Temper Tee Pee
Edward chef mcmuesli temper tee pee
Season 3, Episode 13
Production Information
Air DateAugust 29, 2006
Storyboard byCosmo Sergurson
Written byClayton McKenzie Morrow
Cosmo Sergurson
Directed byBrian Sheesley
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SpacematesLazlo Loves a Parade

Temper Tee Pee is the thirteenth episode of season three and the episode on the series.


Edward gets sent to the "Temper Teepee" over his anger at losing a game of checkers to Lazlo; upon his arrival, he finds his counselor to be McMuesli.


During a checkers tournament between the Bean and Squirrel Scouts, Edward, frustrated with losing, is sent outside with a "temper ticket" by Slinkman. There Chef McMuesli takes him to his "Temper Tee Pee", a psychedelic hippie-pad, where he attempts to council Edward and his anger problems. Edward finally begins to feel happy, and McMuesli dubs him "Little Happy Rock". Gretchen is then sent to the teepee for the same reasons (her "checkers etiquette"), where both McMuesli and Edward try to make her happy. After failing multiple times, Gretchen takes Edwards feather-hat off making him furious and the two begin to fight. McMuesli then sets them up to a checkers game against the perpetually happy Lazlo. Everyone cheers them on making them extremely angry until they both snap into happiness and win the game. McMuesli and Lazlo walk away wondering what the two's happy place was. It is revealed that they were happy thinking about running McMuesli over with a steamroller


  • This is the only time we see Chef McMuesli's hair and his house is shown.
  • This is the third time Clam doesn't speak.
  • Lumpus does not appear in this episode but in the credits name yes.
  • This is the first time Edward and Gretchen fights.
  • Goofs: At the end you see Gretchen and Edward holding hands, but Edward has no teeth then.


Chef McMuseli: Take a seat amigo
Chef McMuseli: "Edward, I now dub you little Happy Rock."
Edward: I'm Happy.
Slinkman: You Heard Me Young Lady You March Yourself To The Temper Tee Pee This Instant And I Don't Want To See You Come Out Of There Without A Proper Checkers Etiquette


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