!") (Low/Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Hello Dolly" - ("NOOO!") (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - ("AN ANT!!") (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Squirrel Seats" - ("WHAT!?!")
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - (The Squirrel Scouts scream)
  • "Valentine's Day" - (Hoo-Ha gets angry) (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - (Ending) (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - (Edward gasps; "EGG!"; Edward screams when he sees everyone eating eggs) (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Nursemaster" - (A full army of "Samson Germs" are inside Lumpus)
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - ("Haunted coffee table!"; "CHOP?!") (Normal/High Pitched)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - ("NATURE!!!")


  • "Tales From The Campfire" - (Chip and Skip scream)

House On The Prairie

Composed by Harry Bluestone

  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - (Samson enjoying a nice, clean life)

Housewives Choice

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Dirt Nappers" - (Samson vacuums Camp Kidney)
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Dave has a stamp for Edward)

How I Am Blue 2

Composed by Billy Roues, Steven Roues and Gary Soloman

  • "Irreconcilable Dungferences" - (Montage of Chip and Skip avoiding each other)


I Saw Three Ships 29 (C)

Composed by Richard Harvey

  • "Kamp Kringle" - ("Lazlo. I think he really is Santa.")

I'm Movin' Out 2

Composed by Billy Roues, Steven Roues, and Gary Solomon

  • "Snow Beans" - (Credits Scene)

I'm So Blue

Composed by Martin Laight

  • "Step Clam" - ("Thanks Nina")

In Our Dreams

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Lazlo dances with Raj)

In Vogue

Composed by Syd Dale.

  • "Taking Care of Gretchen" - (Deluxe Spa Basket)
  • "Cave Chatter" - (Lumpus wants a massage)
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Slinkman massaging Lumpus)


Composed by Fredric Bayco

  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - (The angry mob chases the Squirrel Scouts)

International Law

Composed by Peter Yorke

  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - ("Don't eat that sandwich Jane!")

Invaders from Asteroid Q

Composed by Gregor Narholz.

  • "Penny for Your Dung" - (Chip shows Skip what it is)

Invisible Man

Composed by Xavier Edmunds and Zoltan Biscotti

  • "Hallobeanies" - (In the Jelly Cabin)

The Irish Patriot

Composed by Sam Spence

  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - (The Bean Scouts building a float)

Irish Spree

Composed by Leslie Bridgewater

  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - (Leprechauns bring over a pot)

Isle Of Caprice 2

Composed by Otto Sieben

  • "Snake Eyes" - Everyone is in the tree)
  • "Marshmallow Jones" - ("Like this... and like this?")
  • "Dead Bean Drop" - ("... but why?")
  • "Camp Samson" - (The Bean Scouts ignoring Samson)
  • "Temper Tee-Pee" - ("Woah! Woah! What's going on here!?")
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Lazlo comes into the Fava cabin)
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - (Raj scraped his knee)
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Opening)
  • "Camp Complain" - (There are no more complaints)


  • "Where's Lazlo?"


  • "Laid Off Lumpus" - (Lumpus teaches the bean scouts how to tie knots)

It Came From Outer Space

Composed by Ilona Sekacz

  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - ("It's no use! This torturing thing isn't working!")


Jarabe Tapatío (A)

Composed by Gerhart Frei and Carlos Periguez

  • "Meatman" - ("Pinata")
  • "Mascot Madness" - (Raj and Clam's performance) (High Pitched)
  • "Cave Chatter" - ("Ai-yi-yi!")

Jarabe Tapatío (B)

Composed by Gerhart Frei and Carlos Periguez

  • "Handy Helper" - (Raj pretending to be a piñata)

John Brown's Boddy (C)

Composed by Robert White.

  • "The Battle of Pimpleback Mountain" - (The Jelly Beans want Lumpus to tell the story of The Battle of Pimpleback Mountain)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Lazlo says why the camp is gone)

The Jovial Buccaneers

Composed by John Fox

  • "Lumpy Treasure" - ("ADVENTURE!"; "Or we can pick ourselves up and point ourselves in the face of adventure!")
  • "Prickly Pinning Dinning" - ("Avast ye scurvy dogs.")

The Jovial Buccaneers [#36.02]

Composed by John Fox

  • "Tour Wars" - ("Ahoy fellow campers!"; "Is this part of the tour?")

Jingle Bells [#18.02]

Composd by Otto Sieben


  • "Kamp Kringle" - (Opening)

Jingle Bells 2 [#4]

Composed by Otto Sieben

  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (The Jelly Beans play in the cabin)

Jingle Bells 7

Composed by Harry Bluestone

  • "Penny For You Dung" - (Samson appears dressed as Santa)

Jolly Old St. Nicholas

Composed by David Snell

  • "Kamp Kringle"

Jolly Old St. Nicholas [#22]

Composed by Will Schaefer


  • "Kamp Kringle" - (Ending)

Jungle Journey (A)

Composed by Graham De Wilde and Nigel Martinez

  • "Float Trippers" - ("My retainer travels with it?")


  • "Where's Lazlo?" 

Just Memories (B)

Composed by Graham Preskett.

  • "Float Trippers" - (Raj gets angry)



Composed by Igor Tuhmanov

  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - (Flashback of Raj at the circus)


Composed by John Leach and George Fenton

  • "Tree Hugger" - (Lumpus' body starts to ache)
  • "Temper Tee-Pee" - (They go inside; Edward and Chef McMuesli meditating)
  • "Camp Dinkey" - (Lazlo and Clam go into Raj's dress room)

Kathleen's Jig

Composed by John Leach

  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - (The rest of the story; The Bean Scouts celebrate Edward becoming a wood gnome)

Killer Birds

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Snake Eyes" - ("Uh oh. They're gone.")
  • "The Wig Of Why" - (Edward goes insane)

The King's Codpiece

Composed by Paddy Kingsland

  • "Slap Happy" - (Brother Boo Boo calls Lumpus)


  • "Kamp Kringle"

King Conga

Composed by Dennis Farnon. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Tree Hugger" - (Lazlo's montage song)
  • "Slap Happy" - (Lazlo and Clam join Raj in dancing)

King Kong Coming

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" - (Fog appears)
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - (Rain clouds appear)

King of Arms (B)

Composed by Gregor Narholz.

  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (A carpet is rolled out)

Kiowa Round Dance 2

Composed by Louis Mofsie

  • "Temper Tee-Pee" - (They get to the Temper Tee-Pee; Gretchen comes in the Temmper Tee-Pee)


Composed by Lars-Luis Linek

  • "Marshmallow Jones" - (Plays on Lazlo’s record player) (High Pitched)
  • "Sweet Dreams Baby" - (Plays on a record)

Knight Errant

Composed by Sam Fonteyn. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" - ("Well, that's gonna change!")
  • "Beans And Weenies" - (Lazlo, Raj and Clam make their first hot dog)


La Brindisi

Composed by Paul Pritchard and Giuseppe Verdi.

  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - (The Squirrel Scouts try to make it up to Slinkman)

La Cucaracha

Composed by Harry Bluestone

  • "Tomato Paste"  - (Edward makes a very spicy soup)

La Marseillaise (B)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Beans & Pranks" - (They turned the sign into The Arc de Triomphe)
  • "Love Sick" - (Clam makes a knot of the Eiffel Tower)

La Marseillaise

Composed by Claude Rouget De Lisle.

  • "Friendward" -  ("French ship!"; The ship's cannon)

Lambs In Clover

Composed by Jack Stachey

  • "Movie Night" - (Plays in "Mr. Cotton Goes to Bubbleland")

Land of Hope and Glory

Composed by Edward Elgar.

  • "Waiting for Edward" - (Chip and Skip invented a growth serum)

Lap Of Luxury

Compose by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Penny For Your Dung" - (Opening)

Lavender's Blue (B)

Composed by Richard Harvey and Brian Gulland

  • "Ed's Benedict" - (Puts egg in bed)
  • "Baby Bean" - (Lumpus is now a baby)

Lazlo's Bathroom Blue Danube

Composed by Nicolas Carr

  • "Prickly Pining Dining" - (The Jelly Beans mess around in the bathroom)

Legends Of The Silver Screen

Composed by Cedric Palmer. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - ("Inside we are all magic.")

Legion of Honor [#22]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (The Bean Scouts and Patsy are let in; "Oui, oui.")

Legion Of Honor [#29]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Award To The Wise" - (Lazlo finishes his sculpture)
  • "Never Bean On The Map" - (Larson reveals the meat bomb)

Legion Of Honor [#31]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Camp Complain" - (Slinkman says the reason why the Scouts are gethered up)

Let Me Be a Soldier

Composed by Alec Gould.

  • "Beany Weenies" - (Commander Hoo-Ha wants to prove the Bean Scouts trustworthy)
  • "Sweet Dreams Baby" - (The Legumes are outside)
  • "Camp Complain" - (The Bean Scouts have to sign a contract; "I haven't even showed you the perks of being a Cabin Leader.")


Composed by Mr. Camboso and Odis Palmer

  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - (Lazlo is all clean; Everyone is clean)

Life Or Death

Composed by Jack Beaver. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Tree Hugger" - ("I am going to cut this tree down once and for all!") (High Pitched)
  • "Cave Chatter" - ("You see what happens when you guys don't listen to me?!")
  • "Nursemaster" - (The 1,000 "Samson germs" cornor the "Lumpus Germ")


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - ("Fluffy" follows Skip into camp)

Light And Easy

Composed by Harry Rabinowitz 

  • "Hello Dolly" - (Edward plays with his doll; End Credits Scene)

Lighting The Fuse (A)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Dirt Nappers" - (Samson peaks outside)

Lighting The Fuse (B)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Dirt Nappers" - (Samson vacuums the front of his cabin)

Like Strange

Composed by Kenny Graham. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "The Weakest Link" - (Edward gives an evil grin)
  • "Hallobeanies" - ("I'm gonna scare the jelly out of those beans")
  • "Meatman" - ("Wait a second")


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - ("They can have the one we condemned last month!")

Limelight Waltz

Composed by Albert Marland. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Wedding Bell Blues" - ("Say hello to Elegance!")

Lincoln Penny Blues

Composed by Nicolas Carr

  • "Penny For Your Dung" - (Lazlo comes in dressed as Abraham Lincoln)

Link (A)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" - ("Hey, Raj! Look!")
  • "Tree Hugger" - (The bush Lumpus is in moves)
  • "Float Trippers" - (Lazlo congratulates Raj)
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - (Dave and Ping Pong Walk by)
  • "Movie Night" - (Slinkman shows Edward his birth certificate)
  • "Handy Helper" - (After Commander Hoo-Ha calls Lazlo a jerk)
  • "Camp Samson" - (Dave and Ping Pong leave) 
  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - ("That's odd.")
  • "Temper Tee-Pee" - ("You heard me, young lady!")
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - ("You guys are gonna stay?")
  • "Tusk Wizard" - ("No! Don't you get it?")
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - (Lazlo thinks Leslie need a vacation)
  • "Radio Free Edward" - ("Where are the yetis?")
  • "The Bean Tree" - ("You are not 29!")
  • "Taking Care Of Gretchen" - (Lazlo thinks Chip and Skip have a purpose to watch the movie)
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Lazlo says flowers are a great thing)
  • "Being Edward" - ("Who's that supposed to be?")
  • "Award To The Wise" - (Lazlo needs to think)
  • "Cave Chatter" - ("Hold it!")
  • "Never Bean On The Map" - ("Waiter?")
  • "Harold And Raj" - (Raj leaves) (High Pitched)
  • "Nursemaster" - (Gretchen whispers to Patsy)
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - ("I have an idea")
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - ("Sunset?")
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (Lazlo goes to talk to Lumpus)
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - ("Oh, presto.")
  • "Camp Dinkey" - ("When did this get here?")
  • "Camp Complain" - (Slinkman shows the Bean Scouts the contract)
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - (Chef McMuesli has no more pancake batter)
  • "Bad Luck Be a Camper Tonight" - (There is a knock at the door)
  • "Step Clam" - ("Well actually, maybe there is one thing.")
  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou"


  • "Kamp Kringle"

Link (B)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Beans In Toyland" - (Raj faints)

Link (C)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Prodigious Clamus" - ("Kinda junky.")
  • "The Nothing Club" - (The music turns off for a second time)
  • "Beans And Weenies" - (Clam throws mustard at Raj)
  • "Beans & Pranks" - (Lazlo smiles)
  • "The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain" - (Slinkman sneezes)
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (Lumpus gets back up)
  • "Burpless Bean" - (Everyone stops)
  • "Hot Spring Fever" - (Raj gets a pimple)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - ("Hope! Hope!")
  • "Hard Days Samson" - (Raj and Clam under the cabin)
  • "Where's Clam" - (Raj doesn't know where Lazlo is)
  • "Squirrel Seats" - ("What is it for the twentieth time, Patsy?")
  • "Sweet Dreams Baby" - (Lumpus scratches his nose) (High Pitched)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - ("Uh, Skip? What's that spot on your shoulder?")
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Samson stands up)
  • "Radio Free Edward" - ("You gotta love that bar, right?")
  • "Scoop Of The Century" - (Dave and Ping Pong answer the door)
  • "Award To The Wise" - (Samson is out of toilet paper)
  • "Cave Chatter" - ("Not with this around!")
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - (Slinkman apologizes)
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Lazlo looks behind him)
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (Samson hears Mr. Buns)
  • "Camp Dinkey" - (Chip and Skip are behind Edward's mother; Samson's fork is dirty)
  • "The Engagement" - (Miss Doe turns around)
  • "Step Clam" - (Nina looks shocked)
  • "Wedding Bell Blues"
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand"


  • "Where's Lazlo?"
  • "Kamp Kringle"


  • "Laid Off Lumpus"

Link (D)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Lights Out" - ("Wait a minute"; The lights are turned on again; The lights are turned on once again; The lights turn on for the fourth time)
  • "Beans & Weenies" - (The weenies fall)
  • "Slap Happy" - (The Legumes gasp)
  • "Beany Weenies" - (Lumpus' pencil breaks)
  • "Where's Clam" - ("Clams flying?")
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (Raj tries getting his shoes on)
  • "Cave Chatter" - (The Cave Bean is dizzy)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - (A Bulbous-Winged Doodler flies by)
  • "Tour Wars" - ("Hey Edward is this part of the tour too?")
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Skip breaks into the kitchen)
  • "Baby Bean" - (Raj's limbs shrink again)
  • "S Is For Crazy"
  • "Wedding Bell Blues"
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand"

Link (E)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Lights Out" - (Lumpus falls down)
  • "Hello Dolly" - (Veronica rolls down the hill)
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (Plays at the same time as Editor's Falling Over F)
  • "Snow Beans" - (Lazlo and Lumpus fall)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (The Jelly Beans' belongings fall off a cliff)
  • "Waiting For Edward" - ("Finally alone!")
  • "Step Clam" - (Nina's head descends)

Link (F)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Samson Needs A Hug"
  • "Wedding Bell Blues" - (High Pitched)

Link (G)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Prodigious Clamus" - (Plays at the same time as Link M)
  • "Wedding Bell Blues" - (Slinkman goes inside Raj's trunk)

Link (H)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Meatman" - (Raj runs to the closet)
  • "Camp Samson" - ("NO MORE!")
  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - (Lumpus destroys the rock)
  • "Tour Wars" - ("How did you make all this mist, Edward?")

Link (I)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - (Lazlo using a pickaxe)
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (Lazlo goes to the bathroom) (High Pitched)
  • "Samson Needs A Hug"

Link (J)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Lights Out" - (Lumpus head back to the telescope)
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (Larvae come out of it)

Link (K)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - ("WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!")

