Taking Care of Gretchen
Gretchen gonna get lazlo
Season 3, Episode 23
Production Information
Air DateFebruary 16, 2007
Storyboard byJohn Infantino
Written byKent Osborne
John Infantino
Directed byLindsey Pollard
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Taking Care of Gretchen is the twenty-third episode of season three and the episode on the series.


When Lazlo unintentionally laughs at Gretchen, Gretchen is angry and energed she says that she will "get him", so he enlists the help of Samson to "take care" of Gretchen.


Then as Gretchen and Edward fight over the pops then Lazlo Raj Clam stared at Edward Edward and Gretchen bulks their arms and then they  go for a race then edward wins the race Lazlo laughs at Gretchen then Gretchen Gets Angry and energed or turns Red Lazlo hires Samson to protect him from Gretchen.


  • When Lazlo looked through the window during the end credits, the scenes were clips from the following episodes:
  • Color Goof: Shortly after Gretchen smashes into the flag pole, if you look carefully, Edward's eyes are white instead of blue.
  • Goof: After Lazlo takes the "hit" intended for Gretchen from Edward's t-shirt cannon, it can be clearly seen that the t-shirt says I'm A Jerk. When Lazlo looks at it, he reads, I Am A Jerk, and the wording has also changed, only to switch back afterwards.
  • Ending Credits: Lazlo looks through the restaurant window and keeps gasping before a various clip of the show from season three is shown, than he sighs with relief.
  • The second time We see Nina's real Eyes. (the first in 'Beans are from Mars'.)
  • The first and last appearance of Gretchen's grandmother in this episode.
  • There was a spaghetti and hideout place called Al Cazones. The name is a parody to infamous mobster Al Capone.


  • Even though Edward was the one who won the race, Gretchen became angry and turns energed and red with Lazlo
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