Strange Trout from Outer Space/Cheese Orbs was the two-part Camp Lazlo special for Cartoon Network Invaded. In it, the plot behind the invasion is finally revealed: finding cheese.

Strange Trout Outer Spece

Aliens abduct Samson and want cheese. Finding Samson of no use to them, the aliens release him. Upon his return, he finds three new campers arrive from Canada, and Samson is certain that they are the aliens in disguise, so he sets out to prove it.

Cheese Orb

With their search failed at Camp Kidney, the aliens hope to get luckier in their search for cheese in Acorn Flats, where the Squirrel Scouts are preparing the annual Cheese-festival at the time.


The black car the Canadians were getting into, the license plate says "ey". Normally, Canadians say "eh".

This is the only show in Cartoon Network Invaded that has two 11 minute episodes. All the other 4 shows have a 30 minute episode.

Samson seemed to have jumped off the dock pretty far when the flying saucer was first revealed.

Nina has a secret place in where she does her inventions.

It has been said and proven that Patsy is allergic to cheese, but she's seen eating a grilled cheese sandwich in I've Never Bean in Sub.


We find out that Patsy is allergic to cheese.

Although it is Obvious, Fred Is a spy for the Aliens.

Though they're both seperate episodes, the event seems to be taken in the same place. The aliens go to Acorn Flats from the first to second episode, and the 2nd episode takes place at Acorn Flats.


Alien 3: I indicate cheese in 24 hours! Alien 2: Is it safe to stay with the earthling? Nina: (Enters dressed in a spacesuit) Taa Daa! What do you think of my spacesuit? Alien: It's werid. It's harmless. We'll stay.

Alien 3: I have an idea! Lets hold him (Samson) hostage until they give us chesse! Alien 1: (Watching other campers beat up the Samson rock) Somehow I don't know if that will work.

Jane Doe: "We have a teensy problem here, hehe....there is no cheese." (Everyone runs away in horror.)

Samson: (to one of the trouts) Here, do that thing you do with the paper, come on! Do it! Trout: (reading the diary page) Dear Diary, I want to be Lazlo's friend sooooo... Samson: (interrupts and snatches the page back) Give me that!

Alien 1: (talking about the machine they use) Next time before we use that thing, get it cleaned! It smells like eyeball sweat in there. Alien 3: Right.

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