Link (L)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Lights Out" - (The lights are turned on once again) (High Pitched)
  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - (Edward pantses everyone)
  • "Hello Dolly" - (Edward sees that Lazlo has Veronica)
  • "Temper Tee-Pee" - (Samson wins against Edward)
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (Lazlo sucks the pee back inside him)

Link (M)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Prodigious Clamus" - (Lumpus tries to get a good signal on the tv)
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (The elevator rises)
  • "Beany Weenies" - ("Going to sharpen a pencil!; Miss Mucus doesn't believe they can be trustworthy)
  • "The Big Weigh In" - (Picture of a moose)
  • "Waiting For Edward" - ("The whole cabin to myself!"; Edward breaks Samson's kaleidoscope)
  • "Where's Clam" - ("It's no crock, Edward.")
  • "Squirrel Seats" - ("Nevermind")
  • "Temper Tee-Pee" - (Edward mimics Samson; Edward says he is happy)
  • "Are You the S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - ("Was that the right sequence?")
  • "Tusk Wizard" - (Lazlo looks at himself in the mirror)
  • "The Bean Tree" - (Samson skiing)
  • "Scoop of the Century" - ("Hey! What's going on over there?")
  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - ("Any second now")
  • "Award To The Wise" - (Samson looks for toilet paper)
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - (Lazlo and Slinkman sneak in)
  • "Never Bean On The Map" - (Raj get irritated)
  • "Harold And Raj" - (Raj asks Samson for a marshmallow)
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - ("Oh, yes.")
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Raj and Clam ask what people in love do)
  • "Call Me Almondine" - (Miss Mucus looks at Almondine's wig)
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - ("Hey you've got another penny in there!")
  • "Baby Bean" - (Raj tries to think)
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - (Lazlo uses the slot machine)
  • "Step Clam" - (Nina says she will use the Universe Board to prove it)
  • "S Is For Crazy" - (Raj wipes his face with sandpaper)
  • "Peace Frog"
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - ("We destroyed all our clothes!")


  • "Where's Lazlo?"


  • "Hair and Gone"

Link (N)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Cheese Orbs" - ("What is it?!")
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - ("I haven't got all night!")
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Miss Doe kicks out the other Scouts)
  • "The List" - (Edward hesitates to speak)
  • "Samson Needs A Hug"
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - ("We never should've listened to you!")

Link (O)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Lights Out" - ("Alright, let’s go!")
  • "Prodigious Clamus" - (Lumpus uses Slinkman as an antenna)
  • "The Wig Of Why" - (Raj lifts the wig)
  • "I've Never Bean In A Sub" - (Lazlo stacks beans)
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (Lumpus goes in an elevator tree)
  • "Burpless Bean" - (Edward drinks the soda)
  • "Slap Happy" - (Lumpus forgets the handshake)
  • "Beany Weenies" - ("Slug, where are you!")
  • "Waiting For Edward" - (Chip and Skip fix the kaleidoscope)
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (Plays at the same time as Link P)
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - (Nurse Leslie looks at his First Aid kit)
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (Lazlo pees in the lake)
  • "Harold And Raj" - (Raj passes the story stone to Chip)
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - (Lumpus prepares to eat his pie)
  • "Clown Camp" - ("I'm gonna spill the bucket!”)
  • "Camp Complain" - (Samson answers the door)
  • "Edward's Big Bag" -  (Edward goes inside Milt's boxers; The campers say what the "monster" did)
  • "Camp Complain" - (Samson answers the door)
  • "Baby Bean" - (Raj trying to get an idea)
  • "Peace Frog"


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (The bear follows Lazlo)
  • "Kamp Kringle"

Link (P)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Beans And Weenies" - (Raj and Clam start fighting)
  • "Handy Helper - (Lumpus' badge sash has a missing badge) (Low/Normal Pitched)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Raj looks down from the bridge)
  • "The Big Weigh In" - (Lumpus ate low-calorie food)
  • "Where's Clam" - (Clam has all of Raj's wood)
  • "Squirrel Seats" - (Patsy asks Lazlo if she can sit next to him)
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (A spider comes out of his shoe)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - (Lazlo confesses to Raj)
  • "The Bean Tree" - (Lumpus behind Lazlo and Slinkman)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - (The aliens are still playing the board game)
  • "Nursemaster" - (The Jelly Beans hide Samson's medicine)
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - ("I'm gonna need a bigger shredder")
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - ("Hey, Samson. What were you doing? Making your mail disappear?")
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (The Scouts get off the bus)
  • "The List" - (Lazlo mentions his list)
  • "Camp Complain" - ("No complaints?")
  • "Baby Bean" - (Lazlo tries to think of someone who can take care of Raj)
  • "Peace Frog"
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand"


  • "Hiccups"

Link (Q)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Lights Out" - (Plays at the same time as Link Y)
  • "Prodigious Clamus" - ("Yes, Sir.")
  • "The Wig Of Why" - ("That's it!")
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - ("STINKWEED!")
  • "Beans & Weenies" - (The weenies fall; Clam throws more mustard at Raj)
  • "Beans & Pranks" - (Plays at the same time as Link Y)
  • "The Big Cheese" - (Plays at the same time as Link Y)
  • "Love Sick" - (Clam is hurt)
  • "I've Never Bean In A Sub" - (The Jelly Beans fall in the lake; Lazlo stacks beans)
  • "Slap Happy" - ("No! No! No! That’s not how it goes!")
  • "Snow Beans" - (Plays at the same time as Link Y)
  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - (Lumpus smacks a bird) (Plays at the same time as Link Y)
  • "Hot Spring Fever" - Creatures appear in the bushes
  • "Waiting For Edward" - ("No!")
  • "Where's Clam" - (Edward looks angry)
  • "Sweet Dreams Baby" - (Lumpus' glasses fall)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (Lazlo screams)
  • "The Bean Tree" - (The Bean Scouts ride Lumpus' Bass Eliminator)
  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - ("HEY! Come on gravity!")
  • "Harold And Raj" - (A bird gets stuck to Raj)
  • "Nursemaster" - (Lazlo gets disturbed; "Why dont you show him?")
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Lazlo looks at his watch)
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - ("Empty?")
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Miss Doe yells at Lumpus; Miss Doe hears a knock at the door)
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - ("Where are the tents?")
  • "The List" - (Edward takes the list)
  • "Camp Complain" - (Slinkman says that the Scouts should leave)
  • "Samson Needs A Hug"
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand"


  • "Kamp Kringle"


  • "The Eternal Flame"

Link (R)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - ("Samson I'M SORRY!!!!")
  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - ("Get lost.")
  • "Dead Bean Drop" - ("Can't do it!")
  • "Hot Spring Fever" - ("Tell me that you don't believe!")
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - ("Parking lot!")
  • "Waiting For Edward" - (Edward talking to rocks)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - ("Oh, this is terrible!")
  • "Spacemates" - (Nina in her cain, crying)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - (Raj's other baby tusk comes out)
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - (They go to the hospital)
  • "Radio Free Edward" - (Edward stays in his cabin)
  • "Scoop Of The Century" - (Dave cries; "Sorry, fellas."; "Still no sign of Scooter.")
  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - (Samson cries)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - (Patsy at the window)
  • "Award To The Wise" - ("This is terrible.")
  • "Cave Chatter" - (Raj puts up a poster on a tree)
  • "Harold And Raj" - (Raj leaves Harold)
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - (Samson frowns)
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - ("He's right we did go bonkers")
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (Raj and Slinkman need to get the legs back)
  • "Friendward" - (Dave and Ping-Pong fly away)
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Chip and Skip feel bad)
  • "Clown Camp" - (Lazlo sighs)
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - (Samson doesn't want to have bad luck again)
  • "Step Clam" - (The wingnuts find out about Nina's lie)
  • "Samson Needs A Hug"


  • "Kamp Kringle"

Link (T)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Lights Out" - ("Lights out!")
  • "The Nothing Club" - (Edward welcomes everyone to the Anti-Lazlo Club) (High Pitched)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Edward pushes Samson) (High Pitched)
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - (Lumpus sniffs his clothes)

Link (U)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Hallobeanies" - (Lumpus laughs)
  • "No Beads, No Business" - (Raj realizes what he has done)
  • "Dead Bean Drop" - (Lumpus caused Slinkman to fall)
  • "I've Never Bean In A Sub" - ("Son let me give you some advice")
  • "Snow Beans" - (The Scouts split up)
  • "Hot Spring Fever" - (Raj runs away)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (The Big Bean says he shut Camp Kidney down)
  • "Hard Days Samson" - (Lazlo and Samson climb the totem pole)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" -  (Edward pushes Samson) (High Pitched)
  • "The Bean Tree" - ("Stranger at the gate!")
  • "Scoop Of The Century" - (Lumpus gets a newspaper)
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - ("Oh, Lazlo.")
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - ("I still don't think he threw in his favorite food.")
  • "Clown Camp" - (Lazlo behind a tree; Lazlo grabs Lumpus' clown nose)
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - (Lumpus cancels movie night)

Link (V)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" - ("It's Scoutmaster Lumpus!")
  • "Loogie Llama" - (A llama is revealed) (High Pitched)
  • "Beans & Pranks" - ("Red from washing all the dishes!")
  • "The Big Cheese" - ("Here I am!")
  • "No Beads, No Business" - (Nobody is there)
  • "Love Sick" - (Raj looks annoyed)
  • "Hello Dolly" - (Edward's team wins)
  • "The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain" - ("Sorry Sir")
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (No snipe)
  • "Snow Beans" - ("I'm alive! I'm alive!")
  • "Tomato Paste" - (Lumpus cries)
  • "Camp Samson" - ("Sorry Samson")
  • "Beany Weenies" - (The Beans Scouts act idiotic) (High Pitched)
  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - (The Scouts run away from Edward)
  • "Hot Spring Fever" - (Raj whispers Samson's secret to him) (Plays at the same time as Tympup A)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - ("Okay. We're done.")
  • "The Big Weigh In" - (The bathroom collapses)
  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - (Lumpus' bowling alley has been built)
  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - ("Way to keep your eye on the ball, Mr. Slinkman!")
  • "Valentine's Day" - (The Bean Scouts are shown, tired)
  • "A Job Well Dung" - (... but where will I sleep?")
  • "Taking Care Of Gretchen" - (Gretchen falls)
  • "Scoop Of The Century" - (The newspaper stand is still full) (Plays in the same time as Link Y)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - ("I'm okay")
  • "Cave Chatter" - (Nothing worked)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - ("Some people will never learn.")
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - (Low Pitched)
  • "Never Bean On The Map" - ("The kids look bored"; "Get us out of here!")
  • "Harold And Raj" - (Raj takes out a rotten marshmallow)
  • "Nursemaster" - ("I'm feeling pretty")
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (It is really a cage)
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - ("Haha, pathetic")
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - ("Are you awake?")
  • "Friendward" - ("I liked it better when you just wanted lunch money")
  • "Clown Camp" - (Lumpus gets dizzy)
  • "The List" - (Edward's body gets in his mouth)
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - (Everyone laughs at Lumpus; "Why do they love him so?")
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - ("... and I had to call security.")
  • "Step Clam" - (Nina slides down; Nina slides down again)
  • "Peace Frog"


  • "The Eternal Flame"

Link (W)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Racing Slicks" - (Lazlo with another fifty dollar bill)
  • "Lights Out" - ("I'm gonna level with you"; Lumpus enraged)
  • "The Wig Of Why" - (Lazlo gives up)
  • "Beans & Weenies" - ("Oh man. That's a bummer.")
  • "Movie Night" - ("Sorry, Edward.")
  • "The Big Cheese" - (Lumpus gets out of the lake again)
  • "Hallobeanies" - ("... but we're trick or treating.")
  • "No Beads, No Business" - ("We have serious issues with our friendship, Lazlo.")
  • "Club Kidney-Ki" - (Slinkman realizes he's still at Camp Kidney)
  • "Hello Dolly" - (Edward cries)
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - ("I don't feel any cooler")
  • "The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain" - ("What happened to my tent!?")
  • "Camp Samson" - (Everyone left)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (The Mess Hall is gone too)
  • "Waiting For Edward" - (Edward says he needs Chip and Skip)
  • "Sweet Dreams Baby" - (Lumpus hits his pillow in anger)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - (Raj cries)
  • "A Job Well Dung" - (Hoo-ha finally leaves)
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Edward leaves)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - ("Smooth move, Jellies.")
  • "Being Edward" - (Edward walks out)
  • "Award To The Wise" - ("Gee. I wish someone would give me an award")
  • "Ed's Benedict" - ("Edward we're sorry!")
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - (Everyone avoids Lazlo)
  • "Harold And Raj" - (Raj sits down)
  • "Nursemaster" - ("Acorn Flats here I come")
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - ("Feelings hurt")
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (Edward laughs)
  • "Friendward" - (The audience laughs at Edward)
  • "The List" - ("Do.. I... love?")
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - (The campers cannot have marshmallows)
  • "Step Clam" - ("Uh-oh! Nina!")
  • "Samson Needs A Hug" - (Edward reacts to Lazlo's hug)
  • "Wedding Bell Blues" - ("Oh not again")
  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou" - ("They squashed me into a tetherball!")


  • "Kamp Kringle"

Link (X)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Tree Hugger" - (Lumpus snaps out of it)
  • "Prodigious Clamus" - (Nobody solved it, except for Clam)
  • "Beans & Weenies" - (Chef McMuesli starts getting mad)
  • "Meatman" - (Meatman hits a wall)
  • "Love Sick" - (Clam goes to Acorn Flats)
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (Clam eats the sandwich)
  • "Irreconciable Dungferences" - (Lazlo gets hit) (High Pitched)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (There is no Rock of Hope)
  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - ("What a disappointment"; Lumpus gives up) (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - ("This is ridicoulus!")
  • "Spacemates" - (The rocket didn't take off)
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - (The Bean Scouts all ditch Lazlo)
  • "A Job Well Dung" - ("How did I get out of bed?")
  • "The Bean Tree" - (Lumpus leaves Camp Kidney)
  • "Boxing Edward" - ("Edward, you know you're not supposed to drive the cabins out of camp")
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (Everyone laughs at Lazlo again)
  • "Award To The Wise" - (Lumpus sleeping)
  • "Cave Chatter" - ("Okay goodbye..")
  • "The Book of Slinkman" - (Beans come out of cake)
  • "Never Bean On The Map" - (The person leaves)
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - ("How am I supposed to relax with this high-strung female yelling all the time?")
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - ("Keep your phony penny!")
  • "S Is For Crazy" - (Lumpus gets grounded)
  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou" - (High Pitched)
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand"


  • "Where's Lazlo?"
  • "Kamp Kringle"


  • "Empty Nest"
  • "Laid Off Lumpus"

Link (Y)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Snake Eyes" - (A bear appears)
  • "Lights Out" - (Lumpus "reads" the story; The fifth time the lights turn on; They think Lumpus' light is a forest fire) (Low/Normal Pitched)
  • "Swimming Buddy" - (Raj runs away again)
  • "Tree Hugger" - (Lumpus gets mad at them)
  • "Dosey Doe" - (Raj and Clam fall down through the roof)
  • "Prodigious Clamus" - ("Slinkman! Confiscate that TV!")
  • "Loogie Llama" - (The Squirrel Scouts scream and run away)
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - ("You stink?")
  • "Beans & Pranks" - (Lumpus gets shocked)
  • "Movie Night" - (Edward gets distraught)
  • "The Big Cheese" - (Lumpus gets thrown into the lake)
  • "Miss Fru Fru" - ("That’s it!")
  • "Parent's Day" - (Lazlo and Raj dressed as Lumpus' parents)
  • ”Handy Helper" - (Lumpus gets run over by a car)
  • "Love Sick" - ("Clam!")
  • "Hello Dolly" - (Edward realizes what he said) (High Pitched)
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (The object falls)
  • "The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain" - (Raj sees a hole)
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (Lazlo gets hurt)
  • "Slap Happy" - (Lumpus says the excersize is bad) (High Pitched)
  • "Snow Beans" - (Lumpus hanging from the chair lift)
  • "Irreconcilable Dungferences" - (Skip hits Chip)
  • "Mascot Madness" - ("... loaded with camp spirit!")
  • "Tomato Paste" - (After Lumpus has the soup)
  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - (Lumpus smacks a bird) (Plays at the same time as Link Q)
  • "Hot Spring Fever" - (Samson and Raj scream; Raj screams) (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Hard Days Samson" - (Lumpus sees his nose hairs)
  • "Beans In Toyland" - (Raj is itchy; Clam bites Miss Mucus' hand)
  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - (The bowling ball broke Lumpus' window)
  • "Sweet Dreams Baby" - ("The Legumes have arrived, Sir.")
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (The spa erupts dirt) (Low Pitched)
  • "Temper Tee-Pee" - (Edward screams) (Low Pitched)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - ("Merciful Murp!")
  • "A Job Well Dung" - (He smells something)
  • "The Bean Tree" - ("Stop in the name of Camp Kidney!")
  • "Taking Care of Gretchen" - (Gretchen gets mad)
  • "Scoop Of The Century" - (The newspaper stand is still full)
  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - (Samson crashes into Bee Sting, Harold, and Gordon; Samson high fives Harold)
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - ("HOLD IT!")
  • "Never Bean On The Map" - (Camp Kidney is not on the map)
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - ("Scoutmaster, we're waiting on you, Sir.")
  • "Nursemaster" - (Nurse Leslie gets his skin peeled off)
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - ("SAMSON!")
  • "Tour Wars" - ("Quiet!")
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - ("Will you please keep it down out there!?")
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (Slinkman stubs his toe)
  • "Camp Dinkey" - (Samson gets knocked into a mud puddle; Chip and Skip scream)
  • "Clown Camp" - (A train falls on Lumpus)
  • "Camp Complain" - ("I didn't do it!")
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - (Plays when Raj takes a marshmallow out from the house; "We can hit 'em!"; Raj eating another marshmallow)
  • "Baby Bean" - (Raj grabs Lumpus' nose hairs)
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - ("I'm coming with you."/The elevator shakes; Samson loses the slot machine; Samson loses the second round) (Low/Normal/High Pitched)
  • "S Is For Crazy" - (Raj screams)
  • "Samson Needs A Hug"
  • "Wedding Bell Blues" - ("I object!")
  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou" - ("Saved!")
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand"


  • "Where's Lazlo?"
  • "Kamp Kringle"


  • "Empty Nest"
  • "Hair and Gone" - ("We are bald!")

