Scoop of the Century is the 39a episode of Camp Lazlo. It first aired Feb 23, 2007 is the only episode in which Dave and Ping-Pong have a staring role instead of just supporting roles.


Lumpus becomes addicted with Camp Kidney's newspaper.


Lumpus (as Scooter) replaces all the water in Leaky Lake with soda, yet when the camera zooms out to the float toy, the soda is no longer the lake water.

First appearance of Camp Kidney's weekly newspaper. It's originally called The Weekly Bean until Lazlo changes it to just The Bean!

Prior to this episode, the Camp Kidney newspaper was free. But for the special edition scoop of the century Camp Kidney newspaper, it costs 5 beads.

It is learned in this episode that only Bean Scout Campers are allowed to read the Camp Kidney newspaper. And before the newspaper name change, nobody with the exception of Lazlo read the Camp Kidney newspaper period!

The Bean Scout Chuck the Pig is called by the nickname Teddy or Ted in both episode segments in this episode.

According to the Camp Kidney newspaper, the scoop of the century was Samson building a giant toothpick model of a toothbrush.

There is an animation mistake involving a headline of the Weekly Bean. The headline reads "local hamster builds toothbrush out of toothpicks" which refers to Samson, however Samson is a guinea pig.

Shortly after Lazlo leaves the Mess Hall and talks to Ping Pong and Dave, his nostrils disappear about 3 times.

We learn that Camp Kidney has its own newspaper.


Lumpus: I'm going to brush my teeth. Edward: Do you think we should have told him which toothbrush we used to clean the latrines? (Dave and Ping-Pong hold up newspaper gear and smile)

Dave: Yes? Lumpus: Hello, there. I need some newspaper for the bottom of my birdcage. The latest issue of The Bean, perhaps. Dave: Your bird isn't even alive!

Lumpus: Okay, I gave name tags to all the campers nobody cares about, I filled the lake with cream soda- Raj and Clam: Thanks, Scooter! Lumpus: And I dug a hole to China. Here's your takeout, Edward.

Edward: (to Lumpus who is disguised as a bean scout) You forgot the egg roll.

Lazlo: Can you dig it, ping pong? Dave: I'm Dave.

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