Bean scouts squirrel scouts terrified

Beans Scouts and Squirrel Scouts terrified of Lazlo accepting to sit next to Patsy.

Squirrel Seats/Creepy Crawly Campy is the 31 and middle episode of the series.

Squirrel Seaty

Patsy tries to sit with Lazlo on the bus, but ends up causing problems with the other Bean Scouts.

Creepy Crawly Campy

Raj becomes friends with an strangely shaped insect.
Raj bugs

Raj living swell with bugs.


We learn that Camp Lazlo takes place in the Ozarks, because The Fantastic Caverns is near Camp Kidney.

In "Creepy Crawly Campy" Lazlo asks Raj what happened to his sandals, then his flip-flops. Sandals and flip-flops are the same thing

When Edward is trying to make room near clam and Lazlo, they are what is the girls side

When Edward announces that every girl should move to the other side of the bus Dave and Ping Pong are not there and they couldn't have pass by because Slinkman closed the door. This is a joke in the episode because when Edward looks for a seat he confronts Dave and Ping Pong that they weren't on the field trip.

If Samson's fur was chewed off by the bugs, how did he get it back in the end?

On the episode "Squirrel Seats", the pamphlet that Lazlo reads says "The Geyser - Nature's Zit".

In the caption, Lumpus said 'Franklin' instead of Slinkman.

Credits: Elebug and other bugs like her carry Lumpus and the campers. Lumpus waves at some of them.

Amber is shown on the bus on the way to the geyser, is seen at the geyser, and walking to the bus with the other Squirrel Scouts. However, on the way back to camp, she is nowhere to be seen.


Raj confronts his fear of bugs in this episode.

We learn that Gretchen likes Edward.


(the Bean Scouts are knocking on Lumpus' door, screaming in fear) Lumpus: WHAT???!! WHAT BUG???!!!! BEAN SCOUTS AREN'T AFRAID OF BUGS!!!!!

Samson: Why Edward why? Edward: I don't know Sampson all I know is that "girls" shouldn't be allowed on our bus. Samson: (weakly) Hold me.

Patsy: Ohh Lazlo! (giggle) Raj: What is it, Patsy, for the 20th time? Patsy: Never mind! (Patsy, Nina, and Gretchen giggle) Raj: Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Those girls are nothing well. Clam: Ding-dongs.

(Lazlo and Clam watch as Raj and Elebug leave) Lazlo: There goes our boy, Clam. A Bean and his bug. Clam: They grow up so fast. (sobs, pauses for a moment, then sobs again)

Raj: Did you know that flies can taste with their feet, or that a cockroach can live nine days without a head? And that it's only the girl mosquito that bites? Dave: No surprise there.

Lazlo: Lunch is almost over. And you know how much Clam loves Vegan Fridays. Raj: Don't tell me he's dressed up as a stalk of celery again. Lazlo: Not celery... Clam: (dressed as a head of broccoli) Broccoli. Eat your greens.

Sampson: A girl on our side of the bus. As the sun slowly sets on my childhood, the dark suffocates me into adolescence.

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