Link (Z)

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" - (Lumpus wrings out his hat, angrily; "that's "Lumpus", you thieves!")
  • "Beans Are From Mars" - ("Oh.")
  • "Racing Slicks" - (Jelly Bean car is revealed)
  • "Dosey Doe" - (Lazlo reads the note; "Don't you have work to do!?")
  • "The Nothing Club" - (Their boats sink)
  • "Loogie Llama" - (Lazlo takes the cone off of Spitty's head)
  • "The Wig Of Why" - (Lazlo's prediction actually came true)
  • "Slugfest" - (A Window breaks) (High Pitched)
  • "Beans And Weenies" - (Everyone turns into a hot dog)
  • "Beans And Pranks" - ("Uhhhh")
  • "Movie Night" - ("Hey, everyone! Look what I just stepped in!")
  • "The Big Cheese" - (Bee sting bumps on Lumpus; "I don’t know.") (Low/Normal Pitched)
  • "Meatman" - ("Here! Now go upset someone else's ecosystem!"; Meatman made into a flower)
  • "No Beads, No Business" - (Plays at the same time as Tympdown A)
  • "Parent's Day" - (The dunk tank is emptied)
  • "Love Sick" - (It didn't work; Their neckerchiefs get tangled)
  • "Hello Dolly" - (It's not Veronica)
  • "The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain" - ("Uh oh.")
  • "Dead Bean Drop" - ("Are we done yet?")
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (Lumpus in a cage)
  • "Irreconciable Dungferences" - ("Guys?")
  • "Mascot Madness" - ("Oh, gee. You both deserve it."; Samson is up next; "Why isn't anybody cheering?")
  • "Hot Spring Fever" - (Raj's hat propeller flies off) (Low Pitched)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Slinkman is taken away)
  • "Waiting For Edward" - (Chip and Skip's tongues are tangled)
  • "Where's Clam" - (Raj's pile of wood)
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (Lumpus in his bath tub)
  • "Sweet Dreams Baby" - (Lumpus can't wake up)
  • "Spacemates" - (The rocket crashes)
  • "Temper Tee-Pee" - (After Edward throws a temper tantrum)
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - (Samson and Edward are annoyed)
  • "Are You the S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Samson groans)
  • "Tusk Wizard"  - (Raj's tusk is still under his pillow)
  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - (Lumpus' fingers get twisted)
  • "Scoop Of The Century" - (Lumpus gets mad; "I am gonna read that paper if it's the last thing I do.")
  • "Boxing Edward" - ("Stupid mail truck!"; Lazlo says that the Bean Scouts like licking the stamps)
  • "Strange Trout from Outer Space" - ("Oh, hi, Lazlo."l)
  • "Being Edward" - ("Hey, look. It's the Queen of England.")
  • "Ed's Benedict" - ("Congratulations, Edward.")
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - (Slinkman is put in the pen too)
  • "Never Bean On The Map" - ("They're right here Sir"; "Well we just put up the sign!")
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (Lumpus gets pushed in)
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - ("How could I be so stupid?")
  • "Camp Dinkey" - (Plays at the same time as Link Y)
  • "The List" - (Lazlo is completely butchered)
  • "Step Clam" - (The Pinto Beans are covered in slime)
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - ("NOOOOOOO!")


  • "Where's Lazlo?"


  • "Survival Of The Lamest"
  • "Mail Dominance" - ("Junk Mail?")

Little Ballet

Composed by Pierre Arvay

  • "Beans Are From Mars" - (The Squirrel Scouts eating ice cream)
  • "Dosey Doe" - (Flashback to yesterday)
  • "Miss Fru Fru" - (Nina performs)
  • "A Job Well Dung" - (Opening)
  • "Step Clam" - (Gretchen tells Almondine that she can't be in the Wingnuts Sisterhood Club)

Little England

Composed by Paddy Kingsland

  • "Waiting For Edward" - (Edward spends time by myself)

Little Puck

Composed by Arthur Willkinson. It also used in Ren & Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon.

  • "Loogie Llama" - ("He's like one of the family")
  • "Miss Fru Fru" - (Miss Doe finds her old Miss Fru Fru Pageant picture)
  • "Snow Beans" - (Miss Doe wants to ride the chair lift with Lumpus)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - (Patsy goes to visit Nina)
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Jane whips jelly from Chip and Skip's faces)

Lonely Heart's Club (A)

Composed by Otto Sieben and David Bell

  • "Beans And Weenies" - (Raj and Clam refuse to speak to each other)
  • "Camp Samson" - (Samson gets angry)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - (Raj looks in the mirror)
  • "The Engagement" - (Lazlo reveals the truth to Jane Doe.)

Lost John

Composed by Jerry Burnham, Stephen Wade and Saul Broudy

  • "Beans And Pranks" - (Slinkman winds up music box)

Lovely Scenery (C)

Composed by Mladen Franko

  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - ("MY ARMOR!!!")
  • "Tusk Wizard" - (Raj screams after finding out the Tusk Wizard didn't come)

Lovers Dream

Composed by John Leach and Francis Silkstone

  • "Tusk Wizard" - ("It was glorious!")
  • "Harold and Raj" - (Opening; Lazlo and Clam carry Raj)

Lumbering Giant

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Prickly Pining Dining" - (Everyone is full)
  • "Slugfest" - (Slinkman is now angry)
  • "The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain" - (Lumpus ignores everyone)
  • "Irreconciable Dungferences" - (Chip and Skip look for Lazlo)
  • "Sweet Dream Baby" - (Slinkman wakes Lumpus up)
  • "Being Edward" - (Edward writes "Edward Day" on the calender)
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - (Samson is tired)
  • "Harold And Raj" - (Harold tries to make a friend)
  • "Nursemaster" - (Samson goes to Lumpus for his medicine)
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (Edward leaves)
  • "Camp Complain" - (Opening)
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - (Chip and Skip still look for the penny; Chip and Skip are underground)
  • "Samson Needs A Hug"


  • "My Brother's Eater" - (Edward tells Chip he ate him in his sleep)

Lynda's Music Box

Composed by Peter Dennis

  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - ("Aw you're tired")


Magical Effect (E)

Composed by Paddy Kingsland

  • "Loogie Llama" - (The Squirrel Scouts envision Spitty as a unicorn; "All of our horses?") (Low/High Pitched)
  • "Hello Dolly" - (Edward takes out his doll, Veronica) (High Pitched)
  • "Valentine's Day" - (The conjoined pigs fly off)
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - (The candy is shown)
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Raj forms a heart with his arms)

Magical Effect (F)

Composed by Paddy Kingsland

  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - (Plays at the same time as Magical Wish)
  • "Hallobeanies" - ("Treats...")
  • "Temper Tee-Pee" - ("... Little Happy Rock!"; Edward and Gretchen are getting happy again)
  • "Dungs in Candyland" - (Slinkman looks at all the candy)
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Raj forms a heart)
  • "Camp Dinkey" - (Chip and Skip go inside the billboard)

Magical Wish

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - (Samson gets a new nose)
  • "Temper Tee-Pee" - (Edward says he is happy; Edward and Gretchen are getting happy again)
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - ("Let's see what wisdom it holds")
  • "Camp Dinkey" - (The rabbit talks)

Magnificent Eleven

Composed by Sam Spence

  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - (Lumpus celebratres)

Main Title

Composed by Gregor Narholz.

  • "I've Never Bean in a Sub" - (Old Turtle says he is the one who holds the bean stacking record)
  • "Bowling for Dinosaurs" - (Lazlo found the pin)

Man About Town

Composed by Laurie Johnson

  • "I've Never Bean In A Sub" - (Squirrel Scouts selling cookies)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - ("Hello were the spa inspectors")
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - ("Phew! We made it.")
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - (Bean scouts get their laundry cleaned)

Man From The Ministry

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Slap Happy" - (Lumpus dressed as a Legume)
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - (Slinkman explains the importnace of the book)
  • "Never Bean On The Map" - (Lumpus describes meat)
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand"

Maple Leaf Rag (A)

Composed by Jonathan Starkey

  • "Prodigious Clamus" - (Scoutmaster Westly's camper plays the piano upside down)

March To Battle

Composed by Laurie Johnson

  • "Valentine's Day" - (Commander Hoo-Ha's final test)

Marching Through Georgia Swanee River

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - (Slinkman arrives)
  • "Scoop of the Century" - (Lumpus has to clean the bathroom)

Marching Tuba (A)

Composed by Otto Sieben

  • "Lumpy Treasure" - ("What's going on back there?")
  • "The Wig Of Why" - (Ms. Mucus swimming)
  • "Movie Night" - (Lumpus proclaims that he will separate the big boys and little boys)
  • "The Big Cheese" - ("Quick get me the phone!")
  • "The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain" - (Lumpus goes to "analyze")
  • "Slap Happy" - ("It's time to restitch my underwear labels!")
  • "Beany Weenies" - (Mucus will coach the Bean Scouts)
  • "Squirrel Seats - (Edward has a plan; Edward gets on the bus)
  • "Valentine's Day" - (The Bean Scouts take a handwriting test)
  • "A Job Well Dung" - (Commander Hoo-Ha in Lumpus' cabin)
  • "The Bean Tree" - (Lumpus at the camp gate)
  • "Scoop Of The Century" - (Lumpus watches outside)
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Edward tries to leave Camp Kidney)
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - (Lumpus shows up)
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - (Samson throws out the trash)
  • "Clam The Outlaw"
  • "Peace Frog"


  • "Laid Off Lumpus"

The Marines March

Composed by Sam Spence

  • "Temper Tee-Pee" - (Snare drum)

Martial Links

Composed by Sam Fonteyn. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Dungs In Candyland" - (Slinkman scolds Chip and Skip)

Martian Madness

Composed by Steven London

  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - (Samson wakes up)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - ("We should hang out!")

Martial Tension

Composed by Sam Fonteyn.

  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (The Bean Scouts follow Lumpus)

Masked Crusader 2

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Kamp Kringle" - (Santa sips the soup)

Maui Girl

Composed by Harry Bluestone

  • "Club Kidney-Ki" - (Clam fishes Lumpus out)

Me For You

Composed by George Callert

  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - (Plays during the first game of bowling)
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Opening)


Composed by Eric Spear

  • "The Engagement" - (Lumpus pretends to cry)

Men Of The Sea

Composed by Peter Hope

  • "Float Trippers" - (Raj saves Lazlo and Clam)
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - (Samson returns to Camp Kidney)
  • "Cave Chatter" - (Lazlo knows what to do)

The Merry Hunters

Composed by Paddy Kingsland.

  • "Meatman" - ("Hooray!")

Military Salute 1

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

  • "Nursemaster" - (Lumpus says he doesn't need Nurse Leslie)

Millennium Fanfare (C)

Composed by Ron Goodwin

  • "Beans And Weenies" - (Edward loves it)

Minuet WoO 10, No. 2

Composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven.

  • "Loogie Llama" - (They spot Spitty)

Miss McCloud's Reel

Composed by Harry Bluetone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Lights Out" - (Lazlo turns on all the lights in the cabin)
  • "It's No Picnic" - ("Mud Puddles!")
  • "Lumpy Treasure" - (Raj gets bitten by the mosquitos)
  • "The Nothing Club" - (The Jelly Beans get ready to ride their boat)
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - ("Stinkweeds!"; "Stinkweeds!" again) (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Beans And Weenies" - ("This is what you’ve all been waiting for!")
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - (The Bean Scouts try baking cakes while rollarskating)
  • "Peace Frog" - (Lumpus chases after Frederick)

Missile Disaster

Composed by John Fox

  • "Sweet Dreams Baby" - (Jelly Cabin launches into the sky)
  • "Spacemates" - (Spaceship begins to take off)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - (Patsy takes out her flashlights)

Mists Of Illusion

Composed by Gilbert Vinter. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "The Nothing Club" - (Raj daydreams about being a DJ)
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - ("Lazlo is that you?")
  • "Movie Night" - ("Oh no Edward you're not a big boy")
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Mist rolls in)

Model Girl

Composed by Gary Hughes

  • "Irreconcilable Dungferences" - (Skip arrives at the Buddy Match Friend Service)
  • "Mascot Madness" - (Lazlo pretending to drive a bus; "Change of destination!")

Monster Bug (A)

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - ("Is She Pretty?")
  • "Cheese Orbs" - ("What's Happening?")
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Lazlo steps into the lake)
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Miss Doe angrily storms to her room)
  • "The List" - ("This is great a list.")
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - ("Get a rope.")
  • "Baby Bean" - ("Son I'm sorry!") (Low Pitched)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - ("Fluffy" pulls Edward down from the flagpole)
  • "Kamp Kringle" - (Santa angrily leaves Camp Kidney)

The Moose Hunters

Composed by Dennis Farnon.

  • "Racing Slicks" - (Plays in the end credits when a moose appears)

Mountain Dew (A)

Composed by Graham Preskett.

  • "Camp Samson" - (In the Fava cabin)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - ("Happy camping")
  • "Never Bean on the Map" - (Lazlo tells Tarson about the geyser)

Mountain Spirits

Composed by Martin Beeler

  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - (Swiss music)

Move To The Bossa Nova

Composed by John Scott

  • "I've Never Bean In A Sub" - (They show off the boat)

Mr. Plod

Composed by Pete Thomas

  • "Lights Out" - ("You piece of junk!")
  • "Float Trippers" - (Edward insulting Raj)
  • "Beans & Pranks" - ("Slinkman, is this a prank?")
  • "Meatman" - (Lazlo calls the meat stinky, smelly, and stupid)
  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - ("I work hard, I eat my vegetables, and what do I have to show for it?")
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (Everyone is mad at Raj)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson"- (Samson bullies everyone) (Low Pitched)
  • "Friendward" - (Edward loses his temper) (High Pitched)

Mr. Tippy Toes

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Spacemates" - (Nina writes a letter to Chip and Skip)
  • "The Bean Tree" - (The Scouts can't hear him)
  • "Never Bean On The Map" - ("Are you sure you can eat all that Scoutmaster Lumpus?")
  • "Step Clam" - (Clam goes after his clothes)

Mr. Whippy 

Composed by David Molyneux

  • "Beans Are From Mars" - (Ice cream truck arrives; the ice cream truck drives away)
  • "The Big Cheese" - (The Ice Cream Truck tune is heard)
  • "Meatman" - (A light shines from the closet)


Composed by Ron Aspery. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Beans Are From Mars" - (Lazlo performs his first aid skills)
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - ("No we don't!")
  • "Love Sick" - (Lazlo and Raj make knots with the rope) (Low Pitched)
  • "The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain" - ("Tent Detour?")
  • "Waiting For Edward" - (Opening)
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - (Samson tells Lazlo his idea)
  • "S Is For Crazy" - (Lumpus talks on the phone)
  • "Samson Needs A Hug" - ("And there is nothing funny about a hug"; "Well Skip, you're only partially correct.")

