*UWU notices your bulge* - Slinkman chan

*OWO you're so big!* - Wumpus senpai

Scoutmaster Algonquin Casper Lumpus is the former scoutmaster of Camp Kidney and main antagonist of the series.


Scoutmaster Grumpus (Full name: Arin Gamegrump Hanson) is a stingy, grumpy, stubborn, asshole moose with a big ego(raptor). His head has the same design of Heffer Wolfe's head. His last name is always mispronounced by almost everyone except for god and Slinkman. Everyone else refers to him as "That one uggo" instead of pronouncing it as "Ajwogjwojeghwoej". Everything has to be exactly how he likes and wants it to be or he becomes numb.

He is always in a bad mood and this horrible disposition could have been caused by his parents' failure to visit him at camp and tell him that the car crash wasn't his fault and that he needs to move on [citation needed]. One of the things that does make Scoutmaster Lumpus happy is doing what he can to ruin the lives the other scouts. This includes murdering the campers families. running them over with his 1998 chevy ford, sacrificing them to the funny slender man, and breaking down they're doors guns blazing just like the FBI.

However, the very thought of eating can turn his personality around. Nobody, however, knows Lumpus's secret: he loves playing with his nipples. He is a member of a secretive club called the "The stone cutters" and desires to be like Homer Simpson. Lumpus had a ritual of visiting an old site near the camp where his grandfather, Seven GRAND DAD, had fought in and won a war though after an attempt to scam his fellow troops. Slinkman revealed to Lazlo, Raj and Clam of Jelly Cabin the "war" was actually this: General G. D. was attacked by his own men, rolled down doodoo hill, fell into a passing circus train, and was last seen being devoured by rampaging circus clowns and a very hungry mime.

Scoutmaster Lumpus Lols at almost everyone and lacks any kind of social skills. His disrespectful nature is targeted towards women and specific racial groups. he wishes to make life as miserable as they'res, despite the fact that he truly doesn't hate women and minorities he has to act like he does or his gamer friends wont talk to him anymore. His best friends are a penny, a slightly used tissue, and a stale potato chip. he even went to camp kidney with them years before, but sabotaged their relation ship by eating the chip, burning the tissue, and drowning the penny because it made him happy. The only individual he shows any respect towards is himself. he is a creeper but doesn't tell anyone so they don't freak out.

In The Bean Tree, it’s hinted that Lumpus thinks of Lazlo as a son. When Lazlo placed a photo of himself on the family tree, Lumpus didn’t seem to question it and mentored Lazlo to be a scoutmaster. However, he may not have questioned Lazlo being his son as a result of his ignorant and oblivious nature.

He's incredibly childish, constantly whining towards Slinkman, playing with bath toys, being freaked out by horror movies, etc. He's also very rude and pushed Clam out of the way to get pancakes in Clam the Outlaw.

In the series finale, he was revealed not be the real scoutmaster, but rather a lunatic that held the "real scoutmaster", a steer, for the summer. However, this idea contradicts previous episodes that showed Lumpus as the real Scoutmaster. Such as when Lumpus reveals how he became scoutmaster "legally" by his great grandfather inheriting it from the deceased former scoutmaster (The episode which Lumpus also presented photographic proof of this event.) As well as Slinkman first meeting Lumpus years back when he first started working at Camp Kidney. It is possible that the real scoutmaster saying that him being locked in the closet by Lumpus all summer was an error and he meant to say years (All the years he has been scoutmaster). How ever in the series finale, Lumpus is arrested and commited into a mental asylum for posing as the scoutmaster. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


  • Lumpus has romantic feelings for Jane Doe, who eventually became his future wife.
  • He likes Norwegian blow fish which he is allergic to as revealed in The Big Cheese.
  • He likes Milky Wilky.
  • Chicken pot pie is his favorite food.
  • He had brown afro in the past
  • 20 years from the present he would have a bad back and would have a beard.
  • In Bowling for Dinosaurs, He used to be a professional bowler.
  • Somewhat, his job is profitable, but his wallet is always empty, according to the episode Prickly Pining Dining. He doesn't pay Slinkman.
  • There are a few hints displayed throughout the series which hint that Lumpus really was just a lunatic:
    • The Battle of Pimpleback Mountain revealed that Slinkman occasionally hits Lumpus with a frying pan when the moose has his "episodes" (backed up by Lumpus going insane during the events of the episode).
    • He displayed mental and emotional immaturity in Movie Night, where he became a trembling wreck when seeing a scary movie, but was at ease when watching a children's film.
  • Scoutmaster Lumpus makes a background cameo in the Rocko's Modern Life (Joe Murray's other animated series) TV special Static Cling, seen lying on the ground under a Schlam-O sign in the bird's-eye view of O-Town. This could be because a shaved and elderly version of Heffer Wolfe appeared in the final episode of his show.
  • He was originally designed as a horse, donning the name “Leonard Lumpus” as opposed to Algonquin.
  • He could be a reference to the Happy Tree Friends character Lumpy because they've both have similar voices, names and height.


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