The Real Scoutmaster of Camp Kidney is a one time character of Camp Lazlo who made his debut in the final episode of Camp Lazlo, Lumpus's Last Stand. It had been revealed that Scoutmaster Lumpus was an impostor all along who locked up the real scoutmaster in the closet the whole season and stole his job as scoutmaster. Throughout the entire episodes, Lumpus fooled everyone in Camp Kidney into thinking that he was the real scoutmaster of Camp Kidney. Lumpus was finally arrested and was taken away to a mental asylum under a strap jacket and vows revenge on the steer, but Lazlo still thought it was a great summer.


  • The real scoutmaster bears a wrinkly resemblance to a character from Rocko's Modern Life, Heffer Wolfe.
  • Also like Heffer Wolfe, he is voiced by Tom Kenny
  • The idea of Scoutmaster Lumpus being a phony scoutmaster while the real one is later revealed was an idea that Tom Kenny himself came up with.
  • Although the real scoutmaster said that he was locked in the closet all summer, Lumpus was said throughout the series to have been a scoutmaster for years and to have inherited the title from his relatives, though Lumpus could've lied given the fact that he's a lunatic.


  • "Uh-huh, uh-huh! That's him, officer! That's the bad moose who locked me up in the closet all summer and he stole my job as Scoutmaster! He fooled all of you! He's an impostor, a fake, and worst of all, he is no scoutmaster of Camp Kidney!"
  • "Steer!"
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