Mud Bathing

Composed by Otto Sieben and John Fiddy

  • "Snake Eyes" - (Patsy agrees to catch Snakey)
  • "It's No Picnic" - (Patsy comes out)
  • "Tree Hugger" - (Lumpus is puzzled)
  • "The Nothing Club" - (Nina shows up)
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - ("Well, if you must know, at least three peas got mixed up in my mashed potatoes.")
  • "Movie Night" - (Edward is not allowed to watch the movie)
  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - (Ending)
  • "Hallobeanies" - (Lumpus stutters)
  • "Hello Dolly" - ("Everything okay, Edward?")
  • "Dead Bean Drop" - (Slinkman wants Lumpus to jump with him)
  • "I've Never Bean In A Sub" - (Raj disguises as a customer)
  • "Irreconciable Dungferences" - ("You're brilliant!") (High Pitched)
  • "Hot Spring Fever" - (Samson at the hot spring)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - ("Hey! Watch it!")
  • "The Big Weigh In" - (Lumpus trying to the lardadoodle chicken)
  • "Beans In Toyland" - (Miss Mucus takes out the trash)
  • "Where's Clam" - (The Bean Scouts don't believe Lazlo)
  • "Scoop Of The Century" - (Lazlo wants Lumpus to get it)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - (Edward apologizes to Dave and Ping-Pong) (High Pitched)
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - (Samson has his bicycle; Samson comes back) (High Pitched)
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - ("It's breaking the floor of the room.")
  • "Friendward" - (Edward wants to be friends with him)
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Chip and Skip stink)
  • "The Engagement" - (Miss Doe leaves)
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - (Harold asks Lumpus for a wanted poster of Clam)


  • "Kamp Kringle"


  • "Tales From The Campfire" - (Opening)

Murder In Mind [#45]

Composed by Ronald Hanmer

  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? Its Me Samson" - (Samson runs back to his cabin)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Chip panics)

Murder In Mind [#46]

Composed by Ronald Hanmer

  • "Baby Bean" - ("His brain and muscles were so dormant he regressed into a baby!")

Murder In Mind [#47]

Composed by Ronald Hanmer

  • "Clam The Outlaw" - ("Run Clam!")

Musette Madeleine

Composed by Roland Kovac

  • "Love Sick" - (Gretchen becomes Love Sick)
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (Lazlo names the "Snipe" Jenifer)
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Jane's present)

Musique De L'Infini

Composed by Jean-Jacques Perrey

  • "Dead Bean Drop" - (Beginning of the end credits scene)
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand"

My Horse And I

Composed by Norman Warren. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Swimming Buddy" - (Raj feels encouraged)
  • "Loogie Llama" - ("Spitty" leaves Camp Kidney/End credits Scene)
  • "A Job Well Dung" - (Nurse Leslie takes Lumpus to the sunset)
  • "Camp Complain" - (Lumpus starts complaining to Slinkman)

My Lady's Pleasure

Composed by Richard Myhill.

  • "Handy Helper" - (Lazlo calls everyone names)

My Old Kentucky Home

Composed by George Weigand and Robert White

  • "The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain" - ("This tent is history!"; Slinkman says the Jelly Beans will carry the tent)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - ("Lazlo, I miss Camp Kidney"; Raj reads whats written on Lazlo's neckerchief)
  • "Where's Clam" - (Lazlo says that Raj is not lying) (Low Pitched)
  • "Squirrel Seats" - (Slinkman gets on too)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (Chip and Skip cry)
  • "Temper Tee-Pee" - (Edward walks with ChefMcMuesli)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - (Raj getting ready to go back to India)
  • "The Bean Tree" -(Lazlo hugs Slinkman)
  • "Award To The Wise" - (Samson is in the bathroom)
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - (Slinkman goes to his room)
  • "Never Bean On The Map" - (Raj and Clam go to sleep)
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (Mr. Buns talks with Samson)
  • "Camp Dinkey" - (At the Mess Hall) (Low Pitched)
  • "Bad Luck Be a Camper Tonight" - ("Can't Samson have one more chance?")
  • "S Is For Crazy" - (Samson leaves Camp Kidney)
  • "Samson Needs A Hug" - (Lazlo speaks with Slinkman)
  • "Wedding Bell Blues" - (Miss Doe still has her hand in Raj's trunk)
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - (Lumpus writes a note to Slinkman)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Raj and Clam are depressed)
  • "Kamp Kringle" - ("What are we gonna do now?")


Nasa Space Program A

Composed by Gregor Narholz.

  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (Lazlo says what the diaper really is)

Nautical Discovery [#97.06]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Squirrel Seats" - (The Bean Scouts arrive at Ol' Geezer Geyser)

The Navy Lark

Composed by Tommy Reilly and James Moody

  • "Swimming Buddy" - (Lazlo and Clam put rocks and buoys in the bath tub.)

New Orleans Funeral 60

Composed by Steve Gray

  • "Penny For Your Dung" - (A funeral for the penny is held)

New Recruits

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Sweet Dreams Baby" - ("I need you to hold my calls for the rest of the day."; Lumpus says he needs sleep)
  • "The Bean Tree" - (Lumpus shows Slinkman The Bean Tree)

New World

Composed by Sam Spence

  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (Lazlo puts it on)

Nick & Nora

Composed by John Cacavas

  • "Parastic Pal" - (Music in the waiting; The waiting room music again; Ending)
  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - (Lazlo goes to Nurse Leslie)
  • "Club Kidney-Ki" - (Nurse Leslie runs tests on Slinkman)
  • "Love Sick" - (Clam sees Nurse Leslie)
  • "The Big Weigh In" - (At the hospital)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - (Raj visits Nurse Leslie)
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - (The waiting room music starts playing; The music plays in Nurse Leslie's First Aid kit; The music plays again; Leslie quickly opens it; Nurse Leslie gets another bandage; Nurse Leslie opens the kit again; The First Aid kit lands in the lake; The First Aid kit in the lake; Raj peels off his bandage)
  • "Valentine's Day" - (Edward lands in the hospital)
  • "A Job Well Dung" - (Chip and Skip work with Nurse Leslie)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - (Edward visits Nurse Leslie)
  • "Nursemaster" - (Nurse Leslie packs up)

The Nightmare Begins (A)

Composed by John Devereaux.

  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" -  (Edward's nightmare)

Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - (Slinkman in bed)
  • "The Bean Tree" - (Lazlo says what he did)
  • "Step Clam" - (Clam tells Nina what happened to him)


  • "Where's Lazlo?"- (Raj's emotional speech)
  • "Kamp Kringle" - ("It brings happiness to the whole world.")


O Cara Mamma Mia

Composed by Otto Sieben

  • "Snow Beans" - (At the chair lifts)


Composed by Wolfgang Kaltenbach 

  • "Love Sick" - (Lazlo and Raj buy a Brazilian Plantain Parchment Pear Pie)

Off To Play

Composed by David Snell

  • "Meatman" - ("Easter!")
  • "A Job Well Dung" - (Lumpus frolics)
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Chip and Skip give cute looks)

Oh Susanna

Composed by Stephen Foster.

  • "Cave Chatter" - (In the Fava cabin; The Jelly Beans bring the Cave Bean in their cabin)

On The Prowl

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Beans Are From Mars" - (The Squirrel Scouts go under the cabin)
  • "Swimming Buddy" - ("The first thing to learn is to jump into the water"; "Okay. Now take a deep breath"; They carry Raj away)
  • "Marshmallow Jones" - ("Everyone have their glow sticks?")
  • "The Nothing Club" - (Edward makes everyone tell bad stories about Lazlo)
  • "The Wig Of Why" - ("Okay. Who's next?"; "Thank goodness you're back!")
  • "Beans & Pranks" - ("Slinkman! Come out here!")
  • "Camp Samson" - (Samson looks in the yearbook)
  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - (Edward walks away)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - (Lazlo and Clam disguise as the Tusk Wizard and the Tusk Brush respectively)
  • "Radio Free Edward" - (Gordon leaves)
  • "Award To The Wise" - (Samson needs to use one of his award's as toilet paper)
  • "Harold And Raj" - ("The children are staring at me, Slinkman.")
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (Samson goes to Presto's theater)
  • "Clown Camp" - (Lazlo says why he wants to help Lumpus)
  • "Camp Complain" - (The cabin memebers tamper with the camp's property)
  • "Samson Needs A Hug"

On Wisconsin

Composed by Isaac Jenkins and Beak Perdy

  • "Tree Hugger" - ("Huddle!")
  • "Beany Weenies" - (The Squirrel Scouts' morning routine)

On With The Race

Composed by Dennis Farnon

  • "Slugfest" - (Slinkman wrecks everything; Slinkman keeps destroying everything)
  • "Handy Helper" - ("Who is that jerk?")
  • "Tomato Paste" - (Lumpus and Edward tomato paste Hoo-ha)
  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (Dave swings around)
  • "Harold And Raj" - (Harold slips on a banana) (High Pitched)

Once Upon a Dream

Composed by Clive Richardson.. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Lumpy Treasure" - (They make it to Itchy Island)

One, Two, Three, Whoops

Composed by Dennis Farnon

  • "Marshmallow Jones" - (Raj struggling to move)
  • "Love Sick" - ("Oh no!") (High Pitched)
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (Chip and Skip push the air conditioner back to their cabin)
  • "I've Never Bean in a Sub" - (Lazlo says the camp needs something neat)
  • "Burpless Bean" - ("Lazlo, why do you hate me?")
  • "Tomato Paste" - ("Last camper to make it all the way used fake badges.")
  • "Camp Samson" - (Samson looks at his yearbook and Edward argues with Samson)
  • "The Bean Tree" - (Lumpus ties Slinkman to the front of his car)
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Edward tries to say that he loves sunflowers)
  • "Cave Chatter" - (Samson gets kicked out)
  • "Wedding Bell Blues" - (Raj and Lumpus argue)


  • "Mail Dominance"

Open And End Fanfare

Composed by Nino Nardini

  • "Taking Care Of Gretchen" - (Movie's Opening Fanfare)

Orchestral Flourish 5

Composed by Gregor Narholz.

  • "Beans & Weenies" - (Chef McMuesli shows his homeopathic garden weenies)


Composed by Bruce Campbell

  • "The Big Cheese" - (The cheese wheel was made in China)

Oriental Magic (A)

Composed by Sammy Burdson and John Fiddy

  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (Mr. Buns' magic track)

Our Way To Go

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (The Worldwide Bean Scout Jamboree)
  • "The Bean Tree" - (Lumpus gives Camp Kidney to Lazlo)

The Outlaw (E)

Composed by Ron Goodwin.

  • "Clam the Outlaw" - (Clam is now an outlaw)

Over The Waves

Composed by Keith Papworth

  • "Prickly Pining Dining" - ("Thar she blows!")
  • "Dead Bean Drop" - (The Jelly Beans walk on a tightrope)
  • "Lumpus Vs. the Volcano" - (Lumpus still doing things the volcano tells him to do)
  • "Nursemaster" - ("See? I feel great.")
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (Lazlo bouncing on Lumpus' bed)


  • "Kamp Kringle"

Overly Loverly Part 2

Composed by Michael Jones and Thomas Chase

  • "Tree Hugger" - (Lumpus can't do it after all) (High Pitched)
  • "Parent's Day" - (Lumpus says that he loves everyone)
  • "Hard Days Samson" - (Samson falls)
  • "The Engagement" - ("I'm sorry Jane she's hot”)
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - ("Hey! A penny!")
  • "Wedding Bell Blues"


Paddy's Whack

Composed by Dennis Farnon

  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - (Edward is given a book; Rest of the end credits scene)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - (Now it's a leprechaun)


  • "Where's Lazlo?"

Panther Prowl

Composed by David Farnon

  • "Tree Hugger" - (Lumpus and Slinkman sneak out to cut down the tree)
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - (Lumpus sneaks out of his cabin wearing paint for clothes)

Panto Intro [#56]

Composed by David Farnon

  • "Loogie Llama" - (Lazlo disguises Spitty as a unicorn)
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - (Samson runs away)
  • "Beans And Weenies" - (Raj and Clam fight with buns and mustard)
  • "Hallobeanies" - (Lumpus is dizzy)
  • "Love Sick" - (They try to cure his Love Sickness)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (Edward disguised as a tree)
  • "The Bean Tree" - (Slinkman says Lazlo hung the picture on the Family Tree)
  • "Scoop Of The Century" - ("Didn't see that coming, did ya?")
  • "Being Edward" - (Edward yells at everyone)
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - (The pie hops away from Lumpus) (Low Pitched)
  • "Tour Wars" - (Lazlo laughs historically)
  • "Clown Camp" - (The clowns laugh at Lumpus)
  • "Baby Bean" - (Lumpus makes weird faces)
  • "Wedding Bell Blues" - (Everyone laughs at Lumpus)

Panto Intro [#59]

Composed by David Farnon

  • "Lumpy Treasure" - (Raj cries)

Paris Pavements

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Beans & Pranks" - ("Slinkman!")
  • "Love Sick" - ("Love knot")

Parisienne Episodes

Composed by Gerhard Trede.

  • "Cheese Orbs" - (The Squirrel Scouts prepare for the International Cheese  Ball)

Peer Gynt - Morning

Composed by Fiachra Trench and Edvard Grieg.

  • "The Weakest Link" - (Morning)
  • "Camp Samson" - (Opening)

Performing Elephant

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Temper Tee-Pee" - (Checkers the Bear)


Composed by Johnny Hawksworth

  • "Beans Are From Mars" - (The Squirrel Scouts kidnap Lazlo, Raj and Clam)
  • "Snake Eyes" - ("That's it Snakey!") (High Pitched)
  • "Marshmallow Jones" - (Opening)
  • "Slugfest" - (The Jelly Beans break Slinkman out of his cabin)
  • "Beans & Pranks" - (Prankers go into Lumpus' cabin)
  • "Camp Samson" - (Samson bypasses Mcmuesli's security system)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Edward sneaks in)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Samson  grabs the pillows)
  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - (The Canadian Trout sneak in the kitchen; The Trout leave)


  • "Kamp Kringle"

The Petulant Penguin

Composed by Dennis Farnon. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Racing Slicks" - ("Mr. Slinkman. You can drive the car now"; Slinkman still driving slowly) (High Pitched)
  • "Its No Picnic" - ("What are you doing here?"; The mud puddle is dried up)
  • "Marshmallow Jones" - ("Did you steal my marshmallow?")
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - (Samson washes his shirt in the river)
  • "Irreconcilable Dungferences" - (Chip and Skip argue again)
  • "Sweet Dreams Baby" - (Lumpus tries to go to sleep)
  • "Temper Tee-Pee" - (Edward sits down)
  • "Radio Free Edward" - (Edward hosts his talk show)
  • "Boxing Edward" - ("One Moment")
  • "Tour Wars" - ("Hey Edward I'll fix it!")
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - ("I need your help to get rid of it.")
  • "Samson Needs A Hug" - (Edward takes a shower after being hugged)

Piano Box

Composed by Gerhard Trede.

  • "Hallobeanies" - (The Jelly Beans eat Lumpus' candy)

Piano Study

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Handy Helper" - ("Try to relax."; "Can somebody help me turn off this blasted cockamamie tape!?")
  • "Spacemates" -  ("So, this is who I'm going to spend the rest of my life with.")

