Slinkman squirrel scout

Slinkman as a Squirrel Scout.

Squirrel Scout Slinkman is the 35b episode of the middle season.


When Ms. Jane Doe and Ms. Mucus leave Acorn Flats for two days, they assign Slinkman to look after the Squirrel Scouts, but the Squirrels are nothing but trouble him.

Slinkman keeps going to Scoutmaster Lumpus for help, but doesn't give him any, except advice that Slinkman doesn't think is fair. He ends up taking the advice anyway and becomes mean to the Squirrel Scouts after they realized they they hurt his feelings. So after Slinkman announces that today is "leave your scoutmaster alone day," the Squirrel Scouts tried their best to show him that they're sorry, but Slinkman ignores their apologizes and sends they into the middle of the lake.

Suddenly a hail storm comes and a big hail hits Slinkman on his head, just as he picked it up, his reflection transformed into Lumpus. Then he hears the Squirrel Scouts crying for help so he goes out to the lake to save them and uses Almondine's head as a motor to take the boat back to shore but Slinkman wasn't so lucky when a big wave hits him. The Squirrels make Slinkman their hero, since they saved them.

Later in the end, Ms. doe and Ms. Mucus come back while the Squirrel Scouts play jump rope with Slinkman's peepers and he jumps up with a smile as "SCOUTMASTER" appears in front of him.


  • This is the first time the Squirrel Scouts feel sorry for one of the Bean Scouts.


Lazlo, Raj, Clam, and the other bean scouts don't appear in this episode.


Lumpus: It's not fair but I don't even care.

Slinkman: (Saw Lumpus reflection at the rock) Oh my gosh. I've-I've become Lumpus.

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