Swimming Buddy
Swimming buddy 010
Season 1, Episode 6
Production Information
Air DateJuly 15, 2005
Storyboard byThurop Van Orman
Written byRick Farmiloe and Thurop Van Orman Steve Little, Martin Olson, and Merriwether Williams (story)
Directed byRusssell Calabrese
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Swimming Buddy is the sixth episode of season one and the sixth episode on the series.


The Bean Scouts take a swimming test. But one problem, Raj can't swim. So Clam and Lazlo have to find a way to get Raj swimming.


  • Lazlo seems to get in trouble with all the camp counselors (even the lifeguards).
  • Goof:
    • When Raj finds out bout the a marshmallow cake, at first, he has his scout uniform. Then he has his bathing suit.
  • It's revealed that there have been 2 found possibly reasons Raj couldn't swim:
    1. He is afraid of water
    2. It has been mentioned in the episode The Big Cheese, that the Kaffizzle River at his home village was acidic, thus if there was nothing they could swim in, they couldn't learn to swim, this includes Raj.
  • This episode shows that Raj was afraid of water.
  • Raj trigger his hiccups when he gets nervous
  • This episode is last appearance of The Lifeguards
  • This is the first time Lazlo, Clam, and later in the ending, Raj cross-dress as Squirrel Scouts.


  • Raj: (staring down the pool) It looks like a peanut!
  • Almondine: I haven't taken my log for a walk in a long time.
  • Lazlo: Take the wet sponge!
  • Raj: Ahhh!
  • Lazlo: Cup of water....
  • Raj: Ahhh!
  • Lazlo: A drop of water...
  • Raj: Ahhh!
  • Lazlo: Molecule...
  • Raj: Ahhh! Wait.. what kind of molecule?
  • Lazlo: Water....
  • Raj: Ahhh!
  • Lazlo: Now, repeat after me... You are one with the lake!
  • Raj: I am one with the lake!
  • Raj: I am stuck, like a salamander!
  • Lifeguard Pierre: "We'll give him another chance, but if he clean our socks by..uh...licking them!"
  • Lifeguard Pierre: (Ranking Chip or Skip) Uh, sea cow.


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Swimming buddy 010

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