Piazza Della Commedia

Composed by Bruno Bertoli

  • "Wedding Bell Blues"

The Pirate's Waltz

Composed by Robert White

  • "Prickly Pinning Dinning" - (Lazlo Raj and Clam act like fancy Gentlemen; Lazlo tells Lumpus to act more civilized; "Keep up the good work, old chaps!")
  • "Hot Spring Fever" - (Raj reads Samson's note)

Pizzicato 1

Composed by Jack Trombey

  • "Tree Hugger" - ("You're looking for the Migrating Mallberry Tree too?")
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (The Squirrel Scouts won't give it back)
  • "The Engagement" - (Opening)

Planet Xz-3 A

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Waiting For Edward" - (Chip and Skip become dumb again)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - (The aliens try to figure out what to do)

Playful Pup

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Miss Doe bakes brownies)

Plodding Along (A)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (Lumpus dresses up)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - ("Did I give you permission to speak!?")
  • "Tour Wars" - (Inside the cave)

Plodding Along (C)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Lumpy Treasure" - ("Just pull on the rope and the map is ours!")
  • "Irreconciable Dungferences" - (Chip comes in)

Plodding Along (D)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Beany Weenies" -(Miss Mucus call Commander Hoo-Ha)

The Plot Thickens

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Beans And Weenies" - ("You think buns are BORING?!")
  • "Ed's Benedict" - ("I gotta get outta here!")
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - ("Somebody has been messing with my chemistry set!")
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - ("Slinkman! She's leaving!")


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - ("Sir some campers are missing we need to do a head count!")

Police Car Chase

  • "Dead Bean Drop" - (Lumpus and Slinkman are about to jump)

Pomp And Ceremony

Composed by Frank Damico. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Slap Happy" - (Legumes loved inew handshake)
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - (Opening; The Mayor loves the float)

Primative Force

Composed by Raymond Jones

  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Samson looks for Skip.)

Princess Charming

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "The Wig Of Why" - (Everyone says that his predictions actually came true)
  • "Prickly Pinning Dinning" - ("It's you!")
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (Lumpus floats away)
  • "I've Never Bean In A Sub" - (Lazlo decides not to take the submarine)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Lazlo says what the Big Bean said)
  • "The Big Weigh In" - (Lazlo and Lumpus are laid as eggs)
  • "Beans In Toyland" - (Everyone gets their toys back)
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - (Lazlo returns everyone's belongings)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - (Raj is pleased with them)

Proceed With Caution

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" - (The three see Lumpus' boat)
  • "Lumpy Treasure" - (Timmy and Tommy approach Raj)
  • "Prickly Pinning Dinning" - (Lumpus looks for Lazlo in the trash; Lumpus looking for the Scouts on the bus)
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (Everyone argues)
  • "Beany Weenies" - (The Bean Scouts wake up)
  • "Hot Spring Fever" - (They tell each other's secrets to the Scouts)
  • "The Big Weigh In" - (The Jelly Beans save the chicken)
  • "Where's Clam" - ("Hey, Raj, did you find Clam?")
  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - (Lumpus puts his bowling shoes back on)
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - (Nurse Leslie doesn't know how to get out)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - (The aliens find board games)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - (Edward will take the egg to Nurse Leslie)
  • "Harold And Raj" - ("What a loser!") (Low Pitched)
  • "Tour Wars" - (Everyone leaves)
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (Raj says that Lazlo doesn't like coffee)
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (Samson gets nervous)
  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou" - ("Who told you this was Camp Kidney?")

The Promised Land

Composed by David Farnon

  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - (They hold the book in their hands)
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - (Samson and Lazlo make it to the Scoutmaster in the Sky)

Proud Fanfare

Composed by David Farnon

  • "The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain" - (Lumpus Models for Lazlo, Raj and Clam)
  • "Being Edward" - ("It's Edward Day!")
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - ("BEHOLD! The new addition of the bean scout handbook is here!")
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - (Samson shows Raj the sack of candy)
  • "Baby Bean" - (Raj opens all the doors at the camp)
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - ("I AM a genius!!!")

Psycho Band

Composed by Kevin Hiatt and Charles Blaker

  • "Snake Eyes" - (Chip and Samson scream)
  • "Swimming Buddy" - (Raj screams)
  • "Tree Hugger" - (Lumpus is about to chop it down)
  • "Loogie Llama" - (Lazlo screams)
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - (Samson showers again; Samson showers once again)
  • "Hallobeanies" - ("NO!")
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (Raj and Clam scream)
  • "Waiting For Edward" - ("WHAT IN HEAVEN'S GATE?!")
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (There is no dirt)
  • "Are You the S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Samson is surrounded by Bean Scouts)
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - (Nurse Leslie's stool gets caught in a bear trap)
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (Chip and Skip scream)
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (Edward hits crushes Slinkman)


  • "Tales From The Campfire"

Pub Trio

Composed by Andrew Hall

  • "I've Never Bean In A Sub" - (Lazlo stacks several beans)
  • "Burpless Bean" - (Credits Scene)
  • "Slap Happy" - (Lumpus does the rest of the handshake)
  • "Where's Clam" - (Lazlo playing tag)
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Low Pitched)

Pub Piano

Composed by Andrew Hall

  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - (Beginning of the end credits scene)
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Lazlo pretends to be a cowboy)

Pull Up Your Socks

Composed by Cedric Palmer

  • "A Job Well Dung" - (Chip makes breakfest for Hoo-ha)

Pyramids Of Egypt

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Lumpus' Last Stand"


Quest For The Best 1

Composed by David Reilly

  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S.? It's Me Samson" - (Samson blocks the balls with his armor)

Quiz Logo 3

Composed by Dave Hewson

  • "No Bead, No Business" - (Clam gets to be the camp therapist)

Quiz Organ (A)

Composed by Curtis Schwartz

  • "No Beads, No Business" - (Dave gets to rake leaves; Raj gets Camp Store)


Raggedy Old Drunk

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - (Slinkman consults Lumpus)
  • "Harold And Raj" - ("You can't be cool if you don't kow who you are.")

Railroad Hoe Down

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "It's No Picnic" - (The bean and squirrel scouts have a food fight)
  • "Prodigious Clamus" - (Everyone tries to solve the puzzle)
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - (High Pitched)
  • "The Big Cheese" - (Lumpus steals Hoo-ha's Jeep)
  • "I've Never Bean In A Sub" - (The submarine is stolen)
  • "Sweet Dreams Baby" - (Lumpus gets dug into the ground)

Raspberry (A)

Composed by Sammy Burdson and John Fiddy

  • "Radio Free Edward" - (Trombone noise)

Rasping Brass

Composed by Harry Bluestone

  • "Parent's Day" - (Clam bites Lumpus's arm)

Ready For Combat

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "A Job Well Dung" - ("It's time")

Real Western Steel

Composed by Bobby Black

  • "Swimming Buddy" - (Ending)

Reckless Rufus

Composed by Jerry Burnham, Stephen Wade and Tom Layton

  • "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" - (Raj tells Lazlo they should help Lumpus)
  • "Snake Eyes" - (Lazlo sees a snake)
  • "Lumpy Treasure" - ("That's not adventure you're smelling.") (High Pitched)
  • "Dosey Doe" - (Lazlo figures out what that Lumpus is in love with Miss Doe)
  • "No Beads, No Business" - (Lazlo becomes a boxstacker)
  • "Handy Helper" - ( Lazlo tells Slinkman that Lumpus helped him)
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - ("Are you sure you know what you're doing?")
  • "I've Never Bean In A Sub" - (Lazlo stacks more beans)
  • "Irreconcilable Dungferences" - (The fish leave the river)
  • "Camp Samson" - (Dave and Ping-Pong ignore Samson as they arrive back at the dock)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - ("I heard a couple of Bean Scouts were trying to save Camp Kidney.") (High Pitched)
  • "Where's Clam" - (Lazlo gets back to the cabin)
  • "Squrriel Seats" - ("Wow Raj"; They keep readking the pamphlet)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - ("Dung Beetles With Dirt")
  • "Tusk Wizard" - (Raj gets Harold to hang out with him)
  • "The Bean Tree" - ("Mr. Lumpus?"; Lazlo wants to give the picture to Lumpus) (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Boxing Edward" - (The stamps won't stick to the box)
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (Samson wants to take pictutue of Lazlo)
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - ("How could we be so unfashionable?")
  • "Never Bean On The Map" - (Lazlo sees a map of Leaky Lake)
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - (Lumpus comes back to camp)
  • "Friendward" - ("Well done jellies")
  • "Clown Camp" - ("So that's it? The clowns went?")
  • "Peace Frog" - (Slinkman tells Lumpus to go to the General Store)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Lazlo tells Raj and Clam to come outside; Lumpus is all excited)


  • "Hiccups" - (The bear licks the honey off of Clam)
  • "Hair And Gone" - (Opening)

Red Alert [#8]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Over Cooked Beans" - ("Behind you!")
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Clam breaks a floorboard)
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - (The volcano rumbles; "SHE'S GONNA BLOW!")
  • "Clown Camp" - ("He's no real clown!")
  • "Call Me Almondine" - (An angry mob chases Almondine)

Reinstating the King

Composed by Laurie Johnson.

  • "Tomato Paste" - (Edward has lots of badges)


Composed by Cecil Milner

  • "Love Sick" - (The Squrriel Scouts Panic)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - ("We Made The Wrong Decision!!!")


Composed by Richard Myhill

  • "Never Bean On The Map" - (Opening)

Rhumba [#26]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

  • "Dirt Nappers" - (Samson uses vacuum cleaner)
  • "The Engagement" - (Music on the TV; Miss Doe's engagement party)

Rio Magic

Composed by Neil Richardson

  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Raj shows Lazlo and Clam what love feels like)

River Police

Composed by Roger Roger

  • "Snake Eyes" - (Sergeant Peanut) (High Pitched)
  • "The Weakest Link" - (Commander Hoo-ha calls Lumpus; Car pulls up; "Attention!"; Commander Hoo-Ha appears)
  • "Movie Night" - ("Lumpus, for not following the rules, no more milky-wilky for you... ever!")
  • "Tomato Paste" - (Edward brags about all the badges he "earned"; Credits Scene)
  • "Beany Weenies" - (Miss Mucus drives with the Bean Scouts)
  • "Valentine's Day" - (Commander Hoo-Ha gets out of his jeep; Commander Hoo-Ha says why he brought Patsy) (Low/Normal Pitched)
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (Lazlo copies Lumpus)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Back at Camp Kidney)


  • "Nudist Camp" - (Ending)
  • "Laid Off Lumpus" - ("Well, what a pleseant surprise!")

Rock-a-Bye Baby (A)

Composed by Richard Harvey, Brian Gulland.

  • "Ed's Benedict" - (Edward gets the egg back)
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Chip and Skip pretend to be babies)
  • "Baby Bean" - (A stork gives Lumpus Raj)

Rockabye Baby

Composed by David Snell

  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (Lumpus rocks Lazlo in his arms)

Romantic Closing [#28]

Composed by Harry Bluestone

  • "Parasitic Pal" - ("LAMAR!!!")
  • "Snow Beans" - ("Maybe we can ride the chair lift together?")

Romantic Ending [#31]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Snake Eyes" - (Raj mourns)
  • "The Weakest Link" - ("I've inflamed the map!")
  • "Waiting For Edward" - ("Chip! Skip! My brainless buddies!")
  • "Squirrel Seats" - ("A girl on our side of the bus.")
  • "The Bean Tree" - ("And now you have the nerve to give me this?!")
  • "Boxing Edward" - ("Poor Nana!")
  • "Award To The Wise" - ("What am I doing? I can't give it up!")
  • "The Engagement" - (Lumpus gets jealous and upset that Jane is engaged with Mayor Pothole)
  • "Wedding Bell Blues" - ("Is this true?")

Romantic Ending [#33]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Parent's Day" - (Lumpus gets a postcard from his "parents") (Low Pitched)
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Edward tells Dave he'll take his stamps for his grandmother's sake) (Low Pitched)
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - ("This may sound crazy but I'm beginning to feel sorry for coffee table") (Low Pitched)
  • "Samson Needs A Hug" - ("A hug?") (Low Pitched)

Romantic Ending [#34]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Tree Hugger" - (Lumpus cries when the tree is gone)
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Edward tells Dave about his grandmother)
  • "Award To The Wise" - ("I can give this up, because there's no greater reward then friendship")
  • "Step Clam" - (Nina apologizes to Clam)
  • "Samson Needs A Hug" - (Samson whimpers after Lazlo turns him down)
  • "Wedding Bell Blues" - ("You know scoutmaster..")
  • "Peace Frog" - (Lumpus sadly stares at Frederick)

Romantic Opening [#26]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Parasitic Pal" - ("BABIES!")

Romeo And Juliet Overture

Composed by Fiachra Trench and Peter Tchaikovsky

  • "Parasitic Pal" - ("I LOVE HIM!")
  • "Tree Hugger" - (Lazlo spots the Migrating Mallberry Tree)
  • "Irreconcilable Dungfrences" - ("You know what I was just thinking?")

Round the Bend (A)

Composed by Ron Aspery.

  • "Slugfest" - (Slinkman goes crazy)
  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (Lumpus pulling the rope)

Row Row Row Your Boat

Composed by Eliphalet Oram Lyte.

  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (Lemmings with a boat)

Rue Parisienne

Composed by Victor Cavini

  • "Miss Fru Fru" - (Miss Doe leaves to Paris)

Rule Britannia

Composed by Anthony Wakefield.

  • "Radio Free Edward" - (Yetis in the radio station)

Rule Britannia (A)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - ("Ah, yes. Jolly old London.")

Runaway Train

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Beans In Toyland" - (The trailer rolls down the slope.)


Sailor's Hornpipe

Composed by Phil Cunningham.

  • "The Nothing Club" - (Opening)

Salute To The King (C)

Composed by Paddy Kingsland

  • "Loogie Llama" - ("Oh, hello, Lazlo."; The Squirrel Scouts arrive again)

Salute the Hero

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "The Battle of Pimpleback Mountain" - (They make it to Pimpleback Mountain)

Santa's Grotto (A)

Composed by Patrick Hawes Specials

  • "Kamp Kringle" - (Santa wins)

Save The Heroine

Composed by Keith Nichols

  • "Swimming Buddy" - (Lazlo rescues Raj)

Saw Theme

Composed by William Trytel. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Beans Are From Mars" - (Nina spots the Jelly Beans Scouts)

Scene Ending

Composed by Dieter Reith

  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (Miss Mucus plays the organ)

Sci-Fi Shocker

Composed by Kevin Hiatt

  • "The Nothing Club" - (Plays at the same time as Link T and Closet Monsters)
  • "The Big Cheese" - ("Jumping peanuts!")
  • "Love Sick" - ("Love Sickness?")
  • "Beany Weenies" - ("Time's up, Camp Kidney!")
  • "Hard Days Samson" - (The Squirrel Scouts are at the door)
  • "A Job Well Dung" - (Commander Hoo-Ha's jeep shows up)
  • "Taking Care of Gretchen" - (One Scout is completely wrapped up)
  • "The List" - ("What in the world!?")
  • "Camp Complain - ("Cone out here and listen to us!")
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - (Clam gets angry at Lumpus)

Sergeant Jones

Composed by Larry Hochman

  • "Love Sick" - (Opening)

Serenade To A Blacksmith

Composed by Dennis Farnon

  • "Parent's Day" - (Lazlo and Raj argue) (Low Pitched)
  • "Sweet Dreams Baby" - (Lazlo makes Lumpus sit down)

The Seven Veils

Composed by Steve Race

  • "Marshmallow Jones" - (Raj smells the aroma)


Composed by Graham De Wilde

  • "The Weakest Link" - (The Jelly Beans spot a village in the distance/"We have three very eccentric princes from Finland, returning here to Wampum Springs Resort.")

Shivers Up The Spine (A)

Composed by Sammy Burdson and John Fiddy.

  • "Swimming Buddy" - (Raj falls in)
  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - (Samson gets pantsed; Milt gets pantsed; Everyone screams/Edward reveals himself)
  • "The Battle of Pimpleback Mountain" - ("What!?")

Shivers Up The Spine (B)

Composed by Sammy Burdson and John Fiddy

  • "The Bean Tree" - (Lumpus realizes that he doesn't have a son)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - ("Oh yeah.")


Composed by Cornelus Joh Bolten

  • "Meatman" - (Ending)

Shock Horror (A)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Swimming Buddy" - ("RAJ!!!")
  • "Snow Beans" - (Everyone screams)
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - ("THE DOORS OPEN!")
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - ("Look at this mess!")
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - (Dave and Ping-pong get scared when Slinkman says they're gonna die)
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - ("The coffee table was haunted!"; "It was the coffee table that was haunted!")

Shock Horror (B)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Samson Needs A Hug" - ("With This!")

Shock Stinger

Composed by Kevin Hiatt and Charles Blaker

  • "Swimming Buddy" - (Raj screams)
  • "Dosey Doe" - (Lumpus gets scared)
  • "Float Trippers" - (Raj screams)
  • "Prickly Pinning Dinning" - (Chef McMuesli comes in)
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - (Samson has peas in his mashed potatoes)
  • "The Big Cheese - (The Jelly Beans drop the cheese wheel) (Low Pitched)
  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - (Lumpus is revealed to be pantsed)
  • "Love Sick" - ("Love Sickness!!!")
  • "The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain" - (Lumpus gets scared by a spider; They see Lumpus)
  • "Slap Happy" - (The Legumes in the closet)
  • "Snow Beans" - (Lumpus is Lazlo's chaperone)
  • "Camp Samson" - ("My health buddies!"; Samson is not in the yearbook; "Health buddies!")
  • "Beany Weenies" - (Miss Mucus is angry)
  • "Hard Days Samson" - ("Hi, Samson!")
  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - ("Laaaaaazloooooo!!!")
  • "Dirt Nappers" - ("Lazlo!")
  • "Spacemates" - ("Is he okay!?")
  • "The Bean Tree" - (The cake catches fire) (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - (Something under Edward's sheets)
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - (The Bean Scouts rip off the Squirrel Scout uniforms)
  • "Never Bean On The Map" - (The Meat Bomb gets bigger)
  • "Nursemaster" - ("WHAT?!"; Lumpus gets electrocuted)
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" -  (Lazlo in Lumpus' bed)
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Miss Doe's gift is shattered)
  • "Clown Camp" - (Lumpus gets hit in the face with a rake)
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (Gordon is at the window)
  • "Camp Complain" - (The Scouts deny it)
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - (Lazlo's head explodes)
  • "S Is For Crazy"
  • "Samson Needs A Hug" - ("BACK OFF!") (Low Pitched)
  • "Peace Frog"
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand"


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Clam kicks Lumpus in the leg)
  • "Kamp Kringle"

Shopping Spree

Composed by Laurie Johnson. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Scoop Of The Century" - ("What's Wrong?"; Lazlo reads the weekly bean; Lazlo interviews Milt) (Normal/Low Pitched)

Show Fanfare 3

Composed by David Lindup

  • "Boxing Edward" - ("Sunflower shuffle!")

Showtime (D)

Composed by Robert Sharples

  • "Scoop Of The Century" - ("The Bean!" becomes a success)

Silent Tears

Composed by Keith Nichols

  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (Samson cries his eyes out)


Composed by Bill Novick and Paul Lenart

  • "Hallobeanies" - (Lumpus about to relax)

Simple Souls

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Prodigious Clamus" - (Lumpus takes all the confiscated items back to his cabin)
  • "Spacemates" - (In the Pinto cabin)
  • "Step Clam" - (The Wingnuts make fun of stuff their younger siblings did)

Six Powerful Cues (A)

Composed by Wilfred Burns

  • "Snake Eyes" - (Opening) (High Pitched)

Six Powerful Cues (B)

Composed by Wilfred Burns

  • "Samson Needs A Hug" - ("He won't be able to hug me if I just keep running!")

Six Powerful Cues (D)

Composed by Wilfred Burns

  • "Waiting For Edward" - (The wire of Slinkman's microphone catches on fire)

Six Powerful Cues (E)

Composed by Wilfred Burns

  • "Lumpy Treasure" - ("And I'm tired of this adventure!")


Composed by Xaiver Edmunds and Zoltan Biscotti

  • "Hallobeanies" - (The Jelly Beans look for another place to trick or treat)

Slap And Tickle

Composed by Roger Roger

  • "Beans In Toyland" - (Lazlo and Raj get in)

Sleazy Sax

Composed by Richard Myhill

  • "Beans And Pranks" - (Lumpus shows Slinkman the calendar)
  • "The Battle Of Pimpleback Mountain" - (Lumpus gets flattered)

Sliding Down

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

  • "Scoop of the Century" - (Lumpus falls down a waterfall)
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (They slide down the wall)

Slippery Sid

Composed by Roger Roger

  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (Lazlo thinks the "snipe" is playing charades)
  • "Scoop Of The Century" - ("Scooter" is introduced)


Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - (Lazlo hides in the Scoutmaster's cabin)
  • "Meatman" - ("Santa? Easter Bunny? Then which is it?")


  • "Tales From The Campfire" - (Lumpus tells his scary story)

Snow Scene (A)

Composed by Patrick Hawes


  • "Kamp Kringle" - (Lazlo asks Santa a question; Lazlo explains Camp Kidney)

So Tired

Composed by Sammy Burdson and John Fiddy

  • "Swimming Buddy" - ("NOT!")
  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - ("Oops! I mean, Gutterball!")


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - ("HE MADE ME DO IT!")

Soft Lights And Music

Composed by Gordon Rees

  • "Spacemates" - (Chip and Skip are all clean; End credits scene)

The Soldier's Parade

Composed by Gerhard Trede.

  • "Tomato Paste" - (Edward is tested on his Tomato Scout skills)

Soljering On

Composed by Sammy Burdson and Jean-Claude Madonne 

  • "Dead Bean Drop" - (Old photo of Lumpus)
  • "Radio Free Edward" - (Plays on Camp Kidney's radio station; First end credits scene song)

Solo Harp [#50.05]

Composed by Harry Bluestone

  • "Wedding Bell Blues" - (Manfred goes up to the altar)

Someone Coming

Composed by Raymond Jones

  • "A Job Well Dung" - (Commander Hoo-Ha taking a bath)

Southern Heat

Composed by Richard Myhill .

  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (Lazlo sits with Lumpus)

Space Critters (A)

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (Lazlo and Clam enter the cabin)
  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - (Samson gets abducted by the aliens; Samson ducks)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - (Opening)

Space Voyagers (A)

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Spacemates" - (Chip and Skip built a rocket)

Spaghetti Cowboy

Composed by Jakko Jakszyk

  • "It's No Picnic" - (Pine cone sitting competition)
  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - (Lazlo and Edward have a pants off)
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (Opening)
  • "Harold And Raj" - (Harold confronts Edward)
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - (Clam growls at Lumpus; "Dagnabbit!")

Spaghetti Western (A)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Loogie Llama" - ("Bean Scouts don't drink tea!") (High Pitched)
  • "Beans And Weenies" - ("It's me! Saddleback Sam!")
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - ("You heard him boys!")
  • "Peace Frog" - (Lumpus leaves)

Speaking Guitar

Composed by Gerhard Narholz

  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - (Lumpus in a bowling jersey; Lumpus goes bowling again; Credits Scene)

Speed Up

Composed by Michael Licari.

  • "Radio Free Edward" - (Lazlo pitches the ball)

Spending Spree

Composed by Anthony Thurlow.

  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (Raj and Slinkman move thier furniture)


Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - (Opening)
  • "Hard Days Samson" - (Samson hiding)
  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - ("Bone?")
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (Raj puts bugs under everyone's pillows)
  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou"

Spring Cleaning

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - ("Hello again boys"; Miss Doe cleans them once again)

Spring Song

Composed by David Hynes and Felix Mendelssohn 

  • "Parent's Day" - ("We just want to spend the day with you as parents!") (High Pitched)
  • "There's No Place Like Gnome" - (Lumpus is asleep)
  • "The Big Weigh In" - (The lollipop tree is grown)
  • "Peace Frog"


Composed by Fiachra Trench

  • "Camp Dinkey" - (Samson's daydream of Camp Dinkey)

Staggering Home

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Snake Eyes" - ("I think so.")
  • "Lumpy Treasure" - ("It's the chosen one!")
  • "Prodigious Clamus" - (Lumpus takes the TV away)
  • "Loogie Llama" - (Lumpus built a fence to keep the Scouts away from nature)
  • "Prickly Pining Dining" - (Chef McMuesli is sick)
  • "Love Sick" - (Clam goes into Gretchen's cabin)
  • "Burpless Bean" - (Edward leaves)
  • "Snow Beans" - (Lumpus still hanging)
  • "Tomato Paste" - ("What's all the commotion about?")
  • "Waiting for Edward" - ("Does that mean he's gonna sit on us?")
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - (Nurse Leslie falls)
  • "Boxing Edward" - (All the campers are in the box)
  • "Nursemaster" - (Lumpus in the hospital)
  • "Tour Wars" - (Dave and Ping Pong bail)
  • "Camp Dinkey" - (Chip and Skip chase a rabbit)
  • "S Is For Crazy" - (Samson is still crazy)
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - (The Bean Scouts are filthy)

Stand Boys Stand

Composed by Jerry Burnham, Stephen Wade and Tony Ellis.

  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (At the Mess Hall)

Stand Up Comic (B)

Composed by Sammy Burdson and John Fiddy

  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (Raj tells "Kevin" a joke)

Stand Up Comic (C)

Composed by Sammy Burdson and John Fiddy

  • "Dosey Doe" - (Raj tells a joke to The Squirrel Scouts)
  • "Club Kidney-Ki" - ("What exist?")
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - ("The government needed it for taxes!")

The Stars And Stripes

Composed by John Sousa

  • "Dosey Doe" - (Lumpus' head explodes)

Star Premiere

Composed by Sammy Burdson and John Charles Fiddy.

  • "Scoop of the Century" - ("There!")

Star Prizes (A)

Composed by Tony Kinsey. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "No Beads, No Business" - (Clam is up next)

Star Prizes (C)

Composed by Tony Kinsey. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "No Beads, No Business" - (The Wheel of Duties)

The Star Spangled Banner

Composed by Francis Scott Key.

  • "Valentine's Day" - (Hoo throws Lazlo in ring)


Composed by Michael Larsen

  • "Movie Night" - (End Credits Scene)

Stealth By Night

Composed by Jack Coles. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Call Me Almondine" - ("You're late")


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Edward goes outside/Skip goes to the bathroom in the woods)

Stealthy Mouse

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Racing Slicks" - (Lazlo, Raj and Clam ran out of money)
  • "Movie Night" - (Edward sneaks out of the cabin)
  • "Being Edward" - ("Some people just have no class")
  • "Step Clam" - (Edward and the Dung Beetles aim a catapult at the tower)
  • "Peace Frog" - (The fr2ogs get sick)

Stellar Travels

Composed by Hendrix Bekker

  • "Lights Out" - (The comet appears)
  • "Waiting For Edward" - ("Hi, Edward.")

    Camp Lazlo Music- Steve's March

Steve's March

Composed by Sam Spence

  • "Temper Tee-Pee" - ("Alrightly who's ready to have some fun?")

Stiff Upper Lip

Composed by Paddy Kingsland

  • "Mascot Madness" - (Lazlo dressed as a judge)

Stop Press

Composed by Vivian Kennard

  • "Scoop Of The Century" - (Transition to next scene; They advertise "The Bean!"; Transition; "Get your paper here!"; Transition; Next transition)

Strange Goings-On

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Where's Lazlo? - ("Lazlo never came back!")

The Stranger In Town

Composed by Tony Kinsey

  • "Beans And Weenies" - ("My mama used to bowl a pretty mean weenie!")

Street Scene

Composed by Robert Farnon

  • "No Beads, No Business" - (Lazlo advertises the camp store)

Strip Teaser (A)

Compose by Tony Kinsey

  • "Squirrel Seats" - (Ending)

Sunset Strip

Composed by Reginald Owen

  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - (Slinkman's makeover revealed)

Sunshine Whistle March A

Composed by C. H. Mylla and Niels Holland

  • "O Brother, Where Art Thou" - (Flashback to the old Camp Kidney; "These are Edward's big brothers.")

Super Hero

Composed by Tony Hymas

  • "Hello Dolly" - (Lazlo thinks the doll is an action figure)

Surfer Baby (B)

Composed by Jerry Burnham

  • "Club Kidney-Ki" - (Lazlo and Slinkman go water skiing)
  • "Radio Free Edward" - (Lazlo's get up and go show)

Surfer Baby (D)

Composed by Jerry Burnham

  • "Tour Wars" - (The tour begins)

Surfin' Fun

Composed by Grahame Maclean and Barry Ryder

  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Music on the radio)

Sweet And Lovely

Composed by Alan Braden

  • "It's No Picnic" - (Lumpus tries to pop the question)
  • "Samson Needs A Hug" - (Lazlo gives hugs to everyone)

Sweet Hawaii

Composed by Terry Day.

  • "Nursemaster" - (Nurse Leslie at the Acorn Flats pool; Nurse Leslie in the pool)

Swing Low Sweet Chariot

Composed by Richard Harvey and Brian Gulland

  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - ("I'm sorry Lazlo")
  • "A Job Well Dung" - (Chip and Skip cry)
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - ("What am I gonna do?!!")
  • "Friendward" - (Edward plays alone)
  • "The List" - ("It feels good to wash this day away")
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - (Lazlo's soda spills all over him)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Ending Of Part 1)

Sword Fight

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Kamp Kringle" - ("Santa! Look out!")

Sword Fight

Composed by Sam Fonteyn

  • "Kamp Kringle" - (Santa and Lumpus fight)

Symphony #9 'Choral' 4th Movement

Composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven.

  • "Prodigious Clamus" - (Clam plays this just by whistling into the bottle)

Synchrostings - Part 2

Composed by Trevor Duncan

  • “Dead Bean Drop" - (Super Slug falls down the cliff)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - ("No! NO!")
  • "Beans In Toyland" - (Miss Mucus answers the door)
  • "Scoop of the Century" - (Ted's floaty is lost at the lake)
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (A giant octopus takes the bus down)
  • "The List" - (Edward gets hit in the face with a Bowling Ball)
  • "Baby Bean" - ("Raj! Your arms! Your legs!")
  • "Samson Needs A Hug" - (Edward hides under a rock)


  • "Kamp Kringle" - (Chip gets hit by a giant snowball)

Synchrostings - Part 5

Composed by Trevor Duncan

  • "Snake Eyes" - (Jelly Beans scream)
  • "Swimming Buddy" - ("Aah! It looks like a... peanut!")
  • "The Weakest Link" - ("Scoutmaster Lumpus!"/"Commander Hoo-Ha?!")
  • "Tree Hugger" - (Lumpus gets caught)
  • "Float Trippers" - ("My retainer!")
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - (Cousin Stinkbug falls down onto Samson)
  • "Beans & Pranks" - (Lumpus looks in the mirror)
  • "Hello Dolly" - (Edward sees that Veronica is gone)
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (Lumpus has the air conditioner)
  • "Burpless Bean" - (Edward gets mad)
  • "Slap Happy" - ("Slinkman!")
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (Raj gets scared of it)
  • "The Bean Tree" - (Lumpus screams when he finds out he's old)
  • "Boxing Edward" - ("FORGET THIS!")
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - ("Avoid Edward?!")
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (Everybody screams except for Raj)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (The cart is about is go down a very steep hill)

Synchrostings - Part 11

Composed by Trevor Duncan

  • "Beans Are From Mars" - ("Our plan to take over the world of course!")
  • "It's No Picnic" - (Everybody is scared)
  • "Loogie Llama" - (Ants everywhere)
  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - (Lumpus tells Lazlo to run)
  • "Slap Happy" - ("Slinkman! How can this be?")
  • "The Big Weigh In" - (Lumpus in the kitchen) (High Pitched)
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (Plays at the same time as Synchrostings - Part 5)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - ("Game Over..")
  • "Taking Care Of Gretchen" - (Lazlo's plan didn't work)
  • "Cave Chatter" - ("He's destroying the camp!")
  • "Clown Camp" - ("This is a catastrophe!")
  • "S Is For Crazy" - ("Alright you leave me no choice!")
  • "Samson Needs A Hug" - (The can and string get flushed down the toilet)

Synchrostings - Part 16

Composed by Trevor Duncan

  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - ("Math Camp?!")
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - ("My Sign!")
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (Lumpus gets a Saw)
  • "The List" - (Edward gets crushed by a Walrus)
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - (Lazlo gets struck by lightning)
  • "S Is For Crazy" - (Slinkman covered in salt)
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - (Lumpus' stench destroys the camp)


  • "Kamp Kringle" - (Christmas ordment lands on Chip)


Ta-Ra (A)

Composed by Sammy Burdson and John Fiddy

  • "The Weakest Link" - (Lazlo lights a pine cone)
  • "The Nothing Club" - (Confetti)
  • "Loogie Llama" - ("A Llama!") (Low Pitched)
  • "Hello Dolly" - ("Here's your doll!")
  • "Dead Bean Drop" - ("Time! For the time capsule!")
  • "I've Never Bean in a Sub" - (Lazlo lands)
  • "Burpless Bean" - (Plays at the same time as Ta-Ra C; Milt drops it again; Everyone applauds Edward)
  • "Boxing Edward" - ("It's Sunflower Day!")
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - ("Avoid Poision Ivy!")
  • "Never Bean On The Map" - ("A steak dinner at Beef Lumber Jack's") (Low Pitched)
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - ("I call dibs on this one!") (High Pitched)
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - ("Ta-da!"; "Ta-da!" again)


  • "Kamp Kringle" - ("See? Now you try!") (Low Pitched)

Ta-Ra (B)

Composed by Sammy Burdson and John Fiddy

  • "Dead Bean Drop" - ("Bee Sting?")
  • "Burpless Bean" - (Milt drops the ball a third time; "No wait! I can do it!")
  • "Boxing Edward" - ("Sunflower Day!")
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - ("Avoid Runs In Our Stockings!")
  • "The List" - (Lazlo is mauled by cats; The last part of end credits scene)

Ta-Ra (C)

Composed by Sammy Burdson and John Fiddy

  • "No Beads, No Business" - (The store is open)
  • "Dead Bean Drop" - ("We're ready! For the future!")
  • "I've Never Bean In A Sub" - (Lazlo gets a bean on the wobbling tower)
  • "Burpless Bean" - (Milt drops the ball)
  • "Lazlo Loves a Parade" - (They reveal it)
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Everyone cheers)
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - ("Avoid Lazlo!")
  • "Tour Wars" - ("We'll use this boat to give tours of Leaky Lake!")
  • "Friendward" - (Edward reveals a ship)


  • "The Eternal Flame" -  (Lazlo is announced as the Bean Eating Champion)

Tahitian Drums 2

Composed by Kapono Beamer

  • "Tree Hugger" - (Lumpus sees the Jelly Beans/Clam's drum music)
  • "Club Kidney-Ki" - (Chip and Skip do a Hawaiian dance)

Tahitian Drums B

Composed by Kapono Beamer

  • "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)"
  • "Club Kidney-Ki"

Take A Bow 1

Composed by David Lindup

  • "The Wig Of Why" - ("I knew it!")
  • "Miss Fru Fru" - ("You're all winners!")

Take A Bow 2

Composed by David Lindup

  • "Miss Fru Fru" - ("I can fly!")

Tales From The Swamp (A)

Composed by Ron Goodwin

  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (Slinkman runs away)
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (Shot of the camp site)

Tales From The Swamp (B)

Composed by Ron Goodwin

  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (Slinkman panics then immediately stops when he runs into a tree)
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - ("I'm SINKING!")

Tales From The Swamp (C)

Composed by Ron Goodwin

  • "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" - (Plays whenever lightning strikes) (Low/Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Hallobeanies" - ("The Curse of the Halloween Spirit!")

Tales From The Swamp (D)

Composed by Ron Goodwin

  • "Edward's Big Bag" - ("It's dark in here!")

Tales From The Swamp (E)

Composed by Ron Goodwin

  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Chip screams after knocking the decoys over)

Tapdance Charlie

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (Opening night; Lumpus' costume is ready)


Composed by Daniel Butterfield.

  • "Penny for Your Dung" - (Chip and Skip wake up)


Composed by Dick Walter.

  • "Loogie Llama" - (An injured ant is shown)
  • "Tomato Paste" - (Commander Hoo-Ha is Covered in tomatoes)

Team Trophy

Composed by Sammy Burdson and John Charls Fiddy.

  • "Radio Free Edward" - (Edward hosts his talk show again; The show starts)

Tears Of Courage

Composed by Harry Bluestone

  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Lazlo, Raj, Clam and Patsy return with Camp Kidney)
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (Lazlo finally is able to pee)

Tearjerker [#77]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (Elebug flies away) (Low Pitched)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - (Patsy says that she ate all the cheese)

Tearjerker [#78]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Ed's Benedict" - (Edward sees a mother bird taking care of her baby)

Tearjerker [#79]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (Edward shows Lazlo a diaper)

Teddy Bear's Outing

Composed by Richard Harvey, Brian Gulland.

  • "Movie Night" - (Edward says his movie night was awful)

Tell-Tale Heart

Composed by John Foulds

  • "Never Bean On The Map" - (He goes inside the Jelly cabin)

Temple Atmosphere

Composed by Lekha Rathnakumar.

  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (The Big Bean tells Lazlo what he can do)

Temple Dogs (A)

Composed by Graham De Wilde and Nigel Martinez

  • "Being Edward" - (The Beans worship the Gooseberry Shrub; They still worship it)
  • "Step Clam" - (Opening; The Jelly Beans are meditating)

Temple Dogs (B)

Composed by Graham De Wilde and Nigel Martinez

  • "Tree Hugger" - (Lumpus begins the ritual)
  • "Slap Happy" - (The Jelly Beans do yoga)

Terror By Night

  • Composed by Hubert Clifford. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.
  • "Snake Eyes" - ("Run Sargent Peanut Run!")
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - ("What does it want from us?")
  • "Camp Complain" - ("It's our cabinmates!")

Terror Effect (B)

Composed by Peter Dennis

  • "Snake Eyes" - ("You have the feeling you're being watched?") (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Beans & Weenies" - (Samson eats the hot dog)
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (The laundry machine shakes)
  • "Camp Samson" - (Samson's brain malfunctions)
  • "Hot Spring Fever" - ("What's that on my nose!?")
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation - (Nurse Leslie's legs wobble)

The Thing

Composed by Trevor Duncan.

  • "Strange Trout from Outer Space" - (Samson says the alien's plan)

Think Bubbles 4

Composed by Johnny Hawksworth

  • "Hello Dolly" - (Edward gets an idea)
  • "I've Never Bean In A Sub" - (Lazlo gets an idea)
  • "Slap Happy" - (Lumpus gets an idea) (Low Pitched)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (Samson gets an idea) (High Pitched)
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - (Lazlo knows what the float needs)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - ("That's a great idea!")
  • "Radio Free Edward" - (Edward gets an idea)
  • "A Job Well Dung" - ("Slinkman, you're brilliant!")
  • "The Bean Tree" - ("Who wants cake?")
  • "Scoop Of The Century" - (lazlo thinks of a name)
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Edward gets an idea)
  • "Being Edward" - (Edward gets an idea; "He's not Edward!")
  • "Award To The Wise" - (Lazlo has an idea)
  • "Never Bean On The Map" - ("Yaka! That's it!)
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - (Lumpus get a bib)
  • "Nursemaster" - (Lazlo has an idea; Nurse Leslie takes out his kit)
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - ("Did you hear that?")
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - ("My flash paper!")
  • "Camp Dinky" - (Samson sees the garbage man)
  • "Clown Camp" - ("I know something else clowns can't resist.")
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (Milt's underwear forms a tent)
  • "Camp Complain" - (Edward gets an idea)
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - (Samson looks happy) (High Pitched)
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - (Lazlo has an idea)
  • "Baby Bean" - (He knows who can do so)

This Will Be Our Day

Composed by Graham Preskett.

  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (Plays at the same time as Green Valleys)

Thrill Ride

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Beans In Toyland" - (Clam's plane flies)

The Thunderer

Composed by Isaac Jenkins and John Philip Sousa.

  • "Award to the Wise" - (Five minutes later)

Ticker Timer

Composed by Terry Day

  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Lazlo and Raj ask how Samson is feeling)

Tightrope A

Composed by Sammy Burdson and John Fiddy

  • "Burpless Bean" - (Milt tries to catch the ball again)

Tightrope C

Composed by Sammy Burdson and John Fiddy

  • "Burpless Bean" - (Opening drum roll; Milt tries to catch it once more; Drum roll)
  • "Slap Happy" - (Lumpus prepares to do the handshake)

Tijuana Taxi

Composed by Syd Dale

  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (The Dating Game parody; Lazlo wins the first round; The second round was a tie)

Tiptoe Link 1 [#42.03]

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Kamp Kringle" - (A squirrel comes out of the tree)

Tiroler Jodler 2

Composed by Werner Brueggemann 

  • "Parasitic Pal" - (Lazlo's alarm clock) (Low Pitched)

Toddlin' Tuba (A)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Prodigious Clamus" - (Lumpus calls the Scout Chatter show)
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" -  (The Scouts leave)
  • "Doting Doe-Eyed Deerest" - (Chip and Skip leave)


Composed by Clive Richardson

  • "Float Trippers" - (Lazlo gives Raj a peanut butter and pickle sandwich)
  • "Love Sick" - ("Uh, Gretchen sick.")
  • "Hot Spring Fever" - ("Um... I believe it's called nasal therapy.")
  • "Spacemates" - (Chip and Skip trying to speak to their stomachs)
  • "Strange Trout from Outer Space" - (Samson tries to prove that the campers are the aliens)

Top Gameshow

Composed by David Arnold and Paul Hart

  • "No Beads, No Business" - (Edward is up)
  • "Radio Free Edward" - (Edward After Dark is coming on again)

The Tower

Composed by Jack Trombey

  • "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" - ("Wait a minute. This is Scoutmaster Lumpus we're talking about helping!")
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (Lazlo says why they have the air conditioner)
  • "Dead Bean Drop" - (Jellies see the time capsule)
  • "I've Never Bean In A Sub" - (The Squirrel Scouts on a speed boat)
  • "Call Me Almondine"

Towerstreet 17 [#8]

Composed by Gerhard Narholz

  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - (Lazlo flees holding on to his pants)

Towerstreet 17 [#29]

Composed by Gerhard Narholz

  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Lazlo and Raj stare at each other; Lazlo and Raj hold in their breath)

Toys and Joy

Composed by Gerhard Narholz


  • "Kamp Kringle" - (Santa answers the door)


Composed by Dennis Farnon

  • "The Big Cheese" - (Raj, Clam and Lumpus cry)
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (Lazlo cries)
  • "Camp Samson" - (Samson laments about being forgotten)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (The Big Bean says he wrote it)
  • "Waiting For Edward" - (Edward leaves Chip and Skip)
  • "Where's Clam" - (Raj laments)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (Chip and Skip cry again)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - ("It doesn't matter what I eat now.")
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - ("I've vaporized Chip and Skip!")
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (Lumpus begs Raj and Clam to get Lazlo to like the camp again)
  • "Camp Dinkey" - (The garbage man cries)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Raj and Clam cry)


Composed by Andrew Hall.

  • "Beans & Weenies" - (Everyone enjoying the hot dogs)

Travellin' On (B)

Composed by Graham Preskett

  • "The Nothing Club" - (Lazlo going around, greeting everyone)
  • "Beany Weenies" - (A switch is activated)

Tread Carefully

Composed by Keith Papworth

  • "Gone Fishin' (Sort Of)" - ("LAKE MONSTER!")
  • "Snake Eyes" - ("I ordered the snake!?")
  • "Lights Out" - (They throw water on Lumpus)
  • "It's No Picnic" - (Lumpus gets hit with a watermelon)
  • "The Weakest Link" - (Lumpus gets shocked)
  • "Dosey Doe" - (A rock falls down with the dove tied to it)
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - (Everyone rolled around in stinkweed)
  • "Beans & Pranks" - (Lumpus falls over)
  • "The Big Cheese" - (Lumpus got a beehive instead)
  • "Campers All Pull Pants" - (Lazlo screams and runs away)
  • "Handy Helper" - ("HELP SOMEONE?!";Lumpus gets hit by a truck)
  • "I've Never Bean In A Sub" - (The tower is knocked over)
  • "Mascot Madness" - (The lights are turned on)
  • "Hot Spring Fever" - (They are both wrinkled)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Lazlo slides down)
  • "The Big Weigh In" - ("Scoutmaster Lumpus!")
  • "Hard Days Samson" - (Samson is about to leave)
  • "Waiting For Edward" - (Samson's eye hurts)
  • "Beans In Toyland" - (The toys fall)
  • "Where's Clam" - ("You're not Clam!")
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (Raj stomps on it)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (The Squirrel Scouts scream)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (The Bean Scouts cock their pilloes like guns)
  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - ("I wish Jane Doe was back already.")
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - (They ask if he is okay)
  • "Radio Free Edward" - (Edward says not to come over to the station)
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Edward takes a number)
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (The line is very long) (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Award To The Wise" - (Samson yells)
  • "Cave Chatter" - (The Cave Bean stares at Samson)
  • "Never Bean On The Map" - ("Close your eyes")
  • "Nursemaster" - (Nurse Leslie sits at the table)
  • "Tour Wars" - ("They caught me!")
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - (Lumpus ranting; Lazlo follows Lumpus)
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (Samson tells Edward to check his mailbox)
  • "Clown Camp" - (Lazlo takes the bucket)
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (Edward tries to get out)
  • "The List" - (Edward reads the list)
  • "Camp Complain" -  (The Scouts haven't been told any complaints in a while)
  • "Step Clam" - (The Squirrel Scouts say that they had fun)
  • "S Is For Crazy"
  • "Wedding Bell Blues"
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand"


  • "Outhouse On Haunted Hill" - (Chip and Skip think Edward is the Muddy Muck Monster)


Composed by Crispin Merrell

  • "Lights Out" - (The comet flies around; End credits scene)
  • "Baby Bean" - (Raj uses a thinking helmut)

Tripping Along

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Prodigious Clamus" - (Opening)
  • "Cave Chatter" - (They show Cave Bean around the camp)


Composed by Gerhard Trede

  • "The Bean Tree" - (Lumpus decides to retire)
  • "The List" - (Lazlo's Pity Party; Edward is kicked out)


  • "Kamp Kringle" - (Lazlo gets sad after Santa says he'll never leave Camp Kidney)

Try On And On (A)

Composed by Hans Ehrlinger

  • "S Is For Crazy"

Triumphant Return 1

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Racing Slicks" - (Lazlo promises to get Slinkman a trophy)

Turkey In The Straw

Composed by Martyn Laight

  • "Parasitic Pal" - ("Okay. On three.")
  • "The Big Weigh In" - ("No. You're not food.")
  • "Scoop of the Century" - ("It's okay, Lazlo.")
  • "Nursemaster" - (The Jelly Beans talk about Nurse )

Turkey Reel

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Beans Are From Mars" - ("Oh oh oh! Jelly Bean!")
  • "Marshmallow Jones" - (The Bean Scouts have a campfire)
  • "Prickly Pining Dining" - (The Bean Scouts go to Prickly Pines)
  • '"Beans & Pranks" - (The Jelly Beans play a game in their cabin)
  • "Slap Happy" - ("You're the greatest, Scoutmaster Lumpus!")
  • "Hot Spring Fever" - (Both of them leave for the spring)
  • "The Big Weigh In" - (The Jelly Beans push the chicken)
  • "Where's Clam" - (Raj and Clam ride the log car)
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (Lazlo shows Raj his ant farm; "We're free!")
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - ("Good work, Milton!")
  • "Clam The Outlaw" - (Lumpus cuts in line)
  • "Wedding Bell Blues" - (Lumpus gets out a book)


  • "Mi Casa, Eew Casa" - (Samson tries to clean his cabin)

Turkey Trot

Composed by John Longmire

  • "The Weakest Link" - (The Jelly Beans rest on a rock)
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - (Samson vacuuming his cabin; Samson cleans his house more) (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Slugfest" - (Slinkman happily walks by)
  • "No Beads, No Business" - (Raj dusts his store products)
  • "Dead Bean Drop" - (Lazlo, Raj and Clam look at pictures of "Super Slug")
  • "I've Never Bean In A Sub" - ("Good afternoon sir")
  • "Slap Happy" - ("Hey, Scoutmaster Lumpus, have you tried Kunda-Beanie-cise? Cool hat.")
  • "Hot Spring Fever" - ("Chutney!")
  • "The Big Weigh In" - (Lazlo, Raj, and Clam tell Edward, Chip, and Skip about their lollipop tree.)
  • "Where's Clam" - (Lazlo discovers the invisible ink) (Low Pitched)
  • "Lazlo Loves A Parade" - (The Jelly Beans take things from other property for the float)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - ("Wait Raj!")
  • "Friendward" - (Wilbert gets back to his cabin)
  • "Baby Bean" - (Clam spitting)
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - ("Morning?")


  • "Mi Casa, Eew Casa" - (Opening)
  • "The Amazing Race" - (Samson rakes leaves)

Twilight Serenade

Composed by Bert Weedom

  • "Prickly Pinning Dinning" - (Credits Scene)

Twilight Zone

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

  • "Cave Chatter" - (Cave Bean gets angry)
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - (Lumpus thinks the volcano is a chicken pot pie)
  • "The Haunted Coffee Table" - (The coffee table starts shaking; The coffee table haunts Lumpus; The coffee table moves)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (B)

Composed by Douglas Gulland and Richard Harvey

  • "Movie Night" - ("I'll only be gone a few minutes.")

Two Old Timers

Composed by Allan Gunn

  • "Racing Slicks" - (Credits Scene)
  • "Prickly Pinning Dinning" - ("Welcome to Beef Lumber Jacks")
  • "Movie Night" - ("Surprise!")
  • "Waiting For Edward" - (Chip and Skip chase after a bunny)
  • "Being Edward" - (Lazlo writes down gooseberry shrub worshiping day on the calendar)
  • "Cave Chatter" - (Opening; Flashback of Samson chatting with the Cave Bean while frozen)
  • "Friendward" - (Ending)

Tympdown (A)

Composed by Sammy Burdson and John Fiddy

  • "No Beads, No Business" - ("Shave the Scoutmaster's Back!")

Tympup (A)

Composed by Sammy Burdson and John Fiddy

  • "Beans Are From Mars" - ("Can it, Gretchen!")
  • "Snake Eyes" - ("Hi, Lazlo!")
  • "It's No Picnic" - ("That one over there")
  • "The Nothing Club" - ("Wait a minute")
  • "Float Trippers" - (Picture of Raj's brother)
  • "Club Kidney-Ki" - (Lumpus sees Slinkman's Hawaii flyer)
  • "Handy Helper" - (Lumpus stops reading the story)
  • "Love Sick" - (Nurse Leslie says that Clam is in love with Gretchen; Clam appears again)
  • "Hello Dolly" - (Chip and Skip come in; Everyone awkwardly stares at Edward)
  • "Over Cooked Beans" - (Edward sees the air conditioner)
  • "Hot Spring Fever" - (Raj whispers Samson's secret to him) (Plays at the same time as Link V)
  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (Raj gets stage fright)
  • "Waiting For Edward" - ("That's weird")
  • "Where's Clam" - (Raj hits a tree)
  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - (The pins get back up)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Samson steals some Scouts' seat)
  • "A Job Well Dung" - (Commander Hoo-Ha Gags)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - (Gretchen gets an idea)
  • "Award To The Wise" - (Nobody wants an award)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - (Dave thinks Edward is a beaver; Nurse Leslie gets shocked)
  • "The Book Of Slinkman" - ("Next is underwater... hair styling?"; Lazlo can't believe what he heard; Lazlo and Slinkman grow chest hair)
  • "Tour Wars" - ("You!")
  • "Camp Dinkey" - (Edward stops envisioning Camp Dinky)
  • "The List" - ("Wait what?")
  • "The Engagement" - (Jane hits Lumpus)
  • "S Is For Crazy" - ("That was not funny.")


  • "The Eternal Flame" - ("Hey Lazlo")
  • "Mail Dominance" - (Lazlo gets more mail)
  • "Outhouse On Haunted Hill" - (Edward gets a shock look)


Ultimate Shocker

Composed by Kevin Hiatt

  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - ("The hunt goes on")
  • "Squirrel Seats" - (The Scouts get shocked)
  • "Are You There S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Everyone gasps)
  • "Squirrel Scout Slinkman" - ("Let's just start the day!")
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - (Lazlo's mouth drops)

Une Nuit Au Cabaret

Composed by Victor Cavini. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "Cheese Orbs" - ("I don't know about this Gretchen")


Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Beans In Toyland" - ("Lazlo it's true")
  • "Samson's Mail Fraud" - (Samson peaks into his mailbox)


Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Cave Chatter" - (The cave bean gets scared by the flash photography; The cave bean attacks Lumpus)


V For Victory

Compsed by Sam Fonteyn

  • "Meatman" - ("Oh, Meatman! I knew you'd be alive!")

Variety Link (D)

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Kamp Kringle" - (Santa makes a mini tetherball)

Vaudeville Act

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

  • "7 Deadly Sandwiches" - (End credits scene)

Vesti La Giubba

Composed by Ruggiero Leoncavallo

  • "Taking Care Of Gretchen" - (Lazlo sees Edward preparing to get Gretchen; Credits Scene)
  • "Clown Camp" - (Lumpus gets tied to the train tracks)

Vice Probe

Composed by Ivor Slaney

  • "No Beads, No Business" - (Lazlo and Raj unintentionally put on a puppet show)

Victory Charge (A)

Composed by Barrie Hingley.

  • "Valentine's Day" - (Patsy has to box)

Victory Charge (C)

  • "Are You the S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Samson puts armor on)

Victory Fanfare

Composed by Alan Hawkshaw

  • "Dead Bean Drop" - (The Jelly Beans make it to Dead Bean Drop)
  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - (Lumpus bowling)

The Villain

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (Edward thinks of another plan)
  • "Samson Needs A Hug" - ("Listen up everyone!")

Voodoo Curse

Composed by Roger Roger

  • "Where's Lazlo?"

Voodoo Victim

Composed by Gilbert Vinter. It is also used in The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • "The List" - (Lazlo talks to his cast)


Waddle Cop

Composed by David Farnon

  • "Racing Slicks" - ("Gee, fellas, you look a little down") (Low Pitched)
  • "Marshmallow Jones" - (The Next Morning)
  • "Prickly Pinning Dinning" - (Opening) (Low Pitched)
  • "Slugfest" - (Lumpus doesn't remember giving Slinkman three days off)
  • "Club Kidney-Ki" - (Slinkman tells Lumpus he needs a vacation) (High Pitched)
  • "Burpless Bean" - (Edward drank too much soda)
  • "Irreconcilable Dungferences" - (Chip and Skip fishing; "I got a fly!")
  • "Tomato Paste" - (Opening)
  • "Beany Weenies" - (The Bean Scouts are sick)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - (Raj and Clam gets mad at Patsy)
  • "Hard Days Samson" - (Samson back at Camp Kidney) (Low Pitched)
  • "Waiting For Edward" - (Edward scolds Chip and Skip)
  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - (Bean scouts get tired from digging)
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - ("Sorry the pain made me pass out")
  • "Nursemaster" - ("Slinkman...") (High Pitched)
  • "The Engagement" - (Pothole comes out of the bathroom)
  • "Penny For Your Dung" - (Credits Scene)
  • "Samson Needs A Hug" - (All the Bean Scouts hugs the stuffed animal)
  • "Peace Frog" - (Nurse Leslie takes Lumpus outside)


  • "Survival Of The Lamest" - (Opening) (High Pitched)

Wah Wah (A)

Composed by Richard Myhill

  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" -  (Samson showers)
  • "Movie Night" - ("LAZLO!!!")
  • "Hallobeanies" - ("Leave me alone! You are not real!") (Low Pitched)
  • "Parent's Day" - ("You did this?!")
  • "Tomato Paste" - ("Tomato Scouts don't cry!")
  • "Bowling For Dinosaurs" - (Lumpus breaks Lazlo's shovel in half) (Low Pitched)
  • "Temper Tee-Pee - (Edward rips up the chair) (High Pitched)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - (Raj bites into the corn) (Low Pitched)
  • "Bear-l-y A Vacation" - ("Nurse Leslie?")
  • "Boxing Edward" - (Lazlo Gasps)

Waltz Elegante

Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

  • "Hello Dolly" - (Edward walks away with Veronica)


Composed by Keith Mansfield

  • "Being Edward" - (Edward makes his robe)


  • "Where's Lazlo?" - (Lumpus steps out)

Wargames Linking Section (F)

Composed by Keith Mansfield

  • "Kamp Kringle"

Watusi Beach A

Composed by Steve Goomas and Doug Perkins. 

  • "Tour Wars" - (Edward rides the boat)

The Worms Crawl In

Composed by Michael Licari.

  • "Slugfest" - (The Bean Scouts playing baseball)

War Clouds

Composed by  Paddy Kingsland.

  • "Hello Summer Goodbye Camp" - (The Bean Scouts and Patsy enter the Big Bean Palace)

The Washington Post

Composed by R. A. F. Music Librar and John Philip Sousa.

  • "Mascot Madness" - (Pictures of old mascots)

Watch Out!

Composed by Dick Walter

  • "Beans Are For Mars" - ("Miss Mucus is just teasing us.")
  • "Lumpy Treasure" - ("And just where do you think you're going?")
  • "Slap Happy" - ("It's a mystery sir.")
  • "Beans In Toyland" - ("Bean Scouts!")

Watch Out

Composed by Patricia Cory

  • "Waiting For Edward" - ("Oh. don't mention it.")
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (Raj covers the hole)
  • "The Bean Tree" - (Lumpus waits for a bus)
  • "Boxing Edward" - ("Sorry. You don't have enough postage.") (Low Pitched)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - (The Aliens play a board game)
  • "Cave Chatter" - (They bring the Cave Bean outside)
  • "Harold And Raj" - (Raj and Harold walk out of the Mess Hall)
  • "Tour Wars" - ("Wow that was not very nice")
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - ("We made it when you weren't looking")
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (Lazlo shares his sleeping bag with Edward)


  • "Outhouse On Haunted Hill" - (Chip and Skip in the outhouse)

Wedding March (Dixieland Version)

Composed by Felix Mendelssohn and Ed Wernov

  • "Wedding Bell Blues" - (Transition to the next scene)

Wedding March (Home Organ Version)

Composed by Felix Mendelssohn and Geoff Bastow

  • "Wedding Bell Blues" (Lumpus and Miss Doe get married)

Weird Bridge

Composed by Roger Roger

  • "Movie Night" - (Lazlo explains how becoming a big boy works)
  • "Irreconcilable Dungferences" - (They play a different game; Chip plays with them) (Normal/High Pitched)
  • "Hello Summer, Goodbye Camp" - ("It's the Big Bean.")
  • "Cheese Orbs" - ("Who are you?")
  • "Camp Dinkey" - ("Where are we?")

Westside Storyiesh

Composed by Barry Anthony

  • "Where's Lazlo?"

What A Goof! (D)

Composed by Richard Myhill

  • "Float Trippers" - (Raj falls in the garbage)
  • "Prickly Pinning Dinning" - (Ending)
  • "The Big Cheese" - (Lumpus encounters the bees again)
  • "Hello Dolly" - (Edward stops kissing Veronica)
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (Chip and Skip sleep in a pupa)
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - (Lazlo's tounge falls)

Camp Lazlo Music- What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor

What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor

Composed by Okko Bekker

  • "Tree Hugger" - (Lumpus reveals the Leaky Lumpus)
  • "S Is For Crazy" - (Samson's parents are revealed)


  • "Kamp Kringle" - ("Come on Santa. We know you'll like canoeing.")

The Wheels Of Industry

Composed by Robert Sharples

  • "Baby Bean" - ("Wow! What is all this stuff?")

Where Danger Lurks

Composed by Ronald Hanmer

  • "Where's Clam" - (Raj hears a sound)

Where Dreams Come True (B)

Composed by Jim Rattigan.

  • "Loogie Llama" - (Patsy offers all of the horses and banana bread)
  • "Camp Kidney Stinks" - (Odoriferous the Smell Fairy appears)
  • "Hello Dolly" - (Edward kisses Veronica)
  • "Strange Trout from Outer Space" - ("... and maybe I'll make some friends along the way!")
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (Lazlo can use the bathroom)
  • "Lazlo's First Crush" - (Lazlo reads his poem)
  • "Bad Luck Be a Camper Tonight" - (The horse flies away)
  • "Samson Needs A Hug" - (Lazlo hugs Edward)

Whisper From The Past

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Snake Eyes" - ("Love makes us do crazy things!")

Who Wears The Pants

Composed by Jack Trombey

  • "The Big Cheese" - ("One of the rarest cheese wheels on the planet!")
  • "Where's Clam" - (Raj imagines what happened to Clam)


Composed by Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin.

  • "Lumpus Vs. the Volcano" - (Mt. Blackhead makes a noise; Lumpus makes his sacrifice)

Wild Eyes

Composed by Ronald Hanmer

  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - (Lumpus bites into the pie)

Wild Panic 30

Composed by Gregor Narholz

  • "Racing Slicks" - ("Pull out the secret weapon!")
  • "Lumpy Treasure" - (Raj goes to stop Timmy and Tommy)
  • "A Job Well Dung" - ("Scum twin powers activate!")
  • "Strange Trout From Outer Space" - (Samson shows up)
  • "Harold And Raj" - (Harold reveals his alter ego Captain Bananapants)
  • "Lumpus Vs. The Volcano" - ("Lumpus unhand that pie!")
  • "Dungs In Candyland" - ("Hold on Chip and Skip I'm coming to save you!")
  • "O Brother, Who Art Thou" - (Opening)

William Tell Overture

Composed by Gioacchino Rossini

  • "Slugfest" - (Opening)
  • "Parent's Day" - (The next morning)
  • "Dead Bean Drop" - ("Good Morning Sir.")
  • "The Great Snipe Hunt" - (The next morning)
  • "Camp Samson" - (The next morning)
  • "Beany Weenies" - (Commander Hoo-Ha golfing)
  • "Hard Days Samson" - ("Mail!")
  • "Creepy Crawly Campy" - (Morning)
  • "Dirt Nappers" - (The next morning)
  • "Are You the S.M.I.T.S? It's Me Samson" - (Samson sleeping)
  • "Tusk Wizard" - (Opening; Lazlo wakes Raj up; The next morning)
  • "Radio Free Edward" - (Edward waiting for someone to call him)
  • "A Job Well Dung" - (The next morning)
  • "Cheese Orbs" - ("Good morning, guys!")
  • "Hold It Lazlo" - (Lazlo rides to the shore very fast)
  • "Being Edward" - (Morning)
  • "Ed's Benedict" - (Morning; He thinks he's out of the nightmare)
  • "Harold And Raj" - ("You're right Sticky Boy!") (High Pitched)
  • ”Tour Wars" - ("I told you missing a night of sleep would be worth it!")
  • "Livin' La Vida Lumpus" - ("Why, good morning, Scouts!")
  • "Friendward" - (The next morning)
  • "Edward's Big Bag" - (The Bean Scouts wake up)
  • "Bad Luck Be A Camper Tonight" - (The next morning)
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - (Raj eating)

Willy Nilly

Composed by Cyril Watters

  • "Friendward" - (Credits Scene)

Woodpecker Charge

Composed by Michael Licari

  • "Slugfest" - (Slinkman reveals his ticket to the Slugfest)
  • "Radio Free Edward" - (Opening sting)

Wooden Porch Waltz A

Composed by Doug Perkins and Steve Goomas

  • "Dosey Doe" - ("Ah Slinkman, you're back.")
  • "The Big Cheese" - (The Jelly Beans are upset)
  • "Tomato Paste" - (Lazlo gives Edward a gift)
  • "Where's Clam" - (Raj writes a letter to Lazlo)
  • "Sweet Dreams Baby" - (The cabin didn't come back)
  • "Cave Chatter" - (Samson misses the Cave Bean)


Yankee Doodle

Composed by Graham De Wilde

  • "Dirt Nappers" - ("Cover me, boys!")

Young Ballerina

Composed by David Farnon

  • "Lights Out" - (Lumpus puts Lazlo, Raj and Clam to bed)
  • "Lumpus' Last Stand" - (Lumpus becomes slightly happy)



Composed by Oskar Kunz

  • "Tusk Wizard" - (Raj plays with the "Tusk Wizard" and his "sidekick"; They play